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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Another episode tag to "Heart Break" (why yes, I did watch it tonight! However did you know? :D), but this one is muuuch darker than the one I posted right before. I went for a very minimal feel in this one; hope it's not too minimal!
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SPOILERS: "Heart Break"

By Geonn


Abby seeks.

Kate is in the dark.

Autopsy is cold, colder than usual.

Abby finds her.

Kate puts her head down on her arms, sobbing quietly.

Abby is in front of her, a hand on top of Kate's head and the other on her lover's back, rising and falling with sobs.

The silence of the room is filled with the sound of the gunshot. Kate's blurry vision is filled with the boy's tortured face. Her ears ring.

After awhile, the tears stop. The tortured boy is dead. He would've found another way eventually. He would have found a way to make it happen one way or another. Abby's lips are next to her ear. Her voice is soothing, but Kate doesn't need the words. Just the voice. Just the breath on her skin. Just Abby.

Abby helps her stand.

They close the drawer together and they walk out together.

Kate's face is in the crook of Abby's neck and she rises up, looking into her eyes. "Do you want me to take you home?" Abby asks.


"Yours or mine?"

"It doesn't matter," Kate says, pulling Abby close again.

The elevator doors closed... on autopsy, on Ensign Evan Hayes and on the guilt of suicide-by-cop.

The End

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