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The iTunes Meme That Ate LJ
By Jaina


1. Bleed For Me - Daredevil

She can't stop thinking about her.  It's become an obsession almost.  Better, probably, than the slight one that she has with running her brother's last moments over and over in her mind. 

In the face of Abby's anger, all that she finds herself wanting to do is become worthy of her, to prove that she can be someone that this strange, dark haired, tattood girl would approve of. 

Yet, each time that she tries, she fails.  She feels the pain of each failure acutely, whether it is seen or not.  Her bleeding is internal, her damage under the skin and hidden from sight, but she bleeds none the less.

2. Naked - Celine Dion

Ziva David doesn't do fear, yet in this moment she feels faintly breathless. Her heart races, and her whole body tingles.  Abby is looking at her.  She is more than looking; she sees her. 

It takes what little breath Ziva has left away.  It does every time that Abby looks at her just like that.  Which can make for some very inconvenient moments during cases.  Gibbs has head-smacked her out of dreamy moments far too often lately.

Ziva would take a thousand headslaps in exchange for just one moment of this.  Her hands wrap around Abby's waist and she pulls the tall goth closer as Abby settles her arms behind her neck and melts into her body. 

Her lips are sweet.

3. Bullets - Creed

"Come away with me."

Abby stops fidgeting, stops everything and turns and stares.  Ziva is standing beside her, her arms hanging limply at her side.  Conspicuous in its absence is the gun that should be in the holster still clipped to her side.

"Z, we're in the middle of a case."

Not the most relevant objection, but it's all she can think to say.

"Come with me," Ziva repeats, a hint of pleading entering her bleak tone.  

Abby steps forward, reaching out to cup her face, stroking her face.  Every part of her aches for Ziva. 

"Z, I can't." 

The tears that start to form in her eyes break Abby's heart.  How can she refuse her?

"When this case is over. When we make sure," Abby swallows.  "When we know you got the guy, then we'll go wherever you want.  Promise."

The words choke her, turn to ashes in her throat. Not enough.

4. Lying is the most fun a girl can have with her clothes on - Panic! At the Disco

Ziva watches from a darkened corner of the club.  The darkness is inky, but she has no trouble picking out Abby across the club.  She dances with whoever approaches her, lost in the music.  She dances closer and closer, until Ziva's hands are digging into her nails.  She forces herself to watch, and not look away.

Is this what she's done?  Did she push Abby to this? They fought yes, but should she be punished like this? 

Finally she can stand it no longer.  Another boy dances closer.  Ziva steps between them, turning her back to him without a glance.  It's as if he never existed.  She's not tentative but still angry.  

She is hers. 

5. Your Arms Feel Like Home - 3 Doors Down

Abby is running towards her.  There is no doubt, no thinking, no hesitation.  She was gone for a week when she suddenly found herself missing Abby terribly.  Such things aren't allowed in her life, of course, but now she's here. 

Abby sweeps her up in a hug - tackles her really - and Ziva loves every moment of it.  She squeezes her so hard that she can hardly breathe, and yet she doesn't care.  She's been on a plane and traveling for close to twenty-four hours and yet, here is where she finally feels at home.  In Abby's arms. 

There are so many things she wishes to do.  She wants to share this revelation with Abby, to hug her longer, hold her harder, kiss her tentatively and then deeply.  Words are failing her.  She tucks her head against Abby's neck and breathes in her sweet scent.

"I missed you." Such inadequate words.  But Abby is smiling so brightly.

6. Under the Weather - KT Tunstall

"Z?"  Abby's voice is rough, and gravelly from sleep. 

Ziva hears her immediately, and gently reaches out to touch, rubbing her hand in soothing circles over her forearm. 

"Go back to sleep," she whispers.  "It was just a bad dream."

"It wasn't," Abby says quiet in the darkness, unable to speak louder.  "It was real."

"Shh," Ziva comforts her, slipping closer, pressing her body along the line of Abby's back, threading her leg through Abby's, and wrapping one arm around Abby's waist until she's surrounded in a protective cocoon of Ziva.  "It will be okay.  I will never let anyone hurt you."  

