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Sleeping on the Job
By whitesaber


Part 1

"Mmmmm, that feels good" McGee was about to walk into Abby's lab when he heard those whispered words. Stopping short of the door he looked around to see if anyone else was near by but no one was there. So ever so slowly he made his way to the small window on the door and looked in. What he saw was not what he was expecting. There in the lab was Abby hunched over her desk, sleeping soundly. Quietly he opened the door and stepped in, still listening to her talk in her sleep.

"Please don't make me beg" The moan that came with that sentence was not one of pain but of pure bliss. McGee wasn't sure what he should do, but he did know he had a good idea of who Abby was dreaming about. Walking up to Abby he placed his hand on her shoulder and shook it softly.

"Abby get up." No response. Damn… he knew that the object of her dreams would be coming down here soon.

"Abby, come on get up." He said it much louder shaking her shoulder harder. All he got were much louder moans and pleading words for her dream lover to continue.

Just then the door opened and in came Ziva holding a giant cup of orange soda and a huge Caf-Pow. Ziva looked over at Abby and then McGee and whispered.

"I take it she fell asleep again?"

McGee was in a panic. He knew Abby was having one of her "out of this world" sex dreams, but it just so happened that the other person in her dream was the New NCIS agent Ziva Davide. Quick think Ziva just said something, smiling he commented,

"Yeah and trying to wake her up is like trying to wake the dead."

"I swear she works more hours then we do."

He prayed that Abby didn't moan to give away what type of dream she was having. Ziva placed the morning goodies on Abby's desk, looking down at the young Goth girl she whispered,

"Maybe we should just get some wa…"

Just then Abby moaned and muttered, "don't stop please"

Ziva quickly looked up at McGee and all he could do was give her a cat's out of the bag smile.

"No wonder she doesn't want to wake up." She chuckled. Bending down she placed her hand on Abby's thigh, and began shaking it.

"Abby, wake up."

Nothing, although Ziva could have sworn she heard Abby mutter her name. She shook the young girl's leg again.

"Come on Abby." As if Abby heard Ziva's words, she tensed up moaning,

"Oh gods yes" The strength of the orgasm sent Abby falling off her chair and right into Ziva's arms. McGee laughed lightly and looked over at Ziva. Just like he knew Abby's secret love he also knew Ziva's. He stood there watching.

Abby woke up with a start and looked directly up. Directly into Ziva's dark eyes, "Ummm what happened?" Abby liked being in her arms so she was gonna take what little she could but what she didn't realize was that Ziva was thinking the same thing. Ziva loved the feel of Abby in her arms, it was the closest thing she would ever get to actually having her and she was going to enjoy it while she could. Looking up at McGee and then back down at Abby she answered the question.

"You woke yourself up & from what I can take of the dream you seemed to have enjoyed it." Abby looked down and blushed. Oh she remembered the dream alright. She remembered how Ziva kissed her, explored her in ways she could never have even thought of, how she spoke to her in Hebrew & English. How it felt to be in her arms. She so wanted it to be real, but she knew that Ziva didn't feel the same. Shaking her head she slowly began the task of getting up. Ziva felt her move and helped her up. She had to put some distance between her and Abby. She could still hear Abby's moan and it was driving her mad, so moving away from the warmth that was her secret she smiled.

"Gibbs sent the soda down to you. He wants to know when the samples will be ready."

Abby moved over to the desk and took a sip.

"Should be ready in an hour, I would have had them done but..." McGee Chuckled and answered for her.

"You got a little busy." He got a slap on the shoulder for that.

"You have been picking up too many bad habits from Tony." He shrugged.

"I will tell Gibbs you said about an hour." Quickly Ziva moved around them and headed to the door only to be stopped by Abby's voice.

"Hey this is huge. How did Gibbs get …" Abby looked over at the writing on the Caf-Pow, it was in Hebrew. She quickly looked up at Ziva. Ziva looked over her shoulder, smiled,

"A gift for someone I love" and left the lab leaving a very confused McGee. Looking over at Abby.

"Was that Hebrew?"

All Abby could do was nod her head. Reason being she couldn't get over how her body responded to the sound of Ziva's voice as it said those words… words that she didn't have any idea what they translated into. All she knew was that she wanted to hear it again and again, preferably in the midst of passion.

"Why don't you just tell her how you feel?" Taking the Caf-Pow, she looked it over. She just couldn't bring herself to eat it.

"I can't McGee. I just can't."


Abby couldn't explain it to him. Although he did figure out her secret that didn't mean she was going tell him the details.

"Just leave it at that okay."

McGee knew why. Yeah everyone thought he was just a computer geek but he knew more then he let on. His best friend at MIT was the total opposite of him. Just like Abby was but were as Abby was more Goth, Maria was more a mix of it all, but what he remember most right at this moment was something she had told him about love.

"You know something, Abby. I think you're just scared. Scared that you will lose her like we lost Kate, there is just a slight difference though. You loved Kate, but you're in love with Ziva. Take a chance Abby before you lose it and never know what it was like having it." He walked up to her and placed his hand on her heart.

"Start listening to your heart and stop listening to your head. It's love and you deserve it." He turn to head back to the office upstairs but right before he closed her door he looked at her and spoke,

"So does she." With that he left Abby to think.

To Be Continued

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