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It was Always You
By Calliope


Part 1

The lights of the club were starting to hurt Emily's eyes. The more whiskey she drank, the more the thumping bass felt like nails on a chalkboard. She could feel herself on a precarious edge where an innocent provocation could set off fireworks. Her head told her to leave before something irreversible happened. She closed her eyes to block the strobe effect from her vision, but all she saw was JJ's face smiling at Will when the news of her pregnancy and ultimate marriage was announced. She smiled her congratulations as convincingly as possible before disappearing to the nearest bar.

JJ stared at the charred wreakage. Two blocks away, a dark SUV exploded into a million fiery pieces. It was empty, a plant that looked almost exactly like the BAU's. It was meant to send a warning. Tears fell down the press liaison's face as Will approached her, gently resting a hand on her shoulder.

"Come on, baby. Let's go," she refused to move. Will didn't understand. He'd never understand. She looked at Morgan, his arms crossed in anger, then to Hotch, a worried frown digging into the etched lines of his face. Garcia stood off to the side on her phone, probably talking to Kevin. She could see her friend's reddened cheeks and a glint of tears even from a distance. This was her family. These were the people she cared about and needed in her life, but the one person she needed to see more than anyone was nowhere to be found.

She brushed Will's hand away, "I can't. I have to do something."

She didn't wait to hear his protest. She walked over to Garcia instead, "Where is she?" The tech goddess looked at her like JJ had grown another head.

JJ reiterated what she thought was the obvious, "Emily…where is she?" If anyone could find someone, it was Garcia. She told Kevin bye and started punching on the keypad of her Blackberry.

"She's at the bar around the corner from our hotel. JJ, what's wrong?" The blonde gave her friend a sad smile.

"Give me an hour and hopefully nothing will be wrong anymore."

Emily rubbed at her now aching temples. Why the hell was she still here? What did she think was going to happen here that couldn't happen in her hotel room? At least there it was quiet, but something about drinking herself silly while JJ fucked Captain Crawfish next door made the pain she was currently in somehow much more appealing.

"Emily?" Great! Now she was hearing voices too. It was definitely time to call it quits. She should have done that when her nose went numb three shots ago.

JJ brushed her hand over Emily's shoulder and slid up to the bar next to her. Hallucinations too??? Fuck! She was really bad off. JJ counted the empty shot glasses and wondered how the brunette was still sitting on the stool much less conscious.

"Em? What the hell are you doing?" The profiler glared at the blonde. It was this simple question of concern that sent her over the edge of reasoning.

"Oh, what, JJ? Are you going to get all holier-than-thou on me now…MOM?" She emphasized the last word, with a glance at JJ's stomach, intending it as the dig it was meant to be.

The bite in the words made JJ visibly flinch. She hadn't seen Emily out of control and didn't know what to think. She knew that it was the alcohol talking and she pulled at all of the resources her years of dealing with her father had taught her.

"Why don't we go back to the hotel and talk?" Emily leaned in close, a sneer pulling at the edges of her mouth. She could smell the sweet scent of lilacs in JJ's shampoo and she wanted to run her fingers through the silky tresses. Her look turned sad.

"Why don't YOU go back to the hotel, to your Crawdaddy?" JJ caught the second slip of the brunette's eyes to her stomach. When she looked back up into Emily's dark eyes, she saw something there that rocked her to her core. It wasn't anger or disappointment or even bitterness. That wasn't it.

JJ's next words came so naturally and so true that she didn't even realize she had said them until they were out there, "I don't want Will."

It didn't register with her until that very moment, but when she was standing by the burning vehicle, her first thought wasn't of Will or even of the baby, but of Emily. She remembered screaming at seeing the blast, and it was because she thought it was Emily's car.

The profiler turned fully on her, looking down through dark eyelashes as she stared at JJ's mouth, making the blonde squirm under the intensity, "Then what do you want, JJ?"

The seconds stretched for an eternity between them. JJ forgot the question as she watched Emily watching her. Blue eyes zeroed in on red lips. JJ's heart beat in double time when Emily's tongue barely dusted over those same red lips. She felt the invisible pull between them and she was helpless to stop it. Emily put a hand on her waist before leaning in close to JJ's ear.

"Do you want me JJ?" The husky voice of the profiler sent shivers through JJ's body.

"Yes," Emily dropped her money on the bar then reached for JJ's hand. The blonde felt the warmth of Emily's hand in her own and it felt right. She was scared out of her mind, but she couldn't walk away now. She didn't want to. She felt the pieces slip into place. All of the casual glances and gentle touches made sense. It had always been Emily.

When they reached Emily's hotel room, JJ found she couldn't keep her hands off of Emily. She brushed her hands along Emily's back, feeling the curves leading to her waist. The blonde was so lost in nuzzling Emily's neck that she didn't realize Emily had dropped the room key.

Emily grabbed one of JJ's roaming hands and wrapped it around her waist, leaning back with a smirk, "JJ, honey, if you don't stop that, I'll never get this door open."