Abby relaxes fractionally, still upset, but calmer now.  Ziva kisses her hair and listens to her breathe.

7. Sin Wagon - Dixie Chicks

Tony was not a choice that her father would have approved of, but perhaps he was the best option. Ziva respects him, is fond of him.  He is not unattractive obviously.  He is DiNozzo, but in the end he is not what she wants. 

Abby is wild and unpredictable and so completely unfamiliar.  Only loosing what she cherishes most, her position with these people that she has come to love like family has freed Ziva.  She sees Tony now, sees that he is not what he really wants. 

"Go out with me," she blurts out the words. 

And Abby says yes.  It will be a story, a wild story with perhaps an unhappy ending.  But it will be her story - their story - and it will be a story that Ziva will not regret the telling of no matter how it turns out. 

She would have regretted to her dying breath, the not asking, the burying of her wishes in an effort to spare her father this disappointment.  She lives. 

8.  Twilight - Vanessa Carlton

Abby has changed her, left an indelible imprint on Ziva's life.  It happened without Ziva even noticing it.   She sees things differently now.  Ziva loves her job, knows her duty, and does it willingly.  But she thinks now, she wonders what she would be if she'd chosen a different path.

She wonders what this job has done to her.  Ziva doesn't regret it.  This is what she made herself into. It was what was needed, but if she hadn't chosen this path, would she have murdered her own brother? And yet she can't bring herself to regret saving Gibbs life.

"You changed me." 

Abby's laughter peals out when Ziva says this with faint accusation. 

"And you changed me, baby."  She leans in and kisses Ziva playfully, before she falls back against the matress holding her sides.  

Ziva frowns, feel aggrieved that Abby is somehow missing the point.  Just as she is about to get mad, Abby leans forward. 

She touches Ziva's chin and holds it firmly until Ziva is looking into her eyes. 

"You changed my life," Abby repeats, all playfulness gone now and Ziva knows, with heart-stopping relief, that she understands. 

9. Loving Me 4 Me - Christina Aguilera

Ziva never thought she would find someone like Abby Sciuto.  Things like this didn't happen to people like her.  It's embarrassing, how happy she gets when Tony mentions Abby's name in passing.  She blushes - actually blushes - at Gibbs knowing smirk. 

It infuriates her that she can be goaded so easily now.  And yet, she wouldn't give her up for anything. 

The moment Ziva knew, really knew that Abby loved her was when she discovered the only picture that Ziva had of Ari Haswari buried behind another photo in a frame.  She had tugged out the offending picture, peeking up from the frame, and stared at it first curiously and then blankly.

And when Ziva had finished explaining, hands shaking, feeling sick inside, Abby had accepted what she had said.

Abby had seen the worst of her and accepted it, loved it.  She had held Ziva in her arms, and let her cry. She held her and loved her for everything she was and would be. 

10. Rockstar by Nickleback

"I am a rockstar!"  Abby's hands shot up triumphantly and her shout of victory echoed around the lab.

Ziva grins from where she's standing, leaning up against the doorway, watching her.  Not for results but just because she can. 

"And what do you want?"

"Want?"  Abby seems puzzled.

"Do rockstars not get whatever they want in your country?"  Ziva asks with a smirk.

Abby frowns.  "Well, yeah.  Mostly." She wrinkles her nose.  "But I'm not a real rockstar."

"Ask." Ziva urges her. 

Abby crosses her arms over her chest defensively, almost pouting now. 

"I can't."

"Ask," Ziva says simply stepping forward.

Abby bites her lips and looks up at Ziva from under her bangs. 

"You.  I want you."

Ziva's smirk grows. Something in Abby's stomach tightens, as Ziva's hands trace up her sides and come to rest on her shoulders, wrapping around her neck. 

"Was that so hard?"

Abby gasps indignantly.  Ziva silences her with a kiss.

The End

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