The Road Not Taken Prologue-4 5-9 10-14 PG-13 Emily/JJ   Emily/OFC Sometimes, one decision can change your whole life. This is the story of how one decision changed Emily Prentiss' life forever. On-Going


Women of Diamond 15 Emily/Emma Frost X-Men crossover - She was there when they plucked a diamond from the rubble, a diamond with a dead boy in her arms. Complete

Oedipus for Girls PG-13 Emily/Emma Frost X-Men crossover - Funerals follow deaths like predators follow prey. Complete

Commodum Ex Iniuria (The Reward of Injustice) 15 Emily/Emma Frost X-Men crossover - The members of the BAU are faced with hunting down a mutant killer. Other people may also be in pursuit. And Emily finds out that where there are mutants, divisive politics follow close behind. Complete

9 Crimes 15 Emily/Emma Frost X-Men crossover - Recovery is slow and we ride with our pasts upon our shoulders. Complete

Fake Empire PG-13 Emily/Emma Frost X-Men crossover - A small child from an alternate universe shows up on Emily's doorstep, and nothing will ever be the same. Complete

Emily's Notebooks Vol 1: The Christmas Revolution 15 Emily/Emma Frost X-Men crossover - In a different world, Erik Magnus overthrew the US government when Emily Prentiss was only twelve years old. On that day the course of her life changed irrevocably. This is her story. Complete

Emily's Notebooks Vol 2: Nights Spent Listening to Noises 1 2 15 Emily/Emma Frost X-Men crossover - In a different world, Erik Magnus overthrew the US government when Emily Prentiss was only twelve years old. On that day the course of her life changed irrevocably. This is her story. Complete


In the Interim PG Emily/JJ A behind the scenes look at the events which transpired near the end of 'Lucky' - Season 3 Episode 8. Complete

Someone to Watch over Me PG Emily/JJ Another behind the scenes look. This one takes placed at the end of 'In Birth and Death' - Season 3 Episode 2. Complete

Family PG Emily/JJ JJ's POV - Penelope (Season 3 Episode 9) Complete

Finding Happiness PG Emily/JJ Sometimes something as simple, and cliched, as a snow storm can bring two lonely souls together. Complete

A Christmas to Remember PG Emily/JJ Emily decides to skip the family Christmas and instead stay with JJ who's spending the holidays alone. Complete

The Fourth Day of Christmas PG Emily/JJ Day 4 of my 12 Days of Christmas Song - Four conspiring Feds Complete

Who'll Stop the Rain PG Emily/JJ Sometimes you need someone in your life to remind you that there is more to the world than monsters, and right now, JJ really needs that someone. Complete

The Morning After PG Emily/JJ Just a bit of after Christmas fluff; actually, quite a bit of fluff with a touch of clich?. Complete

The Unexpected PG Emily/JJ Sometimes the unexpected is what happens. Complete

Resolutions are Meant to be Broken PG Emily/JJ Bets and resolutions don't mix. Complete

New Year's Eve at Quantico PG Emily/JJ Oblivious to the conditions outside, the team finds themselves snowed in at the end of the day - New Year's Eve. Complete

Make Believe PG Emily/JJ "Shoot me now, Garcia." Complete

An Exercise in Futility PG Emily/JJ No synopsis given. Complete

She Bangs PG Emily/JJ JJ gets a nasty surprise. Complete

No More Fear PG Emily/JJ No synopsis given. Complete

The Games People Play PG Emily/JJ Written for fewthistle who requested bowling and green beer in honor of St. Patrick's Day. Complete

Practice Makes Perfect PG Emily/JJ No synopsis given. Complete

Happy Birthday to Me PG Emily/JJ Emily's birthday doesn't turn out quite like she expected. Complete

Defining Moments PG-13 Emily/JJ A look at three pivotal moments in the relationship between the two women - two shorter moments leading to the ultimate defining one, the moment of truth. Complete

