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Part 1

The chirp of the computer announced that Seven of Nine's, resident Borg of the USS 'Voyager', regeneration cycle was complete. A step down from the regeneration unit's platform soon followed. Unlike sleeping, regenerating did not require a few moments for the person to regain consciousness, such were it's advantages.

The normally emotionless face of Seven of Nine was now frowning slightly. "Seven of Nine, daily log entry, supplemental. Last night I believe I experienced my first 'dream'." She paused there, thinking of the correct words to express herself with.

"This dream recounted the details of the events from last month, where Voyager's crew encountered what they believed to be a wormhole that would take them back to Earth. Naomi Wildman and I discovered it was an 'organic being', able to disguise itself by creating the illusion that it was what the viewer most desired."

She pursed her full lips, her eidetic memory recounting the event with precise detail.

"This has brought me knowledge that disturbs me more than I would have imagined. I remember Captain Janeway, Katherine, received what she believed was a message from her ex-fiancee, Mark. She mentioned in passing to me that 'apparently Mark's engagement didn't work out'. Since recent events have revealed that the message was indeed not from Mark, I can only conclude that Captain Janeway did not want Mark's engagement to go through."

The troubled Blonde took in a small breath and continued hastily."This leaves me no doubt that the Captain is still in love with Mark. If this information is accurate, which I believe is the case, then Katherine does not... feel... anything for me." Seven's voice cracked slightly, whilst a single tear rolled down her cheek from her human eye. This was a rare display of emotions, emotions that only Seven would share with herself.

Except this time. This time Seven had an audience of one.

An early wake-up call from Vorik had made sure that B'Elanna Torres was crawling through Jeffries tubes at 5:30 in the morning. Apparently a 'faulty gel pack', somewhere near Cargo Bay two, was disrupting the warp core readouts. Only the sense of duty to her ship had given B'Elanna the push she needed to give up her morning off.

The feisty half-Klingon had reached the particular gel pack by 5:57 and was soon replacing it. At such an early time in the morning noise was uncommon, which was the reason that a computer chirp at 6:00 am caught the Lieutenants' attention. Following soon after a female voice could be heard,

and the Klingon/Human hybrid found herself listening intently to Seven of Nine's log entry.

"Last night I believe I experienced my first 'dream'..."

B'Elanna had to snort at that. 'Like the Ice Queen has that much imagination', she thought idly. B'Elanna carried on with her work, catching bits and pieces of the Borg monotone voice, until something made her stop.

"...this means that Katherine does not... feel... anything for me."

B'Elanna's eyebrows shot up. 'Janeway and Seven?! Who'd have thought...' What had surprised her more was the obvious crack in Seven's voice, giving B'Elanna a glimpse to the human side of Voyager's Astrometrics officer..

The sound of a spanner clanging noisily against the inside of Jeffries tube 16C entered through an air duct into Cargo Bay two, distracting the occupant greatly enough to gain her interest, effectively ending Seven's log entry. A couple of colourful Klingon phrases soon followed, their only response from the mildly interested Drone being one raised Borg-enhanced eyebrow.

"Lieutenant Torres, may I be of assistance?"

"No thanks Seven, I got it." ''I got it?' Way to go 'Lanna'. The Chief of Engineering silently cursed herself.

Many crew members knew of the atmosphere between the co-workers, even less knew of the engineers' true feelings concerning the arrogant ex-Borg (those 'crew members' consisting of Harry and Chakotay.)

"Very well Lieutenant", came the clipped reply.

Having replaced the faulty gel pack, B'Elanna could now go back to her well-earned lie-in. Picking up the offending spanner, the half-Klingon beamed directly to her quarters, thoughts of a certain six foot blonde vaguely registering in her consciousness.

Seven's attentions in observing the trim, toned figure of the Chief Engineer beaming out and any possible analysing of such spanner-dropping were almost immediately turned away due to the entrance of Cap'n Janeway into Cargo Bay two.

"Good morning Seven," Janeway greeted the statuesque Borg brightly.

Thoughts of the spanner were replaced by Seven noting how cheerful ol' Janer's appeared this morning.

'Yes, that is correct Captain. Good is the morning, good as my LUSCIOUS body that I want you to devour, right here, right now.' Seven snapped her head up. A puzzled look crossed Janeway's face, "I said 'Good morning, Seven'."

The ex-Borg's silence was broken with an unusually stuttered reply.

"H-h-h-hello Captain." Seven composed herself - the slightest hint of embarrassment was now gone. Seven's brief daydream was pushed to the back of her head, 'Such wonderings are an inefficient use of my time, ' the ex-Borg added to herself.

"You seem somewhat distracted, Seven," Janeway searched for the previous look she'd observed in Seven's eyes, but her eyes were fixed, asserted.

"Distracted? No, that would be inefficient. I am functioning within acceptable parameters. Your concern is unwarranted, Captain."

"Not that I'd expect anything less. Well, I'll see you later, Seven." Janeway responded.

