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AUTHOR'S NOTE: There's a scene in "Heart Break" right after Kate's call from Harrison. The team is in Abby's lab, talking about the case. They're getting some very crucial information and, for a reason that is never referred to on camera, Kate is messing with her cell phone. I'm explaining the cell-phone-playing AND the call from Harrison. Nice of me, ain't it? :D And, again explaining why I used this prompt... the majority of the fic deals with Ducky and Tony rather than Kate and Abby. But it's still ABOUT Kate and Abby. So... teammates.
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SPOILERS: "Heart Break"

Who Names Their Kid Harrison?
By Geonn


Tony leaned back in his chair, staring at the cubicle wall above Kate's empty chair. Gibbs walked by, on his way to the elevator, and hesitated ever-so-slightly as he passed Tony's desk. "You staying late, DiNozzo?"

"Yeah, just a while, boss. I'm just thinking... who would name their kid Harrison?"

Gibbs turned, raising his eyebrows.

Tony, sensing Gibbs' complaint, said, "I think Jethro is a very cool name, boss."

Gibbs sighed and turned around, going back towards the elevators. "You call me Jethro again, Tony, and you'll be having your deep thoughts in the unemployment line."

Tony couldn't stop thinking of the call Kate had gotten the day before, the Caller ID reading "Harrison." Such a bizarre name, when you thought about it. Even if someone did have that name, they would likely go by Harry, right? It just didn't compute with him.

Alone in the squad room, Tony stood and sidled over to Kate's desk. She'd taken her cell phone with her, but there was still plenty of evidence for him to sift through. He was a trained investigative officer, after all. He sat in her chair, wheeling it to the trash can and peering inside. Nothing slimy or wet at first sight, nothing he'd want to really avoid touching.

He pulled out a few slips of paper and unwadded them, running them over the edge of the desk to straighten them. "Couple gallons of gas and coffee at the Sippengo," he read. "A paperback novel at Barnes and Noble..." He tsked and shook his head. "Oh, Kate, you really must get out more."

He unwrinkled another receipt, putting it aside before something clicked in his brain. He picked it back up, reading the information:

"19:13:03 11/6/04 Rental - AF1 $.99"

He arched an eyebrow. "Ninety-nine cents is on the older wall... an older movie with the initials AF1... Air Force One!" He laughed and flicked the receipt. "1997, Gary Oldman plays the terrorist, Glenn Close is the vice president..." He paused. "And... Harrison Ford is the president."

According to the date, she'd rented the movie the night before.

Ducky walked by then, pausing and looking at Tony with raised eyebrows. Tony brushed the trash back into the can and smiled. "Hey, Duck. Find anyone to go to the opera with you?"

"No, I'm afraid not. Say, do you know a Glen?"

"Glen?" Tony said. "No, can't say as I do. Why?"

"It's the oddest thing... when I was down inviting Abigail to the opera, she received a call from someone named Glen. I assume he worked here in the building since she asked if he could 'come down and meet her,' but I cannot recall anyone by that name."

Tony shrugged. "Wish I could help you. Me, I'm terrible with names."

Ducky smirked knowingly. "Yes, unless they come attached to a pair of blue eyes and long legs."

Tony laughed and said, "Enjoy the opera, Ducky."

He stood and headed back to his desk, stopping in his tracks when his brain finally caught up to him. He darted back to Kate's desk and pulled the video rental receipt out again. Air Force One. Glenn Close and Harrison Ford. Kate gets a call from someone named Harrison, Abby gets a call from someone named Glenn?

Someone named Glenn who works in the building?

He hurried to the elevator, jabbing the buttons and hoping to catch them before they left the building. He had to admit, it was smart. Code names, the text messages back and forth all day... Kate thought they hadn't seen her playing with her phone in the lab, but he'd seen. Fortunately Gibbs hadn't seen, or else the phone would have been in the garbage with the receipt.

He cursed his own ignorance as he stepped into the elevator. Right in front of his face and he hadn't known. He could just kick himself. When the elevator doors opened on Abby's lab, he ran into the two women on their way out. "Oh," Kate said, still looking a little shell-shocked from the events of the case. "DiNozzo. We were... just on our way out."

"Uh-huh," he said. He looked at Abby and said, "Well, what's your hurry, Kate? Aren't you going to introduce me to... Harrison?"

Abby's eyes widened and the two women exchanged startled looks. "You said he wouldn't figure it out," Abby said, sotto voce.

"Well, I did figure it out." He extended a hand to Kate and said, "Hey, Glenn. Good to meetcha. How's the Vice President gig working out for you?"

Kate's eyes flashed with anger. "Did you go through my trash?"

"Yes, I did, Kate! And it's a good thing I did!" He started to walk a slow circle around them. "To think... the lying. The deception. All going on under my nose." He tsked. "You girls ought to be ashamed. But you will be glad to know that you won't have to go on with the cute code names or the secret text messages."

He was in front of them again now and jabbed the elevator button. "Your secret is out, girls. And you know what? It doesn't matter."

"It doesn't?" Kate said, sounding dubious.

"No. I don't want to watch movies with you two anyway." He stepped into the car, stuck his tongue out at them both and hit the up button.

When the elevator doors closed, Kate and Abby looked at each other. "What just happened?" Kate asked.

"I think... Tony found us out. He just doesn't know what for."

Kate grinned. "Feel like enlightening him?"

Abby looped her arm around Kate's shoulders and said, "What, are you crazy, Glenn? Let him live in his fantasy world."

Kate laughed and let Abby lead her towards the stairs.

The End

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