"Then we'll do it out here," JJ could have sworn she heard the brunette growl as she bent over to get the key then swiftly opened the door. Emily braced the door with her foot and turned to the blonde that clung to her back.

"I don't think you want Hotch to see this," Emily wrapped one arm around JJ's waist and pull her in at the neck with the other until their lips met. JJ moaned at the contact of lips, breasts, and hips. She tried to brace herself against the door jam, but not finding purchase eventually dug her fingernails into Emily's back, making the profiler gasp.

Emily pushed JJ further into the room before kicking the door closed. The slight distance between them gave JJ a chance to brush her palms over Emily's breasts before moving to the buttons. The brunette gently pushed JJ's hands away, giving her a devilish smirk, as she moved her slowly back toward the edge of the bed causing JJ to fall backwards on the mattress. When JJ attempted to sit up, Emily pushed her back down.

"No. Just watch," JJ swallowed hard as Emily's hands wandered over her own body before teasingly unbuttoning her shirt. The press liaison watched the lithe fingers move lower and lower, images of what she wanted those fingers to do to her superimposed over the delicious striptease she was receiving. Her sensations were on overload and her hands itched to touch Emily's skin.

"God, Emily, you're so beautiful." It came out in a whisper, almost like a prayer of thanksgiving to whatever god created this creature. "I want to touch you."

JJ sat up, her face level with Emily's stomach. She let her hands glide up over firm thighs as she placed gentle kisses on Emily's bare skin. A hand moved into her hair to silently urge her on. That was when she noticed it - Emily's scent. The knowledge that she had done this to Emily, that the brunette wanted this as much as she did, made her lightheaded. Vaguely conscious of it, she realized she was undoing Emily's pants to get closer to her, to taste her.

A hand tugged at her hair making her look up at the dark eyes staring intently at her, "JJ."

"I want to. Let me," the blonde pulled at the now undone pants and kissed the edge of black panties to emphasize her point. When she looked up, Emily's eyes locked with hers. She watched Emily as she pulled the panties down before moving a finger into the wetness. Emily's eyes fluttered closed.

"Oh God, Jennifer," she liked the sound of her name coming from Emily and she wanted to hear more of it. She moved another finger into the warmth. When Emily's head fell back, JJ wrapped an arm around her waist to keep her steady. The blonde closed her eyes, resting her head against Emily's tight stomach, getting lost in the sensation of Emily's muscles contracting around her fingers.

She felt the wetness and ache between her own legs increase, making her push Emily's legs apart further with her knees. It was like she couldn't get close enough, deep enough. Emily hissed when a third finger was added.

"Jesus! Oh, fuck me!" Emily braced herself against JJ's shoulders, digging into the soft skin, only vaguely aware of her hips bucking instinctively against JJ's hand as she felt the warmth start in her belly and spread throughout her body as her orgasm approached. The blonde watched with fascination as Emily went to pieces before her eyes. She gathered Emily in her arms and guided her down onto the bed.

JJ caressed Emily's face, marveling at the regal beauty naked in her arms. For a small town girl from Pennsylvania, this felt like some unbelievable dream she was going to wake up from. Things like this just didn't happen to someone like Jennifer Jureau. Emily rolled over, propping her head in her hand and wrapping one arm around JJ's waist.

"I love you, Jennifer. I've always loved you," JJ smiled at the words, remembering her own thoughts from earlier. She ran her free hand through the dark tresses.

"Emily," she shook her head, "I'm so sorry."


"It's always been you. You were always the one I wanted."

"You've got me, Jennifer Jureau, for as long as you'll have me," Emily cemented the promise with another kiss, deepening the kiss as her hands wandered over the blonde's body. When she caressed the soft skin of JJ's stomach, her heart couldn't help but make a promise to the small life growing inside JJ.


Part 2

Emily rolled over, feeling the welcome ache in her muscles, as she wrapped her arm around a slender waist. A wicked smile spread across her face. Never opening her eyes, she let her hand rediscover the soft skin underneath, sliding down over a bare hip then back to tickle the skin where thigh meets buttocks. The profiler's smile spread wider when she felt JJ chuckle.

"My goodness, Agent Prentiss, you're insatiable!" The brunette let the laughter overtake her as she nuzzled into the blonde hair in front of her.

"Well, you are kind of tasty and I'm kind of hungry. It's a good thing."

JJ rolled over to look into Emily's dark eyes and felt a shiver run through her at the sight of her feisty and quite disheveled looking lover, "Are you always this," she struggled for the right word, "perky in the morning?"

Emily shook her head, "I don't do perky. You, however…" JJ jumped and giggled when the brunette tweaked an already hard nipple. Both women rolled and laughed, kissed and touched, getting lost in the moment. Eventually, JJ pulled back, breathless. She looked up at Emily's smiling face, tucking the dark tresses behind one ear.