Drowning in Sensations PG-13 Emily/JJ A look at the building of the relationship from Emily's point of view. Complete

Swimming With the Tide PG Emily/JJ The morning after Drowning in Sensations - JJ's point of view. Hopefully there will be at least one more. Complete

The Cornerstone PG Emily/JJ The end of a trilogy which started with Drowning in Sensation (Emily's POV) and Swimming with the Tide (JJ's POV). Complete

Misdirection PG Emily/JJ No synopsis given. Complete

Dance of Death PG-13 Emily/Sofia Curtis CSI crossover - White coats and salsa. Complete

It Only Hurts When I Breathe PG-13 Emily/JJ An epilogue of sorts to season 3, episode 17, In Heat, from Emily's point of view. Complete

Five Random Entries in the Journal of Emily Prentiss PG-13 Emily/JJ The title says it all, except that I decided to try and make this a real challenge. 200 words per day - as in a double drabble for each entry in Emily's journal. Complete

A Map of Home 18 Emily/JJ Written for Femslash Today's Winter 2008 Porn Battle. Complete

A La Perla Christmas PG-13 Emily/JJ Emily is desperate not to spend Christmas with her parents again. Complete

The Beauty of the Rain PG-13 Emily/JJ Emily's carefully constructed world is shaken to its core. Complete

Femslash Island 15 Multi-fandom crossover - A peek into a modern day femslash soap opera, featuring various pairings from carefully chosen fandoms – most of them placed in a different line of work – set on a remote island, far, far away from life as we know it and centered on a very important event that will take place at the island's premiere location… Hotel Calidornia. Complete

Femslash Island: A Whole New World 1 PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover - Just another adventure on Femslash Island. Takes place six months later. On-Going

Santa Baby PG Emily/JJ Madonna and Marilyn don't have anything on Garcia. Complete

Network of Injustice PG Emily/JJ A look at the disappointing announcement of JJ's departure made by CBS. Complete

Race of a Lifetime PG Emily/JJ Written for Passion & Perfection LJ Community's 2010 Easter Spoof Challenge. Complete

Still the Same PG-13 Emily/F Crack!fic, pure and simple. Complete

Till We Meet Again 15 Emily/JJ My look at the relationship between Emily and JJ after the cameras stopped rolling on Season 6, Episode 18: Lauren. Complete

Ann & Fewthistle

Dirty Little Secret

Similar Features 15 Emily/Serena   Emily/JJ Law & Order crossover - a meeting of strangers. Complete

A Revelation of a Different Kind PG-13 Emily/JJ Companion piece to Fewthistle's story 'Similar Features'. Complete

Perfect Girl PG Emily/Serena   Emily/JJ Law & Order crossover. Complete

Running on Empty PG Emily/JJ Forth part of the series. Complete


Tangibly Frangible 1 15 Emily/JJ Dreams are both powerful and fragile things - portents of the future or reminders of the past. On-Going


The Heart Knows PG Emily/JJ No synopsis given. Complete

The Weather Outside is Frightful PG Emily/JJ Emily and JJ are into the Christmas spirit. Complete

Five Senses

Pure PG Emily/JJ Emily's musings in a hotel in the middle of nowhere. Complete

Unfolded PG Emily/JJ Something she'd almost lost is given back to JJ. Complete

Memory PG Emily/JJ Emily dares to trust JJ and is rewarded with a wonderful gift. Complete

Beyond These Walls PG Emily/JJ Taste, the fourth part of the series. Complete

Snapshots PG Emily/JJ Five 100-word drabbles loosely connected by the theme of knowing when someone is right for you. Complete

The Art of Melancholy PG Emily/JJ Just a glimpse into Emily's head. Complete


Between the Pages PG Emily/JJ When she was younger Emily was never the type to keep an ordinary diary, merely recounting the days and events of her life. Complete

Fireworks PG Emily/JJ Watching fireworks with JJ and Henry changes the way Emily appreciates fireworks. Complete

