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By Callie Johnston


They'd kept it a secret - neither one feeling up to confronting their co-workers about their budding relationship. Although they were pretty sure Gibbs already knew - he always knew. It wasn't as if they were sneaking around, they just hadn't told anyone. They wanted to be left alone from the outside world while exploring these new feelings, finding out how deep they ran and where they would lead.

Normally working together meant they'd at least see each other daily, but lately work was what had kept them apart. While Kate had been undercover with DiNozzo, Abby had been tied up in the lab. The few hours of free time had been spent sleeping and so there hadn't been more than a few phonecalls between the two during the last week and a half. The last of these calls a testament to how tired Kate was. Abby remembered how exhausted she had sounded - too weary to even complain about the latest of DiNozzo's attempts at charming their suspect and every other woman they had met.

Both women felt better about the situation after deciding that as soon as the caseload lightened and the weekend was here they'd spend it together. Unfortunately the demanding work never seemed to cease and to Abby the weekend seemed to never arrive. As she made herself ready to leave the lab the thought about being with Kate was far more appealing than the sleep her body craved. Letting her hair down and pulling on her jacket she leaned over the computer and sent a message to the woman occupying her thoughts before signing out. She trusted the other woman would get the message as soon as it was sent - knowing wherever Kate went so did her Palm Pilot.

Heading out into the late evening air she considered getting them both some Chinese food, knowing it was the female agent's favourite, but looking at her watch she decided against it. It was late, Kate had probably already eaten and Abby wasn't all that hungry - having consumed one too many CAFF-POW!s during the day.

Abby had never been too serious about relationships. She'd always treated her lovers with respect and affection but the relationships had never been meant to be more than what they were - companionship, sharing of the mind and some fun thrown in for good measure. With Kate it was different. There was more to this, to them. There was love. Love in the "let's be together forever" sense. It was a new feeling to Abby and although it frightened her she couldn't imagine herself giving it up. She just hoped Kate felt the same way.

Arriving at Kate's door she knocked gently, suddenly shy about her need to be with the other woman. As she stood there staring at the door time passed and the exhilarating feeling started to flake off and soon Abby felt awkward and somewhat disappointed. Maybe Kate wasn't at home; maybe she was still stuck with DiNozzo or...

Abby slowly took a few steps away from the door, feeling weary as the effect of the caffeine wore off. Her shoulders slumped as she thought about spending the night alone. Hearing a click behind her she turned around. Kate was standing in the doorway, dressed in blue pyjamas, surprise shown on her face.


"Oh, Kate. I'm sorry. Did I wake you?" If so was the case Abby couldn't really feel bad about it. Kate was beautiful, standing in the doorway, the muted light from inside casting soft shadows over her face and slightly mussed hair. Grinning she made her way back to the door and the woman waiting there. Kate let her in, the light in the hallway showing Abby the tired lines around the agent's eyes and the dark shadows beneath them. Not waiting for an answer Abby hugged the other woman to her, holding her tight as she felt the tense body slowly start to relax.

"I've missed you."

She could feel Kate nod against her shoulder, the agreement warming Abby immensely. Kate's hair smelled of honey and the silky fabric of the pyjama under her fingers felt surprisingly sensual, almost erotic. Shaking her head slightly she took a step back to look into Kate's eyes. Repeating her question from earlier she was rewarded with a smile.

"I got your message, but I must have fallen asleep... I was just so tired."

"Tough day with DiNozzo?"

"Day? Don't you mean week?" Kate tried to look indignant.

Abby grinned, looking into unguarded eyes the mood changed and all thoughts of co-workers were forgotten.

"Stay with me tonight?"

Abby couldn't do much else but nod as Kate leaned in to kiss her. As their lips met a sense of belonging washed over her and it stayed with her as she was taken by the hand and lead into the bedroom. Kate opened a drawer and handed her a t-shirt.

"There're towels in the bathroom."

Abby gave Kate a quick kiss before going into the bathroom to clean up. It felt good to wear something of Kate's, it smelled like her and with a satisfied smile Abby made her way back to the bedroom. The room was dark, only the streetlamps from outside spilling in made the contours of furniture visible. Abby could see the curve of Kate's body underneath the warm comforter. She padded to the bed and silently lay down beside the sleeping woman, spooning her from behind. She was met by a contented murmur and a hand on top of hers as it rested on Kate's tummy. Kissing the other woman's temple Abby smiled and whispered "I love you".

The End

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