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By sofia_lindsay


Emily was staring out her living room window watching the snow blanket the Capital. Her lover was curled up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and a book, content to steal looks at the other woman's backside.

"JJ, what do you think of kids?" Emily's rich voice broke through the silence causing the hot chocolate JJ was drinking to go down the wrong pipe.

"Emily, I love kids, you know that. But next time can you not ask a question when I have something in my mouth?"

Emily smirked, but let the sarcastic comment die on her lips before turning to fully look at her lover. "JJ, what I meant was, could you ever see yourself having a baby… with me?"

That question was the last thing JJ ever thought she'd hear from Emily Prentiss. Then again, Emily had been known for surprising the blonde. The matching diamond rings they wore were a testament to that. Her shock to this question though, was apparently etched across her face. Taking it as a rejection, Emily sighed and turned back towards the window.

"Never mind. I'm sorry I asked. I was just curious." JJ was brought back to reality by those words.

"Em, wait." Standing, she walked over and wrapped her arms around her lover. "Are you trying to tell me you want a baby?"

"I've just been thinking. I hear children playing in the snow, and watch families together getting ready for Christmas. I can't help but wonder. The team knows about us now, and they are happy for us."

JJ could feel the tension in Emily's shoulders and pressed her lips to her shoulder before speaking. "You do realize having a baby would change our lives drastically, right? One of us would have to give up our job. I know in reality, neither one of us would have to work, but we both like our jobs. We couldn't raise a child while chasing unsubs across the country."

"I could go to a desk job, or head up my mother's security team, but it would be hard knowing that I'm out of harms way, while you were still out in the field. It would be worth seeing a child run around with your eyes though." Emily replied quietly, confirming to JJ that she had been thinking about this for a while.

"Emily, I don't think I could travel and leave my family behind."

Emily laughed, "Then you could be the one to head up my mother's security team. God knows, she likes you better than me anyways."

"What if I wanted a baby with your eyes and dark hair?"

"Then my guess would be we'd have to have two."

Turning Emily towards her, JJ smiled as she leaned up for a quick kiss. "You, me and a baby. I can see it. Oh God, I can see your mother's reaction too."

JJ watched as the color drained out of Emily's face at the prospect of telling the Ambassador she was going to be a grandmother.

The End

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