'Inefficient.' The Drone thought to herself. 'The Captain cited no purpose for her visit.'

Janeway left the Bay. "Okay, I'm sure I meant to say something of significance..." She muttered. If the Captain was honest, she had simply found herself wandering down to the Borg's semi-quarters.

B'Elanna awoke sharply, the sound of a spanner clattering on the floor was the source of her sudden return to consciousness.

"Oh Kahless!" She rubbed her ridges, and blinked her eyes a few times. Her dream was a re-run of the event that morning. B'Elanna considered it an 'event' due to the extreme embarrassment and feelings that were roused at the sight and words of the beautiful blonde Drone.

"Bittersweet - hmmm, one way of describing it," the part Klingon said aloud, "geez, what's wrong with me?!" She reached for a glass of water, her shaking hands rewarded her thirst by spilling the water all down herself. "Oh great, guess I needed cooling down and waking up, though this 'oh, I didn't get to the lavvie in time' look isn't gonna work for me."

Lieutenant Torres pulled herself out of bed and slowly walked towards the bathroom. She stripped off her clothes and stepped into the sonic shower. As the steam rose, so did her frustration. She smacked her hand against the tiled shower wall. "Why the hell do I have to like the Ice Queen?! She's such a drag really, I mean, what? Shut up B'Elanna." 'Talking to yourself again, huh? Can't say it's a surprise really.' Her inner voice, the voice of her mother mocked her like it had always done. Every time it managed to make the fiery Klingon feel insignificant, small, without honour.

The Lieutenant had to resolve her crush. Either by telling Seven, or ignoring her feelings. She had always taken comfort in the thought that her feelings could never be returned, that the intelligent blonde wouldn't be able to handle the concept of a relationship. The mornings' events had robbed the Klingon of that naivity. Somehow the thought that feelings wouldn't, rather than couldn't be returned hurt far more. It rubbed in the opinion the Chief Engineer had of herself - that no one would ever love her, that she was a failure and that anyone she ever cared for abandoned her.

Seven of Nine was near to finishing her duties in Astrometrics when she discovered a class three nebular. Running some scans, she found that entering the nebular would seriously damage the ships' systems, the gases causing radiation burns. The gases present reminded her of those found in the wormhole, which infact turned out be and organic being, feeding on antimatter from starships, draining the occupants of the ships' by presenting itself as that which they most desired. Naomi Wildman had referred to it as 'a beast'. Seven was reminded of her desires concerning the Captain - the Captain's desire that the engagement of her ex, Mark, would be broken. Seven hadn't fully realised her feelings for her mentor until that revelation.

'This is foolish and fruitless, my feelings for the Captain will never be returned. I shall put aside my feelings. They are of no use, in time they will fade.'

Seven made her way to the Bridge to report her findings concerning the nebular to the woman she least wanted to at that time.

Ol' Janers was pottering about the Bridge doing nothing in particular, an activity she regularly took part in, when Seven disturbed her hard work with news of a potentially threatening nebular.

'Oh, marvellous...' "I was, umm, assessing our current, umm, no, I was on my way to my ready room to, umm, look over some crew reports, well... have some coffee, but yes, crew reports..." Janeway assigned herself a story - not that she wasn't doing anything...

"Anyway Seven, is there a problem? I really am very busy..."

Seven reported her findings.

'Oh fabulous... it's only a class three yet I'm still interrupted...' "I'll enter the new co-ordinates to ensure we avoid the nebular, thank-you Seven."

'Right, time for that coffee...'

Seven was on her way back to Astrometrics when B'Elanna started walking along with her. Confused, she turned to the Lieutenant.

"May I be of assistance in Engineering?" She enquired, reverting back to what she was familiar with.

"Seven, I heard your log entry this morning..." The young Klingon lowered her head in embarrassment. "I guess I was wondering... are you okay? I mean, hell, it's never easy when romantic feelings aren't returned... I should know."

The blonde took a moment before answering, slightly confused as to why B'Elanna had been behaving civil towards her for a whole day.

"Lieutenant... B'Elanna, it is... kind... of you to think of my feelings, but I am puzzled... why should you care now whether I am 'okay'? It never seemed to bother you in the past...

Already embarrassed, the Klingon felt truly ashamed. Seven was right, of course, she had been a complete ass to the six foot blonde since she had first felt an attraction, which was quite some time.

"I care now, because... well, because I know what you're going through... I'm in the same situation myself, and it's not a nice position to be in. You feel that somehow, in some way, you're feelings aren't returned because you're inadequate. Janeway doesn't even realise what she's doing to you..."

The full-lipped Drone raised her enhanced eyebrow. B'Elanna Torres had just described her very thoughts, and if this was what B'Elanna was going through too, then the ex-Borg couldn't help but sympathise with the skilled officer.

"May I ask, Lieutenant, who has 'broken your heart'?"

The question was perfectly innocent, but since it was the object of her affections asking, B'Elanna was mortified to feel her cheeks turning crimson...

Part 2

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