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By Cirroco DeSade


"I wish you would not wear collars with rings in them to work," Ziva said to me one afternoon.

I thought she had left the lab with the rest of them, but I guess she had remained behind.

"Why?" I asked, genuinely baffled. For a minute I didn't think she would answer.

"They distract me," she said.

"How?" I asked. Okay, so, I'm speaking in one word sentences, but she had me confused!

She stepped up to me, standing directly in front of me. Her deep brown eyes seemed to see into my soul. Reaching up she cupped my cheek in her palm and then took a deep breath.

"All I can think about when I see you in them is doing this," she answered.

Her hand caressed down from my cheek and over the top of my neck. Then I felt it when one of her fingers looped into one of the rings in the front of my collar and she was pulling me down to meet her mouth in a kiss.

I opened my mouth in shear shock and she took the opportunity to plunge her tongue into it, to explore my mouth with a hunger I didn't expect, not to mention I couldn't help but respond to. My God, the woman could kiss!

When she finally released me from her amazing oral assault, she stepped back from me and I slumped back against the lab table behind me, holding onto it because I was frankly a little weak in the knees.

"I just really wish you would not wear collars with rings in them to work," she said softly, looking down at the floor, as if ashamed of her actions. She turned and began to leave.

"Ziva!" I called out to her before she could completely escape.

She turned back to me and for once I thought I could read her facial expression. She was afraid of what I might say to her, afraid I would be mad at her. I couldn't help but grin.

"What if I wore one on our first date?" I asked.

I turned back to my work after she left. She hadn't responded verbally, but I'm pretty confident that sexy smile said everything I needed to hear.

The End

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