"What, baby?" Emily whispered.

JJ felt tears spring unbidden to her eyes. She came so close to messing everything up and losing the one person who got her, who understood and accepted her just the way she was.

"You're so beautiful, Em," she leaned up to press a solid kiss to the already reddened lips above her. The kiss was slow and deep as if they were trying to savor every moment. Emily felt the familiar stirring of arousal as her hips slid between JJ's legs.

The blonde moaned before pulling away, "God, Em, you've gotta stop that!"

"What?" The profiler put on her best innocent expression as she pushed her hips into JJ.

"That!" The press liaison ran her nails down the cress of Emily's spine, making her thrust harder.

"You're one to talk, woman," Emily leaned down to nip at the sensitive spot below JJ's ear, "You're encouraging me."

JJ leaned her head to the side to give Emily better access, her legs wrapping instinctively around Emily's waist. It took a moment for JJ to realize that the buzzing sound she heard wasn't coming from her or Emily, but from the pile of clothes on the floor.

"Em, baby," the brunette shook her head and continued nibbling at JJ's collarbone, "Baby, I gotta get my phone." Emily reached down into the jean's pocket, flipped open the phone, and handed it to JJ without ever stopping. JJ stared at the phone, not sure if she could manage this type of multi-tasking, but feeling Emily's tongue lick a sensitive spot near her pulse point, she realized she didn't have a lot of choice.

"Jareau," the blonde bit her lip to stop a moan from escaping, and then after a few seconds, "Yes, sir."

"Hotch?" Emily brushed her tongue down the outside of JJ's breast. JJ ran both her hands into the profiler's hair and gave a gentle tug.

"Yeah, we're meeting downstairs in 15."

Emily flopped her head down on JJ's chest, "Damn, just when it was getting good."

"Well, there's always the shower," Emily jumped from the bed at lightening speed. Standing naked in the bathroom doorway, she gave her best come hither look and crooked a finger at JJ. Seeing a very naked and very willing Emily sent a shiver of anticipation through JJ's body, and she narrowed her eyes at the vision in the doorway.

"You better not make us late, Emily Prentiss."

"That all depends on how creative I get," she peeked her head further into the bathroom before turning back to the blonde, "after all, the shower does have one of those unhooking shower massage thingies for getting the hard to reach spots, lots of different speeds too."

It was JJ's turn to fly out of the bed, pushing Emily backwards toward the shower, "We better hurry then."

Exactly 15 minutes later, they were ready to head out the door. JJ stopped dead in her tracks causing Emily to crash into her.

"Baby, watch where ya going?" Emily looked up to see the object of JJ's distraction.

"Will," JJ stated the obvious. He stood there directly across from them, leaning against the wall, his arms crossed. He pushed away from the wall but didn't uncross his arms. Emily felt the hairs stand up on the back of her neck. Will was pissed and she had a bad feeling about this.

Immediately, she dropped her bag and felt her body tense, waiting. She brushed a hand across JJ's back letting her know she was there. She could feel the tension in the blonde's body. JJ may not be a practicing profiler, but she knew danger when she sensed it. Right now, fear was emanating from her even if she didn't let it show.

"I see...and heard what you had to do last night," JJ visibly winced at that. Both of them realizing the big mistake they made – forgetting that JJ and Will's room was next door to Emily's, the same room where JJ and Emily had been making love, occasionally noisy love too, all night.

"Fuck!" Emily swore under her breath but still audible to the other two.

"That is another way to say it," Will sneered at Emily. She called on her years of compartmentalization to push down her anger. Instead, she took it out on the palms of her hands as her nails dug into the skin.

"We're not doing this right now, Will."

"Oh, yes, we are," he grabbed JJ's arm, "right now." The blonde hissed at the pain in her arm, but before she could react, she saw a blur out of the corner of her eye and heard the sickening crack of bone on bone and saw his head snap back with the force of Emily's fist. In a flash, Emily had Will picked up by the shirt and pushed up hard against the wall. He could only struggle futilely as his feet dangled a couple of inches from the floor.

"You put a hand on her again, you little fucker, and I'll pull your shriveled balls out through your throat," Emily delivered a knee to his groin to drive her point home.

JJ finally snapped out of her shock, "Emily!"

The dark-haired woman spun around, "Come on, let's go."

JJ stared at her in amazement as she took the other woman's hand. When they reached the elevator, she still couldn't get over what she just saw. Emily broke down under the persistent stare, "JJ, I'm really so…" Her words were cut short as JJ kissed her senseless. Neither let go until the elevator dinged their arrival.

The blonde smiled at the suddenly shy and somewhat embarrassed look on Emily's face, "Nobody ever told me that my knight in shining armor could really be a princess."

"Princess!! Baby, I'm a fuckin' queen!" JJ laughed in spite of the scary situation. They saw their team across the lobby and slowly headed toward them.

"I love you, Emily," the blonde whispered.

"I adore you."

The End

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