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Why can't you be mine?
By Nepeace


Abby sat down on the park bench. It was a cold morning so she moved the collar of her coat higher. The water of the Potomac was grey and fog curled through the grass. She looked up the small trail, hardly anyone was out here this early in the morning. But she was here with a reason, there was only one person she knew who would pass her on this trail in the early morning.

She took a sip from the Caf-Pow, she really needed it to stay awake. She could not imagine why someone would get up this early in the morning to go for a run of all things. It was 5.30 in the morning. But some people seemed to like it, it cleared their mind apparently, and it was probably healthy.

She had a reason to be here though, she was looking for a runner who wore a yellow windbreaker and these days a fluorescent orange watch cap. She stared in the distance, she was cold and bored. That was never a good combination where it concerned Abby. She knew she should have worn thicker clothes, who knew how long it would take before Ziva would pass her by.

Soon she heard the steady tapping of feet hitting the pavement at a fast pace. She looked up and there she was. Ziva stood still the second she noticed the woman on the bench watching her. "Abby?" She asked breathing heavily. As she bent over to gain her breathe; "What are you doing here?" She asked as the dark eyes looked Abby up and down.

"I was sitting here, drinking my Caf-Pow." Abby said with a goofy smile, as she held up her now empty container of Caf-Pow. Which soon found its way into the garbage container.

"You always do that at 5.30 in the morning, yes?" Ziva asked with that trademark deep chuckle. She stood back up and looked at Abby. "We better get out of the wind it is too cold to just stand here." She said as she held her hand out to Abby. Who eagerly grabbed it, she was so ready to get out of the cold. Ziva pulled Abby up and smiled at her. She stuffed her hands into her pockets and walked towards the Arlington Memorial Bridge, when Abby grabbed her arm.

"I parked my car here, can we drive somewhere?" Abby suggested, she was nervous she had come here with a reason but she wasn't sure if she could do this. After all this was Ziva, the woman who could kill you in an instance and probably wouldn't leave any evidence either.

The second they entered the parking lot Ziva knew which car was Abby's. Not only for the fact that there where only two cars in the parking lot at this early morning, but with one of them being a huge BMW and the other one being a Hearse it was pretty obvious.

Abby fumbled with the keys, she smiled innocently. Right now she wasn't so sure why she came here, was this really such a good idea. "I am ... needed to talk to you. But work, you know ... with ehm the guys. And Gibbs... Gibbs, he is always there when you say something you don't want him to hear." Abby babbled; "Like this week when I was in the lab joking around with McGee on the computer..."

"Abby!" Ziva said in a tone of voice that silenced Abby immediately. "Why where you here sitting in the cold, you could catch pneumonia in this weather." She said looking up at the grey sky, which had darkened with threatening stormy clouds.

"Like I said I needed to talk to you, alone." Abby stated as she opened the door for Ziva.

Ziva nodded, her face showing no real emotion. Abby doubted if she was doing the right thing, but she couldn't really back down now, could she. She smiled and got into the car; "You have to show me the way, because I have no idea where you live. I assume that is where you want to go." Abby quickly added for good measure, she didn't want to assume anything but she could imagine that someone after running a couple of miles would like to go home to shower instead of going somewhere public. Besides having this conversation at Ziva's house would probably be a better idea too.

Ziva didn't answer Abby but she started giving directions as soon she turned the key in the ignition. Ten minutes later she tells Abby to park the car, in front of an apartment building. She guides Abby to her front door and opens it, she allows Abby to enter the apartment first.

"I have a confession to make." Abby says as she gets closer to Ziva entering her personal space. "Did I ever tell you how much I like you?" She said as she looked into those dark brown eyes. Until now Ziva had not reacted and well, Abby figured that she had two choices. Either she died of embarrassment or Ziva killed her because well a number of reasons first because she entered her personal space and secondly because of what she was planning to do next. Ziva watched Abby with a smug smile she had hardly said a word since they met. She leaned in and pressed her lips against Ziva's, she just had to do it no matter what the consequences were. She was quite surprised when Ziva snaked her arm around her back and pulled her even closer and deepened the kiss. For Abby this was a dream come true, she never anticipated that Ziva would react in this way.

"We should do this more often." Ziva said with a smile. "But what about rule number 12?" Ziva asked as she looked deeply into those bright green eyes when they broke apart, her hand still resting at the crook of Abby's neck covering her dog collar and the spiderweb tattoo.

Abby smiled contently, this went way better then expected. At least she was still breathing even though her heart skipped a couple of beats when Ziva returned her kiss with an affectioned gesture. "Why are you all so afraid of the wrath of the grey ol' fox?" Abby asked with a chuckle. "He's not that bad! Besides that technically speaking I am not a team member, you are law enforcement while I am obviously forensics."

"We better get going or we will be too late for work. And you know that Gibbs will suspect something is going on when we are both too late." Abby answered with a smile. She never really had any problems with Gibbs but she knew that he could make things quite difficult for Ziva if he wanted to. And she certainly didn't want Ziva to be in any kind of trouble with Gibbs specifically the kind that would force her to go into the elevator with Gibbs.

The End

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