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Do You Hear What I Hear?
By Del Robertson


"Abby? Are you ready?" asked Ziva, poking her head into the lab. Frowning at the empty rollaway chair, she added, "Are you here?" She listened patiently for an answer. "Guess not," she decided, moving to sit in Abby's vacated chair.

She spent several moments just sitting, waiting for Abby's return. Just sitting, waiting soon turned out to be a torturous ordeal for the ex-Mossad agent. She was used to action, to do things - anything. Anything but sitting patiently in a chair awaiting the return of her lover.

Patiently sitting soon turned into fingers drumming on the desktop. She cocked her head, ears perking at a slight sound. She thought she heard footsteps in the hall. Jumping up from the chair, she hurriedly ran for the corridor, looking left, then right. Deserted.

Dejectedly, she returned to the chair, dropping into it. Sighing deeply, she rested her elbow on the desktop, propping her chin up with the palm of her hand. Glancing at her watch, she sighed again.

She leaned back in the chair, propping her feet up on the edge of the desk, folding her arms in her lap. Closing her eyes, she willed herself to relax. Maybe I can just catch a little dognap. Catnap, she mentally chastised herself, remembering Abby's previous correction. Hotdogs. Catnaps. When you get them mixed up, people are liable to look at you like you're sick or something.

She felt a smile flitter across her face as she thought about Abby. She liked 'learning' from Abby, especially since they'd become lovers. Abby was very creative and found all sorts of interesting techniques to keep her attention and inspire her to learn.

Like tonight, for example. Ziva had found herself agreeing to go caroling with Abby after work. With the promise from Abby that afterwards, they would curl up in front of a nice, warm fire and Abby would sing for her. Personally. In that white dress and wig she'd bought for Halloween. Yes, Ziva still had lots to learn about American customs, but even she knew about Marilyn Monroe. And, she'd been fantasizing all week about seeing her lover in that low-cut, skimpy dress.

Definitely worth the wait, Ziva thought. And, the hard work I've been putting into this. She knew she could just go out and pretend to sing with Abby. She was quite certain if she just lip-synced that Abby would be satisfied. But, how much more satisfied will she be when she discovers that I've learned all her Christmas carols?

Ziva popped one eye open, glancing towards the doorway again. Nothing. Nobody. She exhaled loudly, eyeing her watch again. Abby would have to get back soon or they'd miss all the caroling. And, I've been practicing all week. She eyed the drive on the computer. Taking a CD from her jacket pocket, she slipped it in, waited for the computer to automatically play her disc.

As the music from her first selection filled the air, she plugged the headphones in, settling them over her ears. She leaned back, propping her feet up on the desk, and folding her hands behind her head. Closing her eyes, she let the soothing sounds of the instrumental take her away.

Abby ran down the corridor, pigtails flying as she made a mad dash for her lab. Checking her watch, she hoped Ziva was still there and hadn't given up on her. Damn Gibbs and his make-this-thing-work-now demands. Five minutes before end of shift and he had called her into his office to fix his computer. A computer that needed to be plugged in!

She skidded around a corner, bumping into a lab tech, nearly causing her to drop her tray filled with test tubes. Grinning sheepishly, she tossed an apology over her shoulder as she slowed her run to a jog.

Taking a deep breath, she stepped into her lab. And, froze in her tracks, a goofy grin quickly spreading across her face.

Ziva was utterly and completely relaxed, leaning back in her chair, hands folded behind her head, feet propped up, tapping out a steady rhythm with the toe of her boot. Abby slipped in, softly closing and locking the door. Ziva's eyes remained closed, her face relaxed.

As Abby approached from behind, she saw the spiraled cord running from the hard drive. She grinned, realizing Ziva couldn't hear her because of the headphones over both ears. I'll never have another chance like this! she thought.

She stealthily crept nearer, having every intention of grabbing Ziva from behind and mercilessly tickling her until she surrendered. Her grin impossibly widened at the thought of being able to say she was the only person alive who had ever actually snuck up on the fearsome agent.

As she drew near, she heard a soft humming coming from Ziva's throat. Then, the mumblings beneath her breath. Singing! Ziva's singing! Abby stopped, a puzzled expression on her face as she listened to the words coming from Ziva's mouth.