Gin on Ice PG-13 JJ/Elle   Emily/JJ The consequences of trauma on JJ's relationships. Complete

A Little Bit Stupid, a Little Bit Brave PG-13 Emily/Ashley After Hotch tells Ashley off in S6E10 Emily goes to talk to her. Complete


Underneath the Ashes PG-13 Emily/JJ No synopsis given. Complete

Skippin' the U-Haul PG-13 Emily/JJ No synopsis given. Complete

It was Always You 18 Emily/JJ JJ realizes her mistake. Complete

Just the Three of Us PG Emily/JJ No synopsis given. Complete

Body Shots 18 Emily/JJ Garcia throws a Summer Solstice party. Complete


Come in From the Rain 18 JJ/Ziva NCIS crossover - J.J. meets a stranger who helps her open up about regrets and missed chances. Complete


Promises PG-13 Emily/JJ No synopsis given. Complete

Peek-A-Boo PG-13 Emily/JJ Emily keeps getting glances of a dream. Complete


A Diva's Demise 1 2 PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover - Sister conventions at the Happiest Place on Earth - Who said it's a small world after all? Complete

In Search of Kringle PG Multi-fandom crossover. Complete


Human PG-13 Elle/JJ JJ reflects and Elle helps her understand something. Complete


Looking For A Penny On An Empty Beach PG-13 JJ/Garcia No synopsis given. Complete


What's Left Behind, Remains PG Emily/JJ JJ offers Emily some comfort and shows her that there really are some things in life that are inviolate. Complete

Three Moments Emily Prentiss Will Never Forget PG Emily/JJ Emily comes to realize that there are moments in life that stay with you. Complete

Dying in Nebraska PG Emily/JJ JJ finds out that sometimes the stars align and just the right, or wrong, conditions can produce surprisingly wonderful results. Complete

Sorrow is an Enemy PG-13 Emily/JJ While chasing a serial killer who loves the classics, Emily and JJ find that the course of true love seldom runs smooth. Complete

All for Believing PG Emily/JJ A less than impromptu dinner invitation allows JJ and Emily to discover that often all it takes is a small leap of faith. (First time goodness) Complete

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas PG Emily/JJ Christmas has come early to the B.A.U. Complete

Answer PG Emily/JJ No synopsis given. Complete

Like This Insubstantial Pageant Faded PG Emily/JJ Companion piece to 'Snow' Complete

Snow PG Emily/JJ Companion piece to 'Like This Insubstantial Pageant Faded' Complete

The Blind Leading the Not So Blind PG Emily/JJ No synopsis given. Complete

Message in a Bottle PG Emily/JJ An additional scene to episode 3x10 'True Night'. Complete

Until Emily PG Emily/JJ No synopsis given. Complete

Throw Your Arms Up to the Sky PG Emily/JJ Emily and JJ at Christmas tale. Complete

Secrets of the Dead PG Garcia A character study - some mention of Emily/JJ. Complete

Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus PG Emily/JJ They were all a miracle to Garcia... Complete

Three Things Jennifer Jareau Knew She Shouldn't Do 15 Emily/JJ Three things JJ knew she shouldn't do. Complete

A Perfect Season PG Emily/JJ   Garcia/Derek Emily celebrates as her team completes a perfect season. Complete

A Not So Perfect Season PG-13 Emily/JJ Sequel to 'A Perfect Season'. Complete

A Cup of Kindness PG Emily/JJ A first-time New Year's Eve story. Complete

Solace PG Emily/JJ She knew that something had altered between them, like the shifting of tectonic plates before an earthquake; signaling the possibility of monumental change. Complete

Rapprochement PG Emily/JJ Emily, I know that I haven't been the best mother in the world. I definitely haven't been the mother that you deserve. Complete

Exiled PG Emily/JJ Sequel to 'Rapprochment'. Complete

Triptych PG Emily/JJ Three possible moments in Emily Prentiss' life. Together they form a triptych, three paintings that make a whole. Complete

