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Pen and Ink
By Geonn


Abby slipped out from under the comforter and walked barefoot to the bathroom. She did her business, closing the door behind her as she returned to the bedroom. She found a pair of boxer shorts on the floor, slipping into them and dropping into the armchair in the corner of the room. She drew her knees to her bare chest, holding them and staring at Kate.

She was still asleep, her dark hair stretching behind her like a dove's wing. Abby shifted on the chair cushion and felt something prick her in the side. She twisted and pulled the misplaced object free, finding that it was a sketch pad. She flipped it open, looking at the drawings Kate had done. There was a drooling DiNozzo, which still made her chuckle. The Abby-bat, which she absolutely adored.

She stared at the detail on her portrait, wanting to tear it out and take it home but reluctant to steal from Kate's notebook. She flipped through some more pages, seeing more familiar faces; Fornell glowered out at her, his forehead and ears just a little bigger than life. His bottom lip was pushed up almost to his nose, his beady eyes squinted shut in suspicion.

Gibbs was at his desk, she assumed, shoulders hunched as he examined some paper or another. He had a not-quite-smile on his lips. Abby was awestruck at the detail, more than a little jealous. She wasn't sure if she was jealous of Gibbs for being the object of Kate's affection or of Kate lusting after Gibbs. She sighed and turned the page.

Tony DiNozzo, naked from the chest up and, judging by the shading at his hips, everything south was just as bare. He was looking into the distance, a smile on his lips and his hands pressed against the flat muscles of his abdomen. Abby's eyes widened, knowing Tony had never posed for this picture. It was impossible. So everything was Kate's imagination. But what an imagination...

The next page was Gibbs, also nude, seated on a stone pedestal. He was leaning forward again, his chin propped on a fist in a mimic of The Thinker. He was angled slightly away from the artist, his wide shoulders the central piece of the portrait.

Abby shifted again and turned the page.

"Abby?" Kate asked sleepily.

She was sitting up in bed, eyes focused on the book in Abby's lap. "I... t-that isn't..."

"These are really good," Abby said. She turned the book around, pointing at the nudes of Gibbs and DiNozzo. "My God! These are so... hot..."

Kate flushed deep red. "No one was ever supposed to see those."

"They're so good," Abby said. She flipped around some more and said, "Why aren't there more of me?"

"You want me to objectify you like I did them?" Kate asked, getting out of bed and walking towards her.

Abby tried not to be distracted by Kate's nudity. "Hell yeah! If you gave me a bod like them?"

"I tried drawing you nude before," Kate admitted. She took the notebook from Abby and set it aside. "I was never happy with any of them so I just tore them out."

"That's a bummer," Abby said, leaning back in the chair. Kate straddled her thighs, climbing onto the chair. She sat on Abby's lap, facing her and resting her palms on Abby's full breasts. "So. Now that you've seen the real thing... would you care to take another stab at it?"

Kate smiled. "I'd have to do a little exploring first." She closed her eyes and slid her hands down, letting her fingers toy with Abby's nipples briefly before she moved down to her stomach. Abby gripped the arms of the chair, watching as Kate's fingers moved down her torso.

They worked under the waistband of her boxer shorts, touching the warm flesh of Abby's hips. She wrapped her arms around Abby, pulling her close, burying her face in the unruly mop of untied black hair. Abby kissed her collarbone and brought one leg up, pressing her thigh against the crux of Kate's legs. "No fair," Kate smiled, squirming on top of Abby.

Abby grinned. "How does this help the process of drawing?"

"It doesn't," Kate said, dragging her fingertips up Abby's spine.


Kate leaned back and kissed Abby's lips, thrusting her tongue into the younger woman's mouth. Abby moaned and cupped Kate's ass, squeezing the tender flesh before trying to buck her off. "All right," she said, breaking the kiss. "All right, I give!"

Kate dragged her fingers around Abby's hip, up over her breasts and then pressed her palm against the hard nipple. "I could draw you with my eyes closed."

"They're not in the book," Abby pointed out.

Kate brought her head down, lips next to Abby's ear. "I keep them in the nightstand," she breathed. She traced Abby's earlobe with her tongue and added, "I use them."

Abby's eyelids drifted shut as Kate put one hand inside her boxer shorts.

"I touch myself," Kate whispered.

Abby moaned, biting her bottom lip.

"I look at you, I look at you naked, and I touch myself."

Abby melted against the chair, fingers stone against the armrests. She squirmed, spreading her legs apart and planting her feet in the soft carpeting so she didn't float away.

"Like this... with my fingertips," Kate said, nipping at Abby's skin with her teeth as her fingers explored.


"Yes, Abby..."

Abby's body jerked, her jaw dropping as she came. She lifted one leg, hooking it against Kate's side as she fell back into the chair. They kissed, Kate pulling her hand free and drying her fingers on the chair. She cupped Abby's face and said, "Do you want to see the pictures?"

"No," Abby said. "I like the demonstration much better."

Kate grinned and brought her hand to her lips, wetting down the middle two fingers. "Well, then," she said, sliding her hand back into Abby's shorts. "Let's try for another masterpiece..."

The End

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