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Between the Pages
By Babydykecate


When she was younger Emily was never the type to keep an ordinary diary, merely recounting the days and events of her life. Instead Emily would find one thing for each place she lived, and place it between the pages of the ballerina diary she'd been given one Christmas.

Sometimes it was a stub from a movie, a note from a friend, or a photograph. It even didn't matter if it was just a wrapper or a leaf, because it always was there to remind Emily of the places and people she'd left behind. Her diary told the story of the most important people in her life, the moments she treasured and it was completely indecipherable to anyone else.

When JJ suggested one day that they should meet up for coffee over the weekend, Emily searched every box until she'd found her diary, placing the sugar packet between the pages.

A year later, Emily placed a picture of JJ in the pages.

Two years later there was a picture of JJ and Henry.

Two and half years later Emily opened her diary, and started telling JJ the stories.

One day she'd teach Henry to keep the best kind of diary.

The End

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