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The Other Woman
By Geonn


When the plane landed, Kate lagged behind and joined Tony and Paula as they headed down the stairs. "So, what are your plans for after the debriefing?" Tony asked Paula.

Paula glanced at Kate, pleading with her eyes. "Um..."

"I offered to take her under my wing," Kate said. "Girls night out, that sort of thing."

Tony allowed himself a moment of disappointment, then said, "Well, you'll need a place to stay..."

"I'm sure Kate has a spare room--"

"Couch," Kate muttered.

"--couch I could sleep on."

Tony sighed. "So I get no points for being on your side through the whole thing back at Gitmo?"

"Oh, you get points," Paula said, hooking her arm around Kate's. "Just not nearly enough for what you want."

Kate laughed and waved over her shoulder. "Maybe you can cash in your points for the free X-Ray goggles," she suggested.

They rode down in the elevator together after the debriefing. Paula asked about Thai restaurants in the area and Kate suggested a great one nearby. They rode down to Abby's lab and Kate said, "I'll just be a minute; I need to see if Abby wants to join us."

"The more the merrier," Paula said, smiling as they stepped out into the main forensics lab. Kate scanned the room, moving towards Abby's desk as she sought out her lover. Paula, meanwhile, moved to the windows and craned her neck, watching as a few people moved past the windows. "These are so great," she said quietly.

Kate looked over the top of Abby's desk and found a note taped to the computer screen. "K, out with McGee. Call me later! - A." Kate resisted the urge to crumple the note and throw it at the far wall. McGeek, the nerdy agent Tony had worked with on their last case. He and Abby had been 'hanging out' since then and Kate was starting to wonder when Abby would drop the bombshell on her.

She abandoned the desk and forced a smile for Paula. "Abby's out for the night. Just the two of us."

"Great," Paula said. "Lead the way."

Kate refused to be angry or pissed or hurt as she joined Paula in the elevator. Abby could find someone else? So could she.

After their drinks arrived, Paula sat back and examined the restaurant. "It's a nice little place. Out of the way..."

"Yeah, most of the places I like seem to be off the beaten path."

Paula smiled. "You haven't seen off-the-beaten path until you've emailed your sister that there's a 'nice little Chinese restaurant just outside of Havana.'"

Kate laughed.

Paula shifted in her seat and said, "So. Are you going to ask me?"

"Ask you...?"

"It was a point of interest back in Gitmo; the fact that I go out dancing every night and then I head home by myself."

Kate shrugged. "DiNozzo told us; you like the dance. I've been guilty of it myself."

"Well, I also told him it's because I don't date people I work with."

Kate had become a master of nuance since she realized Abby had spent a week hitting on her without her realizing it. She cleared her throat and said, "People you work with."

Paula pulled the stirrer from her drink and licked the excess liquid from it.

Kate shifted in the booth.

Their food arrived and they ate in relative silence, discussing past cases and DiNozzo and sightseeing in Washington and... DiNozzo. Kate described the morning at Guantanamo Bay when she and Gibbs had burst into Tony's room at dawn to find him, stark naked, leveling a gun at an iguana sharing his bed. Paula laughed loud enough to make the people at the next table look over at them and Kate snickered. "We're causing a scene."

"Maybe you should take me home," Paula said, leaning forward suggestively.

Kate, a little buzzed by the evening and her drink, leaned forward as well. "Hmm. I thought you just teased people."

"I tease boys," Paula said, lowering her voice. "I would never tease a woman." She put her hand down, tracing the back of Kate's hand.

Kate smiled and reached for her purse.

They were stopped at a red light, the car seemingly buzzing with the sexual tension between them. Paula reached over, resting her hand on Kate's thigh and squeezing softly. "Can I ask you something?"

"I like to be on top," Kate said, finding Paula's eyes in the darkness.

Paula smiled. "No... the lab tech you went to find... um..."

"Abby," Kate said, facing forward again. "What about her?"

"There's something between you. I could feel it when you went looking for her."

"If there was something between us, would it change anything about tonight?"

"Would you consider me a terrible person if I said no?"

Kate watched the light turn green. There was no one behind her, so she stayed put. "No." She swallowed and said, "Abby is out with a man tonight. Because... he's a man. And I'm a woman. And just because she is more fluid with her sexuality, it means she gets to sleep around." She leaned against her window, closing her eyes. "God. It's not like I want to go steady or anything. I'm not... in it for the commitment and God knows I'm not in it for a wedding ring. I just... thought what we had meant something."

"Just because she's exploring her options doesn't mean she doesn't care about you," Paula offered. "Your relationship is relatively new, right?"

"A... few months old."

"It's normal," Paula said. "You come together, you're happy and then... you look around to make sure you're not blinded to any opportunities. If Abby decides to leave you for this other guy..."


"Mc--" Paula blinked. "NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee?"

