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SERIES: Part of Ann & Fewthistle's 'Dirty Little Secret' series.
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A Revelation of a Different Kind
By Ann


The hot spray beat against the golden crown, the rivulets of water sluicing their way down the fit body, over firm breasts, and lazily past blonde curls and muscular thighs to finally come to the end of the delightful journey in a pool beneath the slim feet. JJ closed her eyes and sighed aloud, her thoughts focused on the jumbled mass of confusion she'd felt as of late. Reaching back for the controls, she shut off the water and stepped from the tub, the remaining droplets falling helplessly to the shower mat below. Her gaze fell on the blurred image being reflected in the mirror's condensation, the distortion giving her pause.

What was happening to her? How could she have allowed herself to break her single most important rule? Under no circumstance was she to ever view a work colleague as anything else except an individual who shared a common goal. When had things gone so wrong?

JJ grabbed the large body towel, muttering the answer to her rhetorical questions. "The first time those dark eyes landed on yours." She began to vigorously dry her chilled skin. "Then she had to go and smile." Bending over, she worked the cloth between her toes. "It certainly doesn't help that she's so touch-feely either."

Moving the towel to the mirror's surface, she wiped away the condensation, and with it, the cloud of confusion. JJ stared at the clear image. "I need to get laid."

Mind made up, JJ channeled her focus on her new goal. All she needed was to find someone to fuck senseless, and if that someone just happened to look similar to Emily, all the better. She reached for the hair dryer and smiled. She had the perfect plan.

Thirty minutes later, JJ stood in front of the full-length mirror in her bedroom, gazing appreciatively at the confident figure staring back. She'd chosen her low-rider dark pants, black boots, and a lacy white top which was just long enough to cover the top of her pants. She was fully aware that a lean to the left or right would reveal the soft skin hidden beneath. Pleased with the image being portrayed, JJ grabbed her leather jacket from the bed and headed for the door, stopping only to retrieve her purse and keys from the bar.

The traffic was unusually heavy on the ride into the city, and JJ was surprised that it actually calmed her. Normally, she'd direct curse after curse at the different drivers who tried to cut in front of her, but tonight, she leaned back in her seat and enjoyed the soft sounds of the radio, pleased with the fewer commercial interruptions the late night offered. Lightly drumming her fingers on the steering wheel, JJ hummed softly along with the different melodies, and by the time she arrived outside the club, she wore a peaceful smile.

JJ sat comfortably inside her car, surprised that she was in no real hurry to jump into the club scene. Granted, at first, she'd frowned at the long line which led to the popular club, but several potential prospects presented themselves almost immediately. One, in particular, was a dead ringer for Emily, and if she hadn't known better, JJ would have sworn it was really her.

Reaching to turn off the ignition, her hand slowed as the sounds of Sarah McLachlan flowed through the speakers; the voice so rich and the message so clear, it elicited a slide-show of memories for the blonde. JJ closed her eyes and allowed the scene to play out.

Emily's smiling face moved from frame to frame until the images morphed into those from JJ's dreams. Their first kiss, soft and gentle, almost tentative, deepening into one of need. Tongues dueled as hands roamed freely under clothing and past barriers, the scene quickly shifting to the bedroom where the pair lay naked on JJ's blue floral sheets, Emily's head thrown back, gasping for breath as JJ's fingers worked their way inside, increasing in speed and pace until the softly whispered, "Jennifer. . .", flowed past Emily's lips as she came.

The last refrains of the song pushed their way forward past the wonderful dream.

Cast me gently
Into morning
For the night has been unkind

JJ opened her eyes and looked back, almost unseeing, at the club. Slowly her hand moved to the gear shift and eased the car into Drive. Without a moment's glance in the rearview mirror, JJ pulled from the curb and headed for home.

Tonight a substitute was not enough.

The End

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