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By mel


Emily Prentiss was trapped in a world of sensation by the smooth, cool silk that her lover had used to cover her eyes, stealing away her sight.  It was astounding, she mused, even as she writhed under the soft, feather light touch of JJ's fingertips tracing delicate swirls around her breasts, how much one can feel when the sense of sight is taken away.  How much one can hear, how much one can taste.  But not touch.  No, JJ had stolen that from her as well, with another scarf that bound her hands to the headboard.

Hot breath danced over her lips and she reflexively opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, searching for the source of that heat, that promise, knowing that if she could only reach it she would be rewarded with the sweet taste of JJ's lips, mouth, and tongue.  She lifted her head off the mattress and groaned as she searched blindly for the elusive mouth that was capable of delivering such unspeakable pleasure, wanting, needing to feel her love's soft lips against her own, knowing that taste of sweetness, while brief, would be enough to bank the fire that was already raging out of control low in her belly.

"Please," she whimpered, her voice no louder than the blood rushing through her veins, pulsing in her ears.

She licked her lips, feeling suddenly parched as what little moisture had remained in her mouth deserted that particular warm cavern for the one between her legs.  She groaned as she felt the briefest, softest brush of lips against her cheek before the ghost of those lips traveled across her own, just out of reach, before delivering another feather light caress to her other cheek.

"Patience," her lover's voice promised, the single word sliding sensuously over her skin and sending a slow rolling current of desire down her spine.

She licked her lips again and nodded her understanding. Begging would do her no good. Pleading would earn her no reprieve. But she couldn't help but whisper, "Jennifer."

"I know," the words were smiled against the sensitive column of her throat before soft lips latched on to her pulse point and sucked hungrily. "I know," the words danced down over her clavicle to be punctuated by the sharp scrape of teeth over thinly concealed bone.

She closed her eyes even tighter behind the scarf and focused the enormous weight of her attention to the feeling of JJ's skin sliding over her own, the way the blonde's silky soft legs pushed gently against hers to force her open as the lithe, trim body she so adored moved down, slowly down. She gasped as JJ's hardened nipples scraped delicately over her stomach and she was rewarded with an answering hitch in her lover's breath as well before those teasing points began swinging from side to side, lightly brushing over her skin. "God."

A low hum of agreement was her only answer before hot, regulated breaths cascaded over her right breast. Once again she arched toward the source of that heat, seeking its warmth, its wetness, its everything. She moaned as this time JJ took pity on her and didn't tease, but sucked the nipple between her lips hungrily and began immediately lashing it with her tongue sending brief jolts of fire through her. She writhed under the touch and her hips bucked wildly when her left breast was covered with a small, knowing hand that kneaded the mound possessively before capturing the nipple between two fingers and pinching it roughly. "Fuck!"

Lights exploded behind her lids and her body pulsed with barely controlled energy as the hand and mouth upon her switched sides, delivering identical attentions to opposite breasts. It was heaven.  It was hell. And then, like before, it was gone.

"Please Jennifer," she whimpered, knowing it would do no good but needing, fucking needing the return of her lover's mouth to her body.

"I know," those two simple words were breathed over her skin, neither assuaging her need nor appeasing her desire. 

The tip of a velvet tongue traced a line down her heaving, twitching stomach and she arched her hips off of the mattress, seeking the warmth of JJ's body, searching for any source of friction that might provide even the smallest amount of relief. Her search proved futile though, because even as she bucked she felt JJ's body arch up and away from her and she knew, somehow fucking knew that the blonde was smirking at her. "Goddamn."

"Patience, love."

She groaned loudly and allowed her hips to fall back to the bed, accepting the fact that she was at the blonde's mercy. Liquid desire, hot and slick pooled between her legs as JJ's hands wrapped around her knees and pulled her open wider, impossibly wider, stopping just before the point where the burning stretch would cease to become pleasurable. The backs of soft fingers rubbed up her legs, over her inner thighs causing the muscles to twitch and her pussy to clench. 

Which, apparently, did not go unnoticed by JJ because the blonde let out a ragged, "Fuck, Em."

Warm hands slipped around her parted, waiting thighs and she moaned as that teasing, taunting breath returned to her body, this time centered directly above her pulsing, throbbing clit. She tugged at her restraints, wanting to get even a single hand free so she could tangle it in soft blonde silk to forcefully guide her lover's mouth to where she needed her, but the bonds held and she was left with the familiar burn of chaffed skin on her wrists.

"That's gonna bruise," the observation fell over sensitive folds, causing her clit to jump.

"Jennifer," she tried again, groaning appreciatively as the hands wrapped around her thighs tightened their grip. She rolled her hips upward as best she could, silently beseeching her lover to take pity on her.

The hands holding her tightened further and the hot, teasing breaths that she could hear falling at a ragged pace, that she could feel caressing her at an uneven tempo moved closer and closer until she finally felt a broad sweeping lick drag across her clit. "YES!"

Her shoulders burned from the way her body continued to arch and writhe and the burning on her wrists grew hotter, but the entirety of her focus was on JJ's mouth, that hot, wonderful mouth that surrounded her, on that nimble tongue that was licking, stroking, fucking her senseless with irregular patterns and deep, plunging thrusts that tore scream after scream from her throat.

The world surrounding her, already restricted, grew smaller until she could feel nothing beyond herself, save Jennifer's mouth and hands, until she could hear nothing beyond the growing hum of unreleased ecstasy that grew to a deafening volume within her head. She screamed, yelled, gasped, moaned as the fire within her grew to a blinding white heat and her hips fell into a frantic rhythm against JJ's mouth, searching for that final, definitive touch that would push her over the edge. It was all so much, too much, and not enough at the same time and she was a slave to the sensations rolling through her until the edge, that blissful, wonderful edge grew closer and closer until she was literally hurled over the precipice screaming.

The white noise in her ears faded with every spastic clenching of muscles and the fire began to slowly subside until she could once again hear her own pulse pounding in her ears, until she could feel the warm, comforting weight of her lover's body nestled tightly against her own. Soft, shallow breaths danced over her cheek and strong, capable arms encircled her waist, holding her close, waiting for her to come back to earth.

The End

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