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A Map of Home
By Ann


Emily had always been fascinated by maps - lines taking a straight path as they outlined various types of boundaries, while others curved, dipping here and there, across country after country or, as the case may be, state after state, slowly twisting and winding their way along their drawn paths. Lately, however, it was the mountainous regions that had seemed to catch and hold her attention.

Flattening her tongue, she took a direct route to a rosy nipple, pressing down hard on pebbled flesh as she swept across the tight bud. She paused and lingered on the engorged nipple, allowing her lips to accompany her tongue on its journey as she sucked hungrily, occasionally flicking the rough muscle teasingly back and forth and leaving behind raised skin in its wake.

Her grandfather had given her a map of the world when she turned six. She'd study the map carefully, choosing where she wanted to go strictly based on shape alone. She'd been drawn to places that had lots of curves and, oftentimes, locations that were remote and far removed from other countries. Emily had wondered what she'd find should she ever be allowed to travel to the darker regions of the world.

She slid her hand along a silky smooth curve, pausing momentarily on a rounded hip. Gently rubbing the area, she continued her journey and rested her hand briefly on firm abs, before splaying her fingers apart and stretching her digits far and wide in a show of ownership. Her lover pushed wantonly against her palm and readily spread her legs in invitation. Emily smiled and eased her hand lower.

By the age of twelve, Emily had traveled to thirty different countries and had lived in ten of them. She spoke four languages, including her native English, and despite sometimes being exhausted by her travels, she was still very much enamored with the world and its people. She'd come to use push-pins on her map to denote places where she'd been, even going so far as to color-code the pins to show how many times she'd visited a city or country. Green had been used for locations she'd frequented often, and no matter how many times she'd journeyed to a place, she'd always manage to find something new to love about it.

Soft curls, damp with arousal, greeted Emily, welcoming her touch and enticing her to forge ahead. She brushed her fingers through golden hairs, purposefully putting pressure on a hard nub as she slid her hand over a ridge and into an abundant pool of wetness. She lazily threw her leg over the top of her lover's and shifted her weight, causing her to twist her thumb while simultaneously adding more pressure to an over-stimulated clit. JJ moaned loudly in appreciation of the new and unexpected move.

In the summer of her sixteenth year, Emily had begun to chart her future and had set her sights on Yale. She'd often sit on her bed and stare across the room at her worn map, its edges tattered and torn from the many times it had been tacked up, only to be taken down when she'd had to move once again. Countries had changed dramatically, even been renamed through the years, but Emily had refused to replace her treasured map. She'd known that one day it would lead her to her destiny, but more importantly, to a place she could finally call home.

Emily eased a finger inside the warm, wet opening, working the digit in and out in slow, measured thrusts. Lifting her hips in response, JJ placed her feet firmly on the bed and allowed her knees to part more and more. A second finger joined the first, and together, they flowed in and out in a sensual glide as Emily began to slowly map her way down her lover's body, peppering soft kisses en route to her final destination. She drank in the sweetness that coated her tongue, and thrusting once more into the slick opening, she replaced her fingers with her tongue and gripped JJ's hips tightly. She didn't need a map to guide her when she felt muscles begin to tighten as she easily plunged three fingers into her lover. Picking up the pace, she ran her tongue over JJ's clit, teasing the nub mercilessly, until she greedily sucked it into her mouth. JJ came with Emily's name on her lips.

Emily had come home.

The End

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