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Part of the Team
By Lyceum


"Abby, can we talk?" Ziva asked as she walked into the lab. She was determined to find out why Abby had been so hostile to her since she started working for NCIS. She could understand some of it, given her past and family ties, but she wanted to be seen as part of the team and a friend.

"Sure, what can I do for you Ziva?" Abby asked with a smile, looking up from her computer screen.

"It's not related to work."


"Why do you not like me?"

"What?" Abby looked shocked, how could Ziva think she didn't like her? Of course she liked her. "I do like you Ziva."

"Really? I had gotten the impression you didn't."

Realizing she'd probably been a little too hard on the newest member of the team, Abby decided to try to clarify her actions.

"I'm sorry Ziva. I do like you. Okay I didn't at first but now I do, it's just that, I kind of resent the fact that you're here. So I guess I've made you think I don't like you, but that's not true. I do."

"You like me, but you resent me?" Ziva asked, feeling and looking confused.

"Yes and no. Of course I like you. You're part of the team now, I don't resent you, I just resent the fact that you have to be here. You're here because Kate died and every time I see you I'm reminded that she's not here any more. And well, that hurts...I miss Kate, we were close...really close."

"So it's not perso...wait a minute, you mean 'really close' as in..."

"Yes." Abby cut her off before she got to finish the thought. A smile making its way to her face as she remembered how she and Kate finally got together.

6 months earlier. . . .

"Why are we here Abs?" Kate asked as Abby dragged her into a very gay looking bar. Same sex couples were dotted around the bar. Definitely not the type of place Kate was used to being in.

"Because..." Abby replied sounding pleased with herself. "...I want to kiss you, I can do that in here without us getting any funny looks, not that I mind, but you don't like when people look at you funny."

"Abby..." Kate replied with a shake of her head. Why wouldn't Abby see how inappropriate this was? "I don't want you to kiss me." She lied.

"Oh Kate, I hate when you do that." Abby teased as she pushed Kate gently up against the closest wall and stepped into her personal space.

"Do what?" Kate replied, gulping slightly as her body let her know that inappropriate or not, she wanted Abby to kiss her.

"Pretend you don't want me; pretend you don't want me to kiss you. Denial is bad for you."

"Abby..." Kate used her best warning tone, not something that worked, especially as her hands took on a life of their own and came up to rest on Abby's hips.

Abby smiled, she had Kate right where she wanted her. "So you wouldn't want me to kiss you here?" Her thumb coming up to gently run over Kate's bottom lip. "Or here?" Moving her hand to run a finger down Kate's neck. Enjoying the slight whimper that she heard. Her hand continued its path downward, slowly, over Kate's chest, between her breasts on to her stomach, continuing downward. "And you most definitely wouldn't want me to kiss you..."

Kate gasped, her eyes widened, she moved to stop Abby's hand as it reached her lower stomach. She was breathing hard, it was pointless denying how much she wanted Abby, it was plainly obvious to both of them. She couldn't fight it any more, in truth she didn't want to. It was about time she stopped fighting herself, besides, she couldn't let Abby have all the fun. Grabbing Abby's hips once more she reversed their positions. Using her body to keep Abby in place, sliding a leg between Abby's, rocking slightly.

"Oh god." Moaned Abby, her head falling back against the wall as arousal filled her body.

Now that's damn sexy. Thought Kate as she watched Abby's reaction. "I think we should leave Abby." Kate said as she lowered her lips to the tattooed neck in front of her.

Abby brought her hands up to the back of Kate's head. I just knew she'd be wild if I got her to let go. She thought as Kate sucked her pulse point.

"I think even in here we'd get funny looks if I did exactly what I want to do right now." Kate husked between kisses. How did she fight this for so long? Abby's skin tasted so good. She couldn't get enough.

"What's that?" Asked Abby. She didn't really want to move, that would mean stopping their current activities. Not something she liked the idea of.

Kate moved her mouth up to Abby's ear. Pulling the other girl against her leg once more as she spoke. "I want to have you naked beneath me as I fuck you senseless."

Groaning low in her throat Abby pulled Kate's mouth to hers, kissing her hard. Teasing her with her tongue. Not wanting to be outdone Kate took Abby's bottom lip between hers, sucking and gently nipping.

The kiss left them both panting as they pulled back. "Home." Kate ordered.

"You're so sexy when you're forceful." Abby giggled as she grabbed Kate's hand and lead her out of the bar.

Kate smiled as they left the bar, not sure why she'd kept Abby at arms length for so long. She deserved to be happy and Abby made her happy.

Hours later both women were sprawled, naked, across Abby's huge bed, trying to get their breath back.

"Oh wow." Exclaimed Abby. "Always the quiet ones."

"What?" Kate giggled, far too happy right now to care.

"You Caitlin Todd, are wild, a positive tiger in the sack."

"Did you just channel Tony?" Kate laughed. "What can I say? I need some outlet. I can't be uptight all the time. Besides, you're no shrinking violet yourself."

"Ah true, but it's expected of me."

Kate rolled to her side, attaching her mouth to Abby's neck once more, her hand finding the inside of Abby's thigh.

"Are you complaining?" Kate teased as her hand moved higher and her mouth moved lower.

"Ah...definitely...god Kate...not complaining." Abby replied as she rolled over so she was on top of Kate. Loving the feeling of her beneath her. "Feel free to unleash the inner tiger on me any time you like sexy."

"So you see? I'm sorry I made you think I don't like you. It's just hard."

Ziva nodded. "I had been unaware of the nature of your relationship. I think had I known I would have understood before. I take it Tony didn't know? It doesn't sound like something he would keep to himself."

"Would you tell him something like that?" Abby asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I doubt it." Ziva smiled.

"I'd like us to be friends." Abby said, returning Ziva's smile.

"I'd like that too. Maybe you can tell me more about Caitlin."

"Really?" Abby practically jumped out of her seat, they didn't really talk about Kate much, probably didn't want to upset Gibbs. He blamed himself for her death. She'd love to tell Ziva about Kate. She loved talking about her.

"Yes, I'd like to hear more about her."

"Let's go then." Abby said walking towards Ziva and linking an arm through hers. "We'll have dinner."

Ziva smiled as she listened to Abby talk. It was nice to know she was part of the team after all.

The End

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