Painted Eggs PG Emily/JJ An Easter story. Complete

Hearts in Armor PG Emily/JJ No synopsis given. Complete

Three Things That Jennifer Jareau Learned About Physics 15 Emily/JJ No synopsis given. Complete

Remembrance of Things Past PG-13 Emily/JJ No synopsis given. Complete


How we lose, how we win 1 2 3 4 5 PG Emily/JJ JJ is around 6 months pregnant, leaved the BAU and moved to New Orleans. Established relationship with Will, however something kicks in and she finds herself back in Washington D.C. Complete

Open your eyes, I'm right here PG Emily/JJ Emily sees it all. Complete

Saviour of the night PG-13 Emily/JJ JJ gets what she wants. Complete


5 Times The World Explodes PG-13 Emily/JJ This explosion is different from the others; she can feel it in her bones. Complete

After The Explosion PG-13 Emily/JJ "Emily," she croaks out, but Morgan is already racing away, back toward the fiery inferno, his lithe frame moving between flames. Complete

3 Times Emily Waits (And 1 Time She Doesn't) PG-13 Emily/JJ You say you'll wait, because you're that head-over-heels for her. You're an idiot. Complete

20 Seconds PG-13 Emily/JJ You know that this is it, your entire relationship in 20 seconds. Complete

A Lack Of Color PG-13 Emily/JJ You should have given her a reason to stay. Complete

Ain't No Sunshine PG-13 Emily/JJ JJ brings the sunshine and when she leaves it brings the rain. Complete

All Different Girls PG-13 Emily/JJ   JJ/Jordan Two sugars, one cream. It's an odd way to drink coffee. Complete

Better As A Memory PG-13 Emily/JJ You're nothing more than a good memory she can look back on, and one day, you're going to be fine with that. Complete

Break You Off PG-13 Emily/JJ Maybe it's because she's there and it's easy. Complete

Breaking The Girl PG-13 Emily/JJ She can't move any of it, because she doesn't want to let go. Not yet anyways. Complete

Bright Lights PG-13 Emily/JJ And it occurs to you that this is all wrong because no one ever calls him Aaron, and even though she's from a political family, she's not that formal. Complete

Reason To Rush PG-13 Emily/JJ The gurney gets closer and closer to where she's standing and she realizes that even if the men in white push her aside, force her from their path, she'll still see the body, dead or alive. Complete

Don't Think I Don't Think About It PG-13 Emily/JJ Her nightmare is JJ; wanting JJ, having JJ, losing JJ, thinking about JJ. Every night. She always wakes up screaming. Complete

November Storms PG-13 Emily/JJ D.C. looks different in the rainfall, like something out a mystery novel, where evil lurks in side streets and children lie unsuspecting in their beds, dreaming of futures bright and happy. Emily imagines that New Orleans doesn't change when it rains. Complete

Wedding Dress PG-13 Emily/JJ Across the room, the shadows move over the wedding dress wrapped in white plastic. It's going to be the perfect wedding everyone tells her. She knows it won't be, because she's marrying him. Complete

Goodbye Again PG-13 Emily/JJ And then it hits her, smacks her so hard in the face, that she truly believes, for the first time in her life, that she is a blonde. Because, the only thing that Emily has to lose is her, is JJ. Complete

Shattered PG-13 Emily/JJ She needs a change. Somehow, in her dictionary, the phrase "needing a change" means the same thing as "Emily Prentiss." Complete

The Edge PG-13 Emily/JJ She'll wait on the edge; continue being the "fringe-dweller" until JJ realizes that Emily should be the eye of the storm, not the orphaned wind on the outside. Complete

Stolen PG-13 Emily/JJ Emily has stolen JJ's heart and by the looks of it, she needs it just as badly as JJ does. By the looks of it, JJ decides she's wrong: Emily doesn't plan on giving it back anytime soon. Complete

From Here To There PG-13 Emily/JJ JJ wasn't the one in the car. There's nothing she needs to move on from. Complete

