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Saviour of the night
By frenhu


"Shut up!"


"Just shut the fuck up!"

"JJ, I don't know what you are thinking but…" Emily's words were interrupted by JJ's crashing mouth, seeking out desperately for the other woman's tongue, tasting it, encouraging it, inviting the warmness that the other could offer. You need this, you crave her.

When you both come up for a breath of fresh air, she is looking into your eyes, you are looking at hers. Thousands of questions running across her face, you can see it, feel it on your skin, you are so on the edge, you know exactly what she is thinking now. What she is feeling.

No words are said, the room is on fire, you two are both against the wall, inches apart, your bodies' heat melting together like they were never been alone, pressing into each other.

You can tell she sees your angst, your battle inside yourself, the weight of your needs. You know she deserves an answer, any kind of explanation why this is all happening, why you are here at her apartment after a rough case, instead of being in a hospital because you were knocked down by an unsub and you were wounded.

But still you are here, not where you are supposed to be. You don't care anymore, you have given up and probably Emily knows that as well. One close look at you and she has always known everything about you.

The quite in the room is alarming, you don't want to think, you don't need all these thoughts entering your clouded mind. You need only one thing: Emily.

So you lean in again, this time more softly but soon you can't control your arousal again. You grab her neck, press her into yourself more and more meanwhile you stumble to the couch which will be perfect for now.

The questions are still there but you know she wanted this too for so long so she won't jeopardize this thing between you. She goes with you, playing your game, touching, tasting and soon you lose all your clothes and get lost in each other.

You need this. You, that matters now. You have her.

It's 3:51 in the morning, just after you fucked Emily Prentiss, your co-worker, hard. You lay in her bed, in her apartment, in her arms.

You loath yourself for doing this, saying you didn't mean to. You didn't mean to just give in like a lost puppy, needing to rescue but you have to face it: you had to be saved. And you were. For this night.

You are starting to collect your clothes on your way out, quietly, for not to wake her up. You don't want to notice how beautiful she is when she is asleep or the picture in the living room of the three of you: Emily, Penelope and you. You won't pick up her shirt that was left on the couch in the heat of passion and you definitely won't smell the sweet scent that could be only described as Emily. No, your tears don't silently come to your eyes when you open the door and leave.

You know that others would tell you only care what is good for you. What you want. They would call you selfish, arrogant, cocky and they would be probably right.

They would call this night lust.

You simply call it survival.

The End

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