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Through Morganís Eyes
By SilverTurtle


Morgan didn't know when it had happened. He couldn't quite place when all the shy glances and secret smiles had turned into stolen kisses in dark corners and unnecessary touches whenever they passed in the hall, but he wasn't about to complain. The BAU team had seen them dancing around their attraction for a long time now, and Morgan could only be glad they had finally acted on it.

The flirting had gotten to be too much for them to ignore any longer. Even Garcia couldn't stomach it, and the good Lord knew she could handle a lot of flirtation! But even she was tired of watching them pull and push at each other like magnets randomly switching charges. She had confessed to Morgan that she was going to make something happen or she'd go crazy. He couldn't find it in his heart to tell her that it probably wasn't her place to meddle, especially because he completely agreed with her that something had to be done. Garcia wouldn't tell him her plan but he knew she had put it into motion, and that it had been an unqualified success.

The proof of that was right before his very eyes: Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau and Emily Prentiss cuddling at the unit's Christmas party held at Garcia's. It was probably against a bunch of regulations to have inter-unit relationships venture into the romantic, but no one in the BAU was going to report them. They were so happy together, and no one wanted to ruin that. They all needed something to make them happy considering their jobs did so much to depress them. So the team would not make a big deal out of their new status as a couple beyond congratulating them.

Besides, they're totally hot.

The End

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