Bedroom PG-13 Emily/JJ She's anxious for something worth fighting for. Complete

Bulletproof Weeks PG-13 Emily/JJ But the summer is fading, and her bulletproof life is becoming decidedly more breakable, and Emily is just going to have to wait until the summer comes around again, wait until the end becomes the beginning again. Complete

Intensity In Ten Cities PG-13 Emily/JJ It almost seems funny to you that you can pinpoint moments in your relationship by the city you were in when it happened. Complete

Villians PG-13 Emily/JJ "Em..." is far as she gets before the bright red - almost too bright - liquid slides over her pale lips and down her chin and follows the curve of her neck, staining the collar of her tee-shirt. Complete

Pity and Fear (Ballad Of A Tragic Hero) PG-13 Emily/JJ But you're Jennifer Jareau, the girl from East Allegheny, Pennsylvania and you believe in happy endings and the princess getting her fairy tale kiss. A what-if story. Complete

Parallel Lines PG-13 Emily/JJ Maybe someday, Henry will makes friends with a little boy named Noah, who has two mommies, and they'll grow up together and become best friends and someday they'll realize just who they are to each other - how their parent's lives intersected in way they couldn't even begin to imagine and they'll set out to fix the broken lives their parents lived. Complete

Lies My Parents Told Me PG-13 Emily/JJ You meet Noah Casey when you're five and he immediately becomes your best friend - for life, you even make a pact. Complete

Every Other Weekend PG-13 Emily/JJ You see her every other Sunday, and in those brief parking lot moments, she's yours again, and everything is the way you wished it would be. Complete

I'm Yours PG-13 Emily/JJ There are reasons you both think the other deserves better, but you're stuck with each other. Complete

Hello, I'm In Delaware PG-13 Emily/JJ She's not Jennifer Jareau anymore and she doesn't know this Agent Prentiss and she shouldn't trust strangers, she was taught. But she's a stranger herself, and no one gave her a rule for that. Complete

They'll Be Placing Fingers Through The Notches In Your Spine PG-13 Emily/JJ She can feel the holes in her backbone like they're something more than just metaphorical, as if they're real cut out chunks of bone that leave a bread trail behind her every step. Complete

Nobody Does It Better (Sometimes I Wish Someone Could) PG-13 Emily/JJ She thinks that Emily ruined her and no one else - not her husband or her best friend or the baby on the way - can give her back what she lost. Complete

Here's Everything I've Always Meant To Stay PG-13 Emily/JJ There are words you've never meant to say, words you should have said, and those times when you weren't sure what to do, and all of it just means you won't get her. Complete

Different Now PG-13 Emily/JJ When the people a person needs gets taken away from them, you can't ever go back to the way you were before. Complete

Cat and Mouse PG-13 Emily/JJ She told you in your sleep, how she would die for you. Complete

Can't Kick The Habit PG Emily/JJ It's always right before dawn; right before the sky brightens with the rising sun and when the stars are just fading into the abyss of the sky. Complete

Call It Stormy Monday PG-13 Emily/JJ You drive by on Monday's to see the girl with the broken smile and the cloudy eyes. Complete


Predilection 15 JJ/OFC   Emily/JJ A glimpse into JJ's past. Complete


The Morning After PG-13 Emily/JJ Emily has a one night stand that makes her first day in the BAU more awkward. Complete

Admission PG-13 Emily/JJ Emily and JJ share college memories. Complete

Skivvies 15 Emily/JJ Emily goes undercover, JJ wants what Emily has under covers. Complete

The Drug You Can't Deny 18 Emily/JJ Garcia and Morgan want to light a fire under our girls. Slight songfic for Cobra Starship's "The Church of Hot Addiction" Complete

Denial PG Emily/JJ Emily is in denial, JJ is amused, Established relationship assumed. Complete

Kassandra Luem

For Fear of Falling 15 Emily/JJ JJ makes a decision and has to deal with the consequences when she realizes she was wrong. Will she be able to fix her mistake or will fear keep her and Emily apart? Complete