"You know him?"

Paula smiled. "Yeah. I don't think you have anything to worry about on that front. Anyway, if Abby leaves you for McGee, then it may have saved you some trouble. Saved you from a long, drawn-out relationship that would just end in tears anyway."

"It's a crappy way to look at love," Kate commented, rubbing her temple. "And at least the other way, I get laid regularly."

Paula laughed and said, "Well... I don't know about regularly." She moved closer to Kate, reaching up to turn her head. "But I think we could do something about tonight... just so you don't have to go... cold turkey."

Kate softly said, "Cold turkey would be... bad..."

The kiss was gentle, a brush of lips and the soft pressure of tongues. Paula pulled back, making Kate come to her and then crushing their lips together. The kiss intensified automatically and Kate moaned, moving her hand up to cup the back of Paula's head. When they parted, Paula whispered, "Do you know how long it's been since a woman was assigned to Gitmo?"

"So, you coming home with me is just a lack of options?"

"No. I would pick you out of a room of women," Paula promised. She looked at Kate's lips and then glanced out at the street. "The light is green. We should probably move before your car runs out of gas."

"Right," Kate said, turning back to the wheel. "Driving. Which pedal is the gas again?"

Paula laughed and reached over, burying her hand in Kate's hair and massaging the back of her neck.

In Kate's apartment, Paula shed her coat and draped it over the back of the couch. "Do you want something to drink?" Kate asked, lagging behind as an excuse to look at Paula's ass. She was wearing a pastel blue sweater and tight brown slacks, accenting her curves ever-so-beautifully. "I have soda, orange juice... I may have a little wine."

"Beer?" Paula asked hopefully.

"I have some beer," Kate acknowledged.

"It's so hard to get good American beer in Cuba," Paula sighed, dropping onto the couch.

Kate came back into the room with two bottles of Heineken, holding them up apologetically. "You said American beers, right?"

Paula held her hand out. "Good enough. Heineken is just as rare."

They opened their bottles and sat in silence, sipping occasionally and taking furtive glances at each other. Finally, Kate said, "I-I'm no good at this..."

"We'll go to the bedroom in a minute," Paula said, answering Kate's unasked question.

Kate smiled shyly and looked down at her beer bottle.

Paula sat back, finishing her beer in a few swallows. Eventually, she put the bottle down on the table and leaned forward, watching Kate carefully. Self-conscious, Kate said, "What are you looking for?"

"Signs that you're going to ask me to leave."

"Getting anything?"

"A little. You're conflicted."

Kate shrugged. "Abby is with someone right now. Nothing saying I can't be with someone, too."

"But you're still conflicted."

"Because Abby and I aren't broken up... so far as I know." She sighed and rubbed the back of her neck. "I'm sorry."

"You're sorry... because you're about to ask me to leave, or..."

"Sorry because, had we met three months ago when I was on the Secret Service, it would have been a no-brainer. I'd have asked you out to dinner, brought you back here and taken you directly to the bedroom, no... no lame beer."

Paula smiled. "You were in the Secret Service?"


"What was your codename?"


"Wow, that's beautiful."

Kate shrugged. "I wore a lot of red."

Paula smiled.

Kate was so caught up in her story, she barely realized when Paula returned from the kitchen and sat next to her on the couch rather than in the armchair. She didn't realize when Paula's arm went around her shoulders or when Paula shifted just a little closer. She did take notice when Paula bent down and nuzzled her neck. She paused in her story and softly said, "Paula..."

"Yes, Kate?"

"Are we about to go into the bedroom?"

"Yes, Kate."

Kate swallowed the last of her beer and said, "All right then." She turned on the couch, facing Paula and framing her face with her hands. She leaned in and kissed the other woman, unable to be quite as romantic as Paula had been with her kiss. She pushed Paula back, laying her onto the couch, and spread her legs to straddle the prone woman.

Paula broke the kiss and smiled. "We're not going to the bedroom, are we?"

"Not right away," Kate admitted, kissing Paula's throat. She undid the top button of Paula's polo shirt and spread the halves, looking down at the lightly freckled skin. "Do you have any tattoos?" she asked.

"No. Why?"

Kate smiled. "No reason." She slid her hand down, cupping Paula's breast and feeling the blonde writhe beneath her. "Abby is... different."

"Different bad?"

"Different unusual."

"Am I too normal for you?"

Kate kissed Paula's lips, pressing her thigh against the crux of Paula's legs. "Sometimes I want a little normal. Sometimes I want to be on top. Sometimes... I want to be in charge."

Paula lifted both hands, burying them in Kate's loose hair. "It's okay with me."

Kate reached up and took Paula's hands, holding the wrists together and lifting them above her head. "What if I wanted to tie you up?"

"Yes," Paula said. "I'd let you."

