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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I took some liberties with the prompt. I read this prompt in the middle of lunch (leftover Mexican) and thought of summer and Mexican and margaritas, soooo we're going with Cinco de Mayo instead of a Summer Solstice party. This is a story presuming the upcoming events in the Heat ep aren't really happening. I'm living in happy oblivion. Thanks to sofia_lindsay for reminding me that owed you guys some CM smut.
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Body Shots
By Calliope


Emily looked around at Garcia's apartment, while she sipped on her second margarita, and chuckled to herself. Only Penelope Garcia could pull off the puking piñata look! Her gaze roamed around the room watching her co-workers and adopted family paired off in predictable groups.

Hotch and Rossi stood over by Garcia's computer desk looking over case files; their beers long forgotten resting on the table next to them. Jesus, those two need to get a life! Morgan and Reid were slumped down at opposite ends of the couch with Coronas in hand. Morgan was trying to explain the finer points of football to an oblivious Reid, while Reid questioned why they'd have a stupid rule like that in the first place. Garcia was behind her in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on a seven layer dip and bebopping to the 80s music playing across the room.

In the middle of the room was JJ. Her blonde hair swinging back and forth as she did the best version she could of headbanging while cradling the last vestiges of her third margarita in her hand. They had only been there an hour so JJ was well on her way to having a very painful wake-up call in the morning.

Emily raised an eyebrow, enjoying the spectacle, until JJ lost her balance and almost fell into Garcia's prized hand blown glass collection in the corner.

"This isn't looking good," Garcia placed the dip on the bar next to Emily. Emily just shook her head, when JJ started to stumble again.

"Maybe someone should…"

Emily reassured Garcia with a hand to the shoulder, before heading in the direction of the giddy blonde, "Don't worry, I'll take care of it."

Morgan and Reid had long stopped arguing about the logic of men in tights hitting each other and watched JJ open mouthed. The brunette stepped gingerly up behind the gyrating blonde and touched her shoulder. Any other time she would have taken a moment to admire the view, but now wasn't the time with their bosses in the room. The blonde spun around too fast and lost her balance, falling heavily into Emily's arms.

"Whoa, easy there, JJ!" Emily lifted the woman back to her feet with effort.

"Em, hi!!!!!" JJ threw her arms around Emily as if she hadn't seen her in years. "How's your sexy ass doing, huh?" For emphasis, the blonde grabbed a handful of Emily's rear.

Emily jumped at the unexpected pinch, "Um, I'm fine, but I think you're going to have a rough morning if you don't slow down. Maybe we should step out on the balcony and get some fresh air."

JJ nuzzled up closer to Emily, letting her hands roam, "I'd rather stay here with you, maybe do some body shots, dance a little." JJ punctuated her words with a slow grind of her hips against the brunette. Emily swallowed hard and noticed Reid squirming in his seat out of the corner of her eye. Both men sat there, gawking, until Reid excused himself and hurriedly ran to the bathroom. A vicious crimson blush raced up Emily's face. Somewhere behind her, Hotch and Rossi had stopped talking. She didn't even want to imagine their expressions.

"I really think we need to step outside, JJ. Come on," With little warning, Emily jerked JJ by the hand toward the balcony doors. Once outside, she spun her friend around. "Jesus, JJ, what do you think you're doing? Our bosses are in there."

JJ had a feral look in her eye. She made no attempt to hide her open appreciation of Emily's body as her eyes roamed over every inch.

"They're not out here though," she stepped closer into Emily's personal space, "You're so fucking beautiful, Em."

Emily suddenly found herself with an armful of a very exuberant blonde. JJ had latched onto Emily's lips and for a moment, Emily forgot everything, letting herself fall into the kiss, tasting the sweet remnants of tequila and lime on JJ's tongue. The brunette came back to herself when she felt a hand slip under her shirt to caress her bare skin.

With effort she pushed JJ away a little, "JJ, wait, slow down."

"Why?" Emily felt a shiver run up her spine at the dark look of desire in JJ's normally clear blue eyes.

"I can think of five reasons standing in that room right now."

"But you're not one of them, Em. Tell me you don't want this and I'll stop," Emily couldn't answer her. The blonde leaned back in to claim Emily's lips again, but she was gently nudged away.

"You're drunk, JJ."

"I'm not that drunk, Em. I know exactly what I'm doing. It's what I've been wanting to do since the moment you walked into the BAU," she leaned in, barely letting her lips dust over Emily's, making the older woman whimper with need. Emily felt her resolve breaking, "Please, tell me you want this too."

Instead of answering, Emily pulled JJ to her, finally making full contact with her lips. As hard as she tried and as dangerous as she knew this was, Emily couldn't stop this even if she had wanted to. Somewhere in the dark recesses of her compartmentalized mind, she thought how unbecoming this is for an Ambassador's daughter to be making out with her female co-worker. When she felt the zipper of her slacks being lowered though, she slammed the door to that annoying voice and lost herself in the soft lips sucking at the hollow of her neck.

Slowly, JJ pushed her up against the wall, the rough concrete digging into her back. Her pants fell to the ground and looking down she saw JJ's mouth working a slow but determined path down her stomach.

"Jennifer," the blonde looked up, a smirk gracing her beautiful lips, as she slipped her fingers under the edge of Emily's underwear and began slowly easing them down.

"Do you want me to stop?" Emily felt JJ's hand sliding up the inside of her thigh, sending tingles everywhere, until one finger slipped between the wet folds and came out glistening in the moonlight. Emily watched mesmerized and shaking as JJ's lips enveloped her finger, resulting in a moan of pleasure from both women.

JJ smiled up at Emily, "I'll take that as a 'no'."

Emily felt all of the air sucked out of her lungs as the blonde started kissing the inside of her thighs, gradually nudging her long legs apart. The first touch of JJ's tongue almost made Emily scream. Instead, she threw her head back, grabbing a handful of blonde hair, "Jesus fucking Christ!" When JJ added two fingers, the mantra changed to "Oh God, Jennifer." Her free hand started digging at the concrete wall behind her as her hips bucked uncontrollably. Inside the whir of a new batch of margaritas being made drowned out Emily's scream.

The End

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