The Shades of Jealousy 15 Emily/JJ A night out turns into so much more when Emily meets an old acquaintance and JJ has to come to terms with surprising feelings. Complete

Footsteps in a Snowstorm PG Emily/JJ "Maybe then she could hope. Could hope that the first snowflakes would bring not only bitter memories, but a knock on her door..." Complete

Defying Gravity PG Emily/JJ Emily had always loved swings. Then she turned eight and those things changed. And today, she's standing at the entrance of a playground, with JJ inside, asking her to join her on the swings. Complete

Of Loud Footsteps in Silent Chapels 15 Emily/JJ There are three people standing in an empty church. And then, a fourth one enters. Complete

Longing for Shadows 15 Emily/JJ JJ needs Emily. Emily doesn't know how to give her what she needs. Complete

Wise Up 15 Emily/JJ "Everytime she appears on your doorstep without a smile on her face, but that hunger in her eyes, you silently hope that this time, it will be different." Emily and JJ and a habit to break. Complete


Peace Tonight G Emily/JJ JJ's haunted by the case they're on. Complete

Goodbye 2007, Hello 2008 G Emily/JJ It's New Year's Eve and our BAU team is working hard. Complete

Chase Away My Demons 15 Emily/JJ After ep 2.15 Emily thinks of a time past and then helps a friend. Complete

Forever Has an End PG Emily/Elle   Emily/JJ Emily is finally introducing her girlfriend to her co-workers. She's nervous, but everything will go just fine, right? Complete

Fragile Truce PG Erin Strauss/Alex Blake Erin Strauss wanted to get a chance to really talk to Alex, but this was not what she had in mind. Complete

Letting Go G Emily/JJ Sometimes loving someone isn't enough. Pure angst!fest. Complete


Witness to the Decompression 15 Emily/JJ JJ drowns her anxieties, and Emily admits her attraction. Complete

Interlude 15 Emily/JJ Takes place right after the events of Witness to the Decompression. Complete


Lazy Days and Sundays PG Emily/JJ No synopsis given. Complete

Kristina K

This Time PG Emily/JJ She killed a man once before. Steady. Aim. Fire. Just like that. Complete

Falling PG Emily/JJ JJ's eyes stung with tears as she felt Emily bury her face into her hair, when Emily deeply inhaled her scent and said: "Don't go. Stay." Complete

Once upon a night PG Emily/JJ Emily's compartments are full. Complete


Psychopathology 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 PG-13 Emily/JJ They went after an UnSub, but the UnSub was coming for one of them. When one of their own is taken, how far will the rest of the team go to make things right? Complete

Chaos Theory PG-13 Emily/JJ The sequel to Psychopathology. Complete


Target Practice PG Emily/JJ And it's just like all those times down at the shooting range. Complete

Apocalypse in Five Acts PG Emily/JJ JJ can feel her world ending, one little piece at a time. 'The first time their eyes met, if the world had ended then, JJ wouldn't have noticed.' Complete

Little Mac

Phoenix PG Emily/JJ Cajun detectives were harmed in the making of this fic, however; babies were not. Complete


Moment of Weakness 15 Elle/JJ Missing scene from "Derailed" Complete

Profiler Profiled PG Emily/JJ Garcia acts as matchmaker. Complete

Wardrobe Malfunctions PG Emily/JJ Someone notices that JJ is wearing one of Emily's shirts. Complete

Pieces of Me PG-13 Emily/JJ A case goes terribly wrong. Complete

Between The Lines 15 Emily/JJ While solving a case, Emily & JJ are forced to take a closer look at their relationship. First time. Complete

Keeper of the Winds 15 Emily/JJ In need of some time-off from the BAU, JJ ends up on a remote ranch in New Mexico and stumbles upon an unexpected adventure involving crooks and a certain cowgirl. Complete