Kate was practically panting now, rocking against Paula's thigh without realizing it. "What if I wanted to blindfold you?"


Kate licked her lips and then bent down to lick Paula's. "I won't do that. Not tonight. Tonight is just about sex."

"Well," Paula said, eyes twinkling. "That's enough for me."

Kate led Paula into the bedroom, motioning to the bed. "Sit there," she said, shutting the door behind them. Paula sat on the edge of the bed, leaning back slightly and looking up as Kate walked over to her. "Take off your shirt."

Paula undid the last two buttons and pulled the shirt over her head. Kate dropped to one knee like a suitor preparing to propose, leaning forward and kissing Paula's taut stomach. Paula brought one hand up, messing Kate's hair and smiling down at her. "Most people go straight for my breasts," she said softly.

"I'm not most people," Kate said, lips moving against the tanned skin.

Paula chuckled, the move causing a quake to pass through the spot under Kate's mouth. While Kate was occupied there, Paula unhooked her bra and slid it down her arms, tossing it across the room to be claimed later. Kate looked up, admiring the swell and tint of the breasts, eyes locking on the aroused pink nipple. She lifted her head and curled her tongue around the bud, biting gently as Paula continued to play with her hair. "That's nice," Paula said softly.

Kate moved from one breast to the other, then craned her neck up to kiss Paula's lips. She lifted one leg onto the bed and crawled, pushing Paula down as she advanced. Eventually, she was balanced over Paula on her hands and knees, dark hair hanging down all around her face. Paula looked up at her, lips parted and panting as she waited for the next progression. "On your stomach," Kate whispered.

Paula obediently rolled onto her stomach, stretching her arms out in front of her. Kate lowered herself until her body was pressed against the other woman's, running her hands down Paula's bare back. She slid her hands around and found her belt, loosening it and sliding her hands inside the blonde's slacks.

Paula lifted her hips, getting onto her knees so Kate would have room to maneuver. "You always make your conquests fully clothed?" Paula asked.

Kate nibbled on Paula's ear as her fingers probed the soft satin of her panties. "Only the ones... I can't wait to taste."

Paula shuddered and gasped when Kate's fingers searched deeper. Kate moved her body in time with her fingers, mimicking a more standard method of lovemaking. Paula gasped, arching her back and dropping her head as she was stroked into a frenzy. Kate made circles with her fingers, using her index and ring fingers to pin a section of flesh while her middle finger drew portraits on the trapped area.

Finally, Paula dug her fingers into the sheets and keened, throwing her head back as she came.

Kate slid her hand free and rose from Paula's back, moving towards the headboard. Paula rolled over, catching her breath. The freckles stood starkly against the pale skin of her chest, tiny spots of flame caught in a sea of milk. "Are you done being in charge?" Paula asked, undoing her jeans.

"Yes," Kate assured her, unbuttoning her own blouse with trembling fingers.

"Are you ready to be taken?"

"Yes," Kate said, her voice cracking. She shrugged out of her top and went to work on her bra as Paula shimmied out of her slacks. "Take me," she whispered.

Paula crushed Kate into the headboard, kissing her with a fierce desire as her hands found the brunette's breasts and cupped them, squeezing lovingly until she pinched the hard nipples. Paula positioned herself between Kate's legs, using her thigh and thrusting against the other woman's willing body. Kate cried out with the contact, feeling the warmth of Paula's leg through her panties and jeans. "Get these off," Kate growled, reaching down to work the button on her pants. When Paula took over for her, she returned back hands to the headboard, holding herself steady as Paula rained kisses across her stomach.

When both women were down to their panties, Paula spread her legs and leaned back. "Come to me," she whispered. Kate got onto her knees and moved forward, unsure what the other woman wanted. Paula said, "Sit back. Spread your legs like I am." Kate did as instructed, watching as Paula sat up and moved closer. She sat on Kate's thigh and leaned back until their lips were touching.

"Oh, God," Kate gasped, throwing her head back as Paula began to rock against her. She reached out and grabbed Paula's thigh, using it to keep herself steady as she pressed back. They locked eyes and that sent Kate over the edge, trembling through her orgasm as her fingers dug into the soft flesh of Paula's leg.

Paula held her until her orgasm was complete, slipping free and rearranging herself until they were face to face. They kissed, Paula stroking Kate's cheek and then whispering, "Thank you for not calling me Abby."

Kate stroked Paula's hair and said, "Thank you for letting me lead the way."

"So tomorrow..."

"Abby will be back. I'll be back. And you'll be in Gitmo."

"No commitment," Paula said.

"Right," Kate said. "Just friends."

"With benefits."

Kate smiled. "I can handle that."

"Good. Now... we said tomorrow."

Paula nodded. "We did."

"So tonight..."

"Still up for grabs."

Paula said, "I'm up for a grab or two."

Kate grinned.

The End

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