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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is my first foray into CM femslash, and I'm kind of freaked because JJ & Em are kind of an intimidating pair.  I don't know why, but it's like I'm afraid I'll screw up something.  Plus, I've only seen a few eps and read lots of fanfic so if I mess up the characterization keep that in mind. The idea for this popped into my head because of the speculation that TPTB at CBS will write in AJ's pregnancy, and I just couldn't have potential Reid-as-daddy stories out there without some kind of counter.  The timeline may be a bit funky too, but my muse is insisting that I get this out there.
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Just the Three of Us
By Calliope


When JJ had innocently mentioned to Emily on the plane that she'd be great with kids, she had no idea that she'd be looking at the mechanism in her hand with the glaring blue plus sign.

"Em!!!!!  Honey!!!!"  Emily came crashing through the bathroom door after waiting impatiently, pacing outside the door.


JJ turned, trying to fake her lover into thinking it was negative...again, but she couldn't hold it and looked up at her with bright blue eyes, close to spilling over with tears.  She bit down on the corner of her bottom lip to stop from crying as she held it out to Emily.

"Oh my god," Emily stared disbelieving at the blue plus sign, before the tears came, then the screaming.

"Oh my god!  Oh my god!  Oh my god!"  Her arms waved in front of her on the verge of freaking out, but getting herself together on the third "oh my god," she ran for JJ and grabbed her up in a bear hug, spinning her around the bathroom.  The "oh my gods" eventually subsided as she eased JJ back onto her feet, a tad wobblier than before.

"I love you so much, JJ.  You're going to be a great mom."

"We both are," the kiss was gentle and tender, a promise sealing a committment made only a year ago. 


JJ came stumbling out of the bathroom stall at the BAU looking deathly pale.  The stacks of pictures of dismembered and decomposing bodies on her desk didn't help settle her stomach this morning.  More and more lately, it was taking very little to set her tender stomach off.  She leaned over the sink to splash cold water on her face when Garcia came dancing through the door to a tune only she could hear, her pink hair bobbing along to the beat.  She stopped cold at seeing JJ.

"Jesus, honey, you look like hell!  Whatever it is you've got, I don't want it."

"Don't worry, you won't get it," JJ muttered a little louder than she planned to.

"Oh good, I'm glad it's not cont...," Garcia had her hand on the stall door when she slowly turned around and narrowed her eyes at JJ.

"Shit," JJ mumbled softer this time, realizing her mistake.

"Spill it, Jureau," Garcia crossed her arms, indicating that she wasn't budging until she got the full scoop.  JJ knew her friend better than to fight the inevitable.

Sighing, JJ turned to Garcia, "I'm pregnant."

Garcia started waving her arms frantically around, "Oh my god!!!  Oh my god! Oh my god!"

"What is so unbelieveable about me being pregnant that everyone reacts this way?"  JJ threw her hands up in the air.  The comment got her a hard smack on the arm.

"Ow! What was that for?!"

"Everyone?  Who the hell else knows?  I'm supposed to be your friend and you didn't bother to tell me."

"You know now!"

"That's not the point and you know it!"  Then the inquisitive part of Garcia kicked in, "Hey, wait a minute!  Who's the daddy?"

JJ looked at her friend with a raised eyebrow, "Oh, now don't go all sexist on me, Garcia.  Since when does there have to be a daddy involved?"

Garcia started pacing, trying to figure out the mystery, "I know.  It's Hotch, right?  That's why his wife left him, isn't?  JJ, how could you?!"

"No!!!  It's not Hotch.  For crying out loud, Penelope, he's our boss!"


"EW!  Please!"

Then Garcia turned on her with blood in her eyes, "Oh, you better not tell me it's Morgan because if it is, girl, we are on!"

"It's not Morgan!!!"

Garcia threw her hands up in the air, baffled, "Then who the hell is it?"  Garcia wasn't even talking to JJ anymore.  She was standing, shaking her head with her hands on her hips in deep thought.  JJ braced herself for what she knew was coming.  Garcia's mouth fell open long before any sound came from it.

"Emily?!"  Garcia squeaked, but was considerate enough to wait to comment further until JJ smirked and looked down at her feet, "No freakin' way!!!  Oh my god!!  Oh my god!  Oh..."

"Would you PLEASE stop saying 'oh my god'?"

"When...why...how...?"  Garcia found herself fumbling unable to complete a single question.  There was so much she wanted to ask her friend, but she was completely caught off guard and stumped.  Until something else hit her...so she hit JJ on the arm, again, and in the same spot as payback.

"Ow!  Would you stop hitting me?  I am pregnant, you know!"

"How long have you and Emily been together?"  Garcia crossed her arms.  To think that JJ kept something so important from her and worst that she didn't even notice anything was going on, really irked her.

"About a year."

"Were you ever going to tell me?  Your supposed best friend?"

JJ reached and took Garcia's hand, "Of course!  We just wanted to make sure it was going to last before we told anyone.  If it didn't, we didn't want any of the team to feel weird around us or think they had to take sides."

"Well, okay then."

"Forgive me?"

"I guess," she paused for effect, just to make JJ squirm, before letting her off the hook and taking her into a hug, "Yes, of course!  I'm so happy for you and Emily.  You're both going to make great moms.  By the way, have you told Hotch yet?"

"Oh, hell no!  I still have a month or two before I even start showing.  I'll worry about that then."

The two women exited the bathroom smiling and laughing.  JJ felt better than she had in a while with two secrets lifted, until she saw Emily round the corner.

The mischief maker in Garcia couldn't help herself, "Way to go, stud!"

Garcia scampered off around the corner to the sound of Emily's voice, "Jennifer!  What did you tell her?"

The End

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