Major Roon

Lucky PG Garcia/OFC Season 3, episode 8 'Lucky' revisited. Complete

An Ordinary Day PG-13 Garcia/OFC Sequel to 'Lucky' Complete

The Fun Part of Falling PG-13 Garcia/OFC Sequel to 'An Ordinary Day' Complete


Slow Surprise 1 2 18 Emily/JJ A Criminal Minds AU fic set in the Old West. Women are being murdered and their bodies dumped in a small Wyoming town. It's up to the town citizens to band together to discover the killer and bring him to justice. Complete

Medic One

TGIF G Emily/JJ Emily and JJ try to hide how they feel from the rest of the team. No one's fooled. Complete


Lover Undercover 18 Emily/JJ JJ and Emily are trapped in a blizzard ... will this be the time that they finally confront their feelings for each other? Complete

Five Days 15 Emily/JJ The five worst days of Emily's life... and the one night that was perfect. Complete

Anytime, Anywhere 18 Emily/JJ Emily helps JJ find herself after a hard case. Complete

Sensations 18 Emily/JJ Written for the prompt, 'JJ/Emily, blindfold', in Femslash Today's 2011 Green Beer & Kisses Porn Battle. Complete


The Rolling Thunder of Emotions 18 Emily/JJ J.J forces an ultimatum on Emily in order to progress their relationship. Will she take it, or will she run away like every other problem in her life. Complete


Plane Whispers PG Emily/JJ A plane, a headache, and a revelation... Complete


The Gift PG Emily/JJ Just a bit of fluff, Emily's thoughts. Complete

A Charlie Brown Christmas G Emily/JJ Just a bit of inexcusable, irredeemable, Holiday fluff inspired by all the wonderful CM writers out there. Complete

The Little Problem PG Multi-fandom crossover - The Femslash Advocacy Group has a little problem. Complete

Elements of Emotion: Fear G Emily/JJ The first part of a series. JJ ponders on the elemental nature of her emotions for Emily. Complete

Elements of Emotion: Belief G Emily/JJ Sequel to "Fear" JJ's thoughts on the evolution of her relationship with Emily. Complete

Elements of Emotion: Trust G Emily/JJ JJ looks at the foundations and building of trust. Complete

Elements of Emotion: Want 15 Emily/JJ The final in the series, JJ's thoughts on the last element in her relationship with Emily. Complete

Dressage 18 Emily/JJ Useless, pointless smut. Emily + formal equestrian riding attire = one hot and bothered JJ. Established relationship. Complete

Thermae PG-13 Emily/JJ No synopsis given. Complete

Proof G Emily/JJ We take too much for granted. Complete

fugit inreparabile tempus PG-13 Emily/JJ Part of a (loose) series of stories, sort of a "5 times" exercise, "5 times Emily and JJ don't let go" Complete

Sistere Tempus PG-13 Emily/JJ Part 2 of the '5 times Emily and JJ don't let go' They are discovered. Complete

Adagio et crescendo PG-13 Emily/JJ Part 3 of the '5 times Emily and JJ don't let go' A wonderful awakening. Complete

An Open Door PG Emily/JJ Set directly after the events of "Demonology" Emily is thinking about the past. Complete

Caught in the Cookie Jar G Emily/JJ Can two friends start over, this time perhaps better than the first? Complete

Ever After 15 Emily/JJ What happens after the events of the season 6 finale. Complete

Whiskey and Wanting 15 Emily/Kate Beckett Castle crossover - Set between seasons 2 and 3, Kate Beckett is most definitely *not* sulking. Complete

A Simple Note PG Emily/Myka Bering Warehouse 13 crossover - When in DC, Myka Bering and Emily Prentiss had an affair. Complete


A Little Matchmaking PG Emily/JJ   Garcia/Derek Garcia plays matchmaker. Complete

A Friendly Little Warning PG Multi-fandom crossover - it's only fair to warn them what they're getting into. Complete

