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If Tomorrow Never Comes
By Geonn


Ziva knocked on the door and stepped back so Abby could see her clearly through the peephole. She saw the small dot darken and smiled, waving to show her hands were empty. She heard the locks sliding out of place and Abby opened the door. "Hi. Did you want your zapper thing back?"

"No," Ziva said. "Well... yes, but... that's not why I'm here. May I come in?"

Abby shrugged and opened the door wider. Ziva walked into the apartment, blinking as she took in the sights. Black lights in the living room, red carpeting, posters from rock concerts hanging on the wall... she turned and smiled approvingly. "I like your apartment, Abby."

Abby smiled and said, "So... um... not to be rude, Ziva, but..."

"Why am I here?" Ziva sighed. She looked around nervously and said, "I am very glad that you were not harmed. I saw Gibbs and Tony after Caitlin Todd's death and I was afraid... if anything happened to you, well, it would be quite hard to get any work done." She looked away, biting her bottom lip.

"Gee, Ziva," Abby said, holding up both hands. "Don't get so emotional. Please, I don't know what to do with hysterical women. Calm down!"

"I'm sorry, Abby. I'm no good at this." She sighed and pushed her hair out of her face. "I know you hated me when I started at NCIS."


"Over the past year, I feel like you and I have become... friends. And I'm not used to being friends with my coworkers. They are colleagues. Quite often, they're just competition for advancement. I was thrown. Liking you. And I would... not like whoever came in to replace you. I-if anything were to happen." She cleared her throat and said, "Does that make sense?"

"No," Abby said, shaking her head slowly. "Not really."

Ziva closed her eyes. "Okay. Um... knowing how... I would feel if you were replaced, I know why you hated me when I first came here."

"I hated you because you were a snobby, know-it-all, stuck-up..."

Ziva held up both hands. "All right, all right. But... I assume it was also because I was replacing Caitlin. So... I know how you must have felt about Caitlin."

"I liked Kate a lot."

Ziva shook her head.

Abby bit her lip. "Well, okay, but... that doesn't mean anything. Like, if that was true, that'd mean that you..."

Ziva turned and headed for the door. "I should go."


"Excuse me, Abby," Ziva said, trying to get past her to the door.

Abby didn't move. "You like me?"

"This is hard enough without..."

Abby cupped Ziva's face and shut her up the best way she knew how.

Ziva kept her eyes open, her hands limp at her side as Abby pressed their lips together. When they parted, Ziva was paralyzed, eyes blinking slowly as she tried to make sense of what had just happened. Abby licked her bottom lip and said, "What did you have for dinner?"

"Wha... um... i-it was chamin. I could make you a d-dish if you..."

"No," Abby said, stepping in again. "I like it better this way." She pressed Ziva against the wall, kissing her hard and tasting the meaty stew on Ziva's tongue.

Ziva finally closed her eyes and moaned into Abby's mouth. "We shouldn't," she gasped when she was able.

"If I'd died... we would have never done this."

"That... uh..."

Abby moved her hand down the outside of Ziva's thigh. "I want to do this. Do you want me to do this?"

Ziva's eyes were closed again. She breathed, "Yes."

"Then what's the point of waiting? What's..." she slipped her hand around and Ziva's jaw dropped. "...the point? We could date for a while and then go to bed in three months. Kate didn't have three months. If you hadn't given me that zapper thing, I wouldn't have three months..."

"If you don't stop... we won't have three minutes."

Abby bent down and bit Ziva's neck.

"Abby!" Ziva cried, lifting her left leg and wrapping it around Abby's waist. "Oh... haRosh mistovev..."

Abby kissed Ziva's cheek and stepped back. "Want me to go get your zappy thing?"

Ziva opened her eyes and pushed her hair out of her face. "I..."

"Okay. Stay here and I'll go grab it." She turned on her heel and practically skipped into the living room. She picked up the taser and tapped it against her hand. "Thanks, buddy. Saved my life." She turned and jumped when she saw Ziva standing right behind her. "Oh. I didn't know you'd followed me."

Ziva smiled and said, "If tomorrow never comes... at least you and I should get to." She pounced on Abby, drawing her to the floor in front of the couch.

The End

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