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What Do You Think?
By sofia_lindsay


"Emily, what do you think about handcuffs?"

Leaning back against her blonde partner, the older woman quickly sent a spray of coffee across the living room before turning and looking at her lover like she had grown a second head.

"JJ, what kind of question is that? We're FBI Agents. We use handcuffs on a daily basis. Are you going to be asking me what I think of guns next?"

"Baby, I wasn't asking you in the work sense."

"What else would I use my handcuffs for?" Seeing JJ pick up the item in question and dangle them from a long finger, she swallowed. "Oh no. We've had this discussion. The last time we indulged in one of your fantasies, you left me tied to the bed while you had a 45-minute conversation with Morgan and Garcia in my living room!"

"But the make up sex was great! Besides, I never said you would be the one handcuffed, did I?" JJ stood and threw the handcuffs on the couch next to Emily. As she began unbuttoning her shirt, she walked backwards towards the bedroom, smiling as Emily grabbed the handcuffs and walked seductively towards her.

JJ was humming at her desk, when Garcia, Emily and Morgan walked into her office.

"Hey JJ, someone must have had a good night last night," Garcia teased.

"I don't know Baby Girl, I caught Emily singing clips of "Super Freak" this morning at her desk. Maybe Reid spiked our water with something?" Morgan interjected.

"Guys! We're still in the room!" Emily began to protest, but the words died on her lips as JJ reached up to push blonde hair behind her ears. In the process her shirtsleeve inched up to reveal a faint, circular bruise around her wrist, eliciting a gasp from Morgan and Garcia.

Grinning, Morgan looked at Emily, the blush on her cheeks and missing handcuffs at her side a tell-tell sign "Emily, are you aware you are missing your handcuffs?"

"Um…" Emily closed her eyes, desperately wanting to simply vanish, as JJ reached into her desk drawer and pulled out the missing pair.

"They aren't missing Morgan," JJ began as she winked at Garcia, "I just thought I might loan them to Garcia."

The End

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