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Exploring in a Thunderstorm
By Geonn


The overhead lights were out, but they could see well enough by the desk lamps. They were sitting on a blanket in the middle of the lab, Abby resting on her elbows as she watched the water pelt the windows. Normally, people would pass by every now and then, reminding her that she was underground. She liked the feeling; step into my dungeon, see what the mad scientist has brought you today, my pretties. Thank God Gibbs had never instituted that dress code he'd threatened her with... you wear one see-through top with a mesh bra and all of a sudden he's Mr. Protocol.

Kate was next to her, on her side, doodling. Neither of them were wearing shoes, both of them the only ones in the building. It was almost midnight; Kate had been wrapping up a case and got surprised by the sudden storm. Rather than trudge the two blocks to the parking garage holding her car, she decided to head down and see if Abby needed company.

Abby looked down at the drawing pad and saw Kate was sketching her. "Don't look," Kate said, covering the drawing with her hand. "Look forward again. You're going to screw up the profile."

Abby smiled and looked at the windows again. "You would not believe the number of men who walk by here wearing sandals and black socks."

"Oh, I would believe it."

"And if men were to start shaving their legs, it would be a much better world for all of us."

Kate tilted her head a bit, looking at the curve of Abby's cheek before looking back at her drawing. "No, see, then we would have to hear them all bitch about it. The way it is, they can just wear long pants all the time."

Abby snickered and pulled her legs up, wrapping her arms around them and resting her head on her knees. She looked down at Kate's pad, watching as her features slowly formed on the page. "Wow," she breathed. She returned Kate's smile and tapped her foot on the floor.

"It's not complete," Kate said, turning it around for Abby's perusal.

"It's really good."

Kate smiled. "I only have one of your tattoos. I don't know where all the rest are."

"Well," Abby grinned, turning to face Kate. "There's the one here." She picked up Kate's hand and rested it on her neck. Kate's index finger traced the spider web, pushing the collar of Abby's blouse out of the way. "Mm-hmm," she said.

"There's another here."

Kate leaned in as Abby guided her hand, nodding. "Okay, yeah..."

"Now, this next one is a little tricky," Abby warned, using her free hand to unbutton her blouse.

Outside, lightning flashed. Kate's eyes widened as she followed Abby's hand under the dark material of her blouse. Her breath caught in her throat and she looked up into Abby's bright eyes. "That's a nice one."

"Yeah," Abby grinned.

"Did it hurt?"


Kate licked her lips and moved her hand without Abby guiding it.

"Hey, hey, hey," Abby said, looking down her open blouse. "Where do you think you're going?"


Lightning flashed again as Abby gasped.

The End

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