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Vehicular Misconceptions
By Jaina


"Get in!"

Gunfire splattered all around her, spraying up tufts of dirt and showering her with small jagged pieces of plaster and wood. Jenny squeezed the trigger of her pistol twice more in quick succession. Choosing the nearest gunmen, Jenny concentrated her fire on him until he obligingly ducked back behind cover. Taking advantage of the momentary lull, she dove towards the beat up jeep that had come to a stop a few feet away from her.

She scrambled around the unlocked door and concentrated on getting all of her inside, more than landing in the appropriate spot. The door banged wildly behind her before she managed to blindly throw a hand back and slam it shut.

Tires squealed and Jenny instinctively tucked her head as glass shattered. She responded by sticking her arm out the window, gun in hand, and returning fire. She felt a momentary sense of ruthless satisfaction as the man who'd been shooting at them was dropped by her blind gunfire.

She crouched low in the seat, presenting as small of a target as she could, as they sped away. Jenny glanced over at the small, dark haired woman in the driver's seat. Immediately, she noticed the small trickle of blood sliding down her arm.

"Are you okay?" Jenny asked quickly. "Did you get hit?"

"This is nothing - a scratch," Ziva added with a quick glance at her injury.

Jenny sucked in a breath as they momentarily swerved into oncoming traffic to get around a slow moving car. Ziva glanced back and swung them out of harm's way at the very last instant.

Jenny grabbed a hold of the handle attached just above the window of the jeep and held on tightly. Her knuckles were white from the strength of her grip as she clenched the tenuously attached piece of plastic.

"Did you get it?" Ziva asked, a moment later. "I do not want to have to go back for it."

"I got it." Jenny's tone indicated that there should have been no question that she'd managed to complete the mission. She glanced behind them again. "Are they still following us?"

"No," Ziva said slowly with a brief glance back in the rear view mirror. "I think I lost them for the moment. We will see."

"Nice driving."

Ziva smirked. It was the first full fledged grin that Jenny had seen from her.

"Thank you. So many people object to it. I do not understand why."


A Week Later

"Do you remember when I said that your driving was nice?" Jenny asked quietly, as they lay sprawled amid tangled sheets, a light sheen of sweat still drying on their skin.

"Yes," Ziva answered in the same soft voice.

"I lied," Jenny said with a teasing grin, as she turned her head on the pillow so that she could watch Ziva's reaction.

The look that Ziva shot her was full of skeptical bemusement.

Jenny lay back on the soft sheets, twisting her torso a little so that she was more comfortable on the slightly lumpy mattress. Her fingers played idly with the rumpled sheet beside her, tracing over the thin ridges and valleys that it formed.

"I thought you only drove like that in life threatening situations," Jenny drawled. "I can't believe you drive like that every day."

"Every day is a life threatening situation," Ziva stated calmly, as she threw back the thin sheet and sat up.

Jenny laughed and followed her, as she reached for Ziva.

"Especially when you're driving," Jenny added quickly.

Ziva frowned.

"I could give you driving lessons," Jenny whispered, as she slipped her arms around Ziva from behind, burying her face against her lover's neck. She kissed the pale skin and looked back up, trying to catch a glimpse of what Ziva was thinking from the small part of her face that she could see.

Ziva tilted her head to look back over her shoulder so that she could catch Jenny's eyes. "You always drive too slowly." She wrinkled her nose in annoyance.

Jenny leaned forward so that she could catch Ziva's lips for a quick kiss.

"I guess we'll have to agree to disagree over driving methods."

"I still do not see what's so bad about my driving. We arrived at our destination on time."

"The passenger side mirror was no longer with us," Jenny reminded her, as she caught Ziva's hand and flopped back down on the mattress.

Ziva followed her willingly, shifting until she was laying half on top of Jenny. She propped herself up on one elbow and stared down at her with an intense look that almost made Jenny forget what they were talking about.

"It was loose before we left. I noticed it."


"The passenger side mirror," Ziva reminded her as she bent over Jenny, her hands wandering over bare skin as she spoke. "It would have most likely fallen off regardless."

"I think it had help," Jenny countered as she draped one leg over Ziva's and used it to pull her closer.

"I think," Ziva declared in a superior voice, "That you are merely jealous of my driving skills."

Jenny laughed, and then gasped as Ziva found a sensitive spot.

And somehow, they never managed to find time for driving lessons.

The End

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