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Lazy Days and Sundays
By kimly


JJ tore a sticky note off the top of the pad and affixed it, skewed, in the top center of the file folder. She constructed a bulleted list and added a few lines of narrative before placing her initial and the date in the lower right corner. She moved steadily through a pile of folders creating a second 'finished' pile on the other side of her desk.

Her desk. She loved her desk; a large expanse of highly polished wood stained a deep cherry, large enough for her to make multiple stacks of documentation and not infringe upon her writing area. She hated that about the desk at Quantico always feeling crowded and buried in paperwork. But this desk was simply a masterpiece. The fact it stood in the corner of Emily Prentiss' living room was such a spectacular bonus she'd be hard pressed to explain all the layers of meaning.

Finishing the highlights on another rejected case, JJ neatly placed the file atop the steadily growing pile and leaned back in the outrageously expensive chair Emily had bought to complement the desk. A truly magnificent chair made of softest Italian leather stretched around an overstuffed seat, its high back and arms had been adjusted to the perfect height for JJ's frame. In the right arm were the controls for height and tilt as well as the pneumatic lumbar support. Her body loved the chair. JJ loved the view from the chair.

The winter sun was just rising over the Capital, throwing long shadows down the Mall. The sky, although lightening, was a dull grey; a snow sky. Local weather reporters only gave a twenty percent chance of flurries, but JJ remembered similar skies from when she was a kid. There would be snow. Not the lake effect whiteout conditions common to the western Pennsylvania of her youth, but she would lay odds there would be enough for there to be a run on milk and bread at the local Safeway and Whole Foods.

JJ shook her head, knowing the condo was well stocked and there was little chance of them starving even if they were stranded for a week. She resettled herself against the leather and picked up another file. Working on a Saturday morning wasn't nearly as depressing as it had been before she got involved with Emily.

Emily, who was walking towards her desk with manila folders in one hand and a coffee cup in the other; Emily, who was an even more welcome sight than the sun rising to greet another day; Emily, who was now perched on the edge of her obscenely large desk giving her an indulgent smile.

Life was damn near perfect.

"It's a good thing we both have super secret agent clearance," Emily ribbed, holding up the files. "You left these on the vanity." She reached over and placed them on the 'to be completed' pile.

JJ just sat back and smiled, twirling her pen. "And?"

Emily made a show of setting the mug down and turning the handle to the perfect position for JJ to easily reach with her right hand. "And, sustenance for an overworked government employee."

The hand thrown pottery mug was JJ's favorite. They had picked up a pair on a rare day trip into Chester County, Pennsylvania. Two hours up I-95, then cutting north through Delaware, they'd arrived at a renovated mill housing Simon Pearce glassblowing. Situated on the banks of the Brandywine River, the facility was home to a retail showroom and restaurant on the upper floor while leaving the ground floor a mostly open space. There, the furnaces used to heat the molten glass were placed in full view enabling patrons to watch the craftsmen create the various bowls, candlesticks and drinkware.

The pair had wandered through the shop while waiting for a table to become available in the restaurant. The clean lines and minimal, if any, decoration on the glass had appealed to Emily's sense of style. She'd chosen the mugs knowing JJ's near obsession about coffee and because the color reminded her of her lover's eyes.

JJ tossed her pen to the side and wrapped her hands around the mug, bringing it up to her nose and inhaling deeply. She closed her eyes and took another breath before taking a sip of the beverage.

"Oh, Em. You pulled out the really good stuff." JJ's moan of delight was nearly orgasmic. She indulged her senses in another long swallow.

"You haven't had a decent cup of coffee in almost two weeks so I made the last of the La Esmeralda. I'll ask Richard to grab us another pound the next time they're in Connecticut."

"You spoil me," JJ stated wistfully, twinning her fingers with Emily's. "And does your mother know you get along so well with her staff?"

Emily chuckled, playing with their joined fingers. "Mother is just happy I call the house regularly so there's proof of contact if it's ever brought up. Besides, I like spoiling you and there'll be no complaining unless I surprise you with that convertible Mustang you've had your eye on." She let her lips linger over JJ's palm.

JJ reached forward and placed her mug on the desk, freeing her hands. Sitting back, she grabbed Emily by the hips and encouraged her onto her lap. "No cars," she started, stroking a soft cheek and seeing the coming argument in Emily's eyes. "I know, you have more money than any one person needs. I know, you spend lavishly on all your friends. I know, you consider me an extension of yourself." JJ punctuated the sentence with a soft but thorough kiss before continuing. "And you know I'd love you even if we had to live in a third floor walk up in Southeast. You can buy me a car when the one I have dies. Okay?"

"Okay," Emily conceded, please that JJ was planning on being around for awhile. Her car was only two years old. "You almost done?" She alluded to the paperwork on the desk while completely enjoying cuddling with JJ.

"Yeah, this stuff isn't pressing just needs to be done at some point. Garcia's putting all our rejected cases requests into a database, but she needs to know how to index them." As JJ spoke, she ran her finger down Emily's throat until she got to the first button of the threadbare Oxford. She slipped that button free before methodically releasing the next two to the feeling of Emily's breath catching.

"No more shop talk," Emily declared, threading her fingers through JJ's hair and bringing their lips together. JJ forgot about the creamy skin she'd uncovered, focusing on willing lips instead.

They kissed, ensconced in a high back leather chair, letting the world fade away as they concentrated on each other. Outside, the balcony was slowly being covered in snow.

The End

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