Valentine's Tradition PG Emily/JJ   Jill/Cindy Two weary travellers meet at Newark airport and change each others lives forever. Complete


Control 1 2 3 15 Emily/JJ A case in Alabama puts two of the team in danger, and brings their hidden feelings to the fore. Complete


The Only Thing That Makes Emily Prentiss Flinch

Part One: A tough case; an ordered mind PG Emily/JJ No synopsis given. Complete

Part Two: Interference from an Oracle PG Emily/JJ No synopsis given. Complete


Six Weeks PG-13 Emily/JJ No synopsis given. Complete

The Ambassador's Daughter 15 Emily/JJ No synopsis given. Complete


Tootsie Rolls and Old Money PG Emily/JJ It's time for the Prentiss family Halloween party and everyone's invited. Complete

Guess Who's Coming Out To Dinner PG Emily/JJ JJ brings a special guest home for Thanksgiving to meet her family. Sequel to 'Tootsie Rolls and Old Money'. Part of a holiday series, but each one stands alone. Complete

Flight of Fancy PG-13 Emily/JJ The best and worst day of Prentiss' life. Emily comes out to her mom, craziness ensues. Takes place during season 3 episode 2, 'In Birth and Death.' Complete

Flurry PG Emily/JJ Emily is having the holiday blues. JJ finds a way to cheer her up. Holiday fluff. Complete

An Acquired Taste PG Emily/JJ New Year's at Emily's. Festive fluff. Complete

Losing Your Bearings PG-13 Emily/JJ After finishing up a case in the Alaskan wilderness, Emily is cornered by a large, furry piece of trouble. Complete


Short 'n Sweet

Fly G Emily/JJ First story in the series. Complete

Fireflies G Emily/JJ Second story in the series. Complete

Busted G Emily/JJ Third story in the series. Complete

Mystery G Emily/JJ Fourth story in the series. Complete

Montana 15 Emily/JJ Fifth story in the series. Complete

Mercy is for the Just 1 2 3 4 5 15 Emily/JJ   Elizabeth Blaine/Kate   Willow/Kennedy BtVS and Criminal Minds crossover - A string of violent crimes in Chicago has the police calling in the BAU to solve what the papers are calling the, "Kiss of the Vampire" slayings. Drawn into the investigation, Kate Lockley and her partner, Elizabeth Blaine work behind the scenes to help find the killer before the city's nonhuman denizens decide to introduce Chicago to real vampires... Complete

Home 15 Emily/JJ No synopsis given. Complete


Need G Emily/JJ JJ gives so much of herself to the cases. She takes care of everyone, so who takes care of her? Complete

Through Morgan's Eyes G Emily/JJ Morgan knew something was going on. He's glad to be right. Complete

A Very Happy New Year G Emily/JJ Garcia's thrown a party and everyone is there. Is it the alcohol loosening their lips or is it just time for a change? Complete

Never Apologize for That PG Emily/JJ Emily has studied a lot of different things, but her favorite subject is a certain blonde press liaison and what she sees worries her. Complete

A Sudden Change of Heart PG-13 Emily/JJ There's a lot to be said for sudden insight...and even more for being completely honest. Complete


What Do You Think? PG-13 Emily/JJ Emily has some fun at JJ's expense, then they all have fun at her expense. Complete

Baby? PG Emily/JJ "JJ, what do you think of kids?" Complete


All I Ever Wanted PG-13 Emily/JJ JJ's well-earned vacation doesn't quite go to plan. Complete


Once and Again 15 Emily/JJ A/U - JJ and Emily are working together after not seeing one another for over six years. Will they be able to move past a painful history? Complete

Not So Casual 15 Emily/JJ No synopsis given. Complete


In the Morning PG-13 Emily/Emma Frost X-Men crossover - That morning things didn't quite go as Emma had planned. Sometimes that's not such a bad thing. Complete


Water to Sky 15 Emily/Sarah Sarah Connor Chronicles and X-Files crossover - Sarah Connor is taken into FBI custody. Complete