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SEQUEL: To A Perfect Season

A Not So Perfect Season
By Fewthistle


JJ leaned back on the bed between Emily's legs, the cool silk of the brunette's thighs surrounding her. Both were clad only in oversized tee-shirts and boxers, JJ's a very noticeable burgundy and yellow. Emily's skin was soft against JJ's hips, the blonde's hands moving in abstract, distracted patterns along the pale, satiny expanse of long legs as her gaze focused solely on the billions of tiny particles that coalesced into an image on the television that sat, short and squat, on the end table across from the bed.

"Ow!" Emily exclaimed suddenly, her startled jump pulling JJ back to the moment.

"What?" She said, swiveling her head to regard Emily curiously.

"You just dug your fingernails into my thigh, is what," Emily told her aggrievedly, capturing the hands in question as they settled back on the tender skin of her legs, a round crescent of marks telling proof of her claim.

"Oh, sorry, Em," JJ said, her fingers rubbing a gentle circle of regret on the reddened flesh. "We just made another first down. I guess I got a little excited."

"I can think of something else that might get you a little excited," Emily murmured, her lips ghosting along the line of JJ's jaw, her breath tickling as she placed tiny kisses on the sensitive flesh behind her ear.

"Emily, behave. You said that we could watch the Redskins/Cowboys game," JJ whined a little, though not enough to stop her from titling her head to the side to allow Emily better access to the smooth skin of her throat.

"And we are. But, sweetheart, it's the end of the third and Washington is up twenty to three. I don't imagine that Romo and Dallas are going to manage three unanswered touchdowns in the fourth, not the way they're playing," Emily replied, her voice as reasonable as it could be given that her lips were moving in a steady decline along JJ's neck and her hands had slipped without resistance under the cotton of JJ's Redskins jersey, tickling along the gentle slope of her breasts.

"Emily. You promised. After I sat and watched your bullies in blue beat another team last night, then the least you can do is watch my team play," JJ complained again, though the hitch in her breathing had more to do with what Emily was doing with her hands than righteous indignation.

"We are watching. And we were wearing white. Away game. Besides, that was a little different. That was the final game in a perfect season. You have to admit, sweetie, your team hasn't had a perfect anything," Emily responded, one hand now drifting down to edge under the waistband of JJ's boxers.

"Okay, just so you know, insulting my team is not a sure fire way to get into my pants," JJ protested, her words rendered a little