Abruptly, a hand shot out, grabbing Abby by the wrist, fingers closing about delicate flesh and bone.

"Hey!" shouted Abby as she was pulled hard, then spun around. She found herself flat on her back, sprawled across Ziva's lap, looking up at laughter-filled eyes and a cocky grin.

Ziva moved the headphones down so they were draped about her neck. Arching one eyebrow at Abby, she drawled, "Never, ever try to sneak up on a professional killer, Abby."

"I almost had you," Abby pouted. Her pout turned to annoyance. "I would have had you - " she pointed an accusing finger at Ziva. " - If you hadn't - "

"If I hadn't what?" asked Ziva, releasing her hold on Abby.

She had expected Abby to immediately jump up in righteous indignation. She was bemused when instead she merely squirmed around, adjusting her position atop Ziva's lap.

"If you hadn't been singing."

"Let me see if I'm understanding this." Ziva laughed heartily. "You failed because I was singing?"

Abby shook her head, sending her pigtails flying, effectively slapping Ziva across the face. "It's not that you were singing. It's what you were singing." A puzzled frown stole across her features. "What WERE you singing?"

"Fleas on the dog."

"Fleas on the dog?" Well, that's certainly what I heard.

"Fleas on the dog," Ziva confirmed, matter-of-factly.

Abby leaned in, grabbing one of the earphones, lifting it to her own ear. The cord pulled across Ziva's neck, forcing her to lean forward against Abby in an awkward, uncomfortable position. Abby listened to the familiar tune, feeling her foot tapping along with the music. Satisfied, she pulled back, abruptly letting the earphone snap back against Ziva's neck.

"Owww!" protested Ziva, a hand reflexively covering the injury. "That's going to leave a mark!"

"I've given you worse," Abby proudly proclaimed. "But, even better, I recognize the tune."

"I've already told you; Fleas on the dog."

"Feliz Navidad."

"What?" Ziva asked.

"Feliz Navidad," Abby repeated. "That's the song, not Fleas on the Dog."

"You're telling me there's no such carol?"

Abby shook her head.

"I've been practicing all week."

"Sorry," Abby sincerely apologized, maintaining eye contact with the agent.

"The Restroom Door Said Gentlemen?" Ziva asked.

Abby thought for a moment, slowly shook her head. "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen."

"Walking Around In Women's Underwear?"

"Walking In A Winter Wonderland," Abby supplied.

Ziva felt the muscles in her neck tightening, the subtle twitch near her left eye beginning. She arched an eyebrow, almost daring Abby to confirm the next one. "Grandma Got Ran Over," she slowly began, "By A Reindeer?"

"I'm afraid that one's real," Abby giggled, hugging Ziva's neck. She's just so cute! "Tell me, who's been schooling you in Christmas carols, honey?"

"McGee and DiNoz - " Ziva's voice trailed off before the last name had completely formed on her lips.

Abby smiled knowingly. "I think you've been had, sweetie."

"Damn it! Why do I always fall for their stupid, mindless, adolescent - "

"Hey! Hey!" Abby placed a finger against Ziva's lips, effectively stifling her tirade. She placed featherlight kisses along her jawline, to her mouth. "Don't be so hard on yourself. It could have been worse."

"Yeah, I guess," agreed Ziva, allowing herself to be lulled by the attention she was receiving. "It would have really been embarrassing if we hadn't found out until we were actually out caroling."

"Exactly!" Abby leaned in, kissing her lover soundly. She felt Ziva relax beneath her, allow her entrance to her mouth. As she pulled back, ending the kiss, she took the agent's bottom lip between her teeth, gently nibbling. "Instead, they've given me the perfect idea!" At Ziva's questioning look, she continued. "We'll go back to my place and you can sing "Walking Round in Women's Underwear" while I find something appropriate to model for you."

She punctuated her sentence with another kiss. Then, before Ziva could react, she slid off her lap, snaking Ziva's keys from her pocket and running for the car. Ziva grinned, making her way towards the door. She was halfway out, her hand on the lightswitch, when she turned back. Crossing the room, she punched the button on the drive, grabbing her CD. Stepping into the corridor, tucking the CD into her jacket pocket, she made her way towards the garage, jauntily whistling the carol she had practiced so hard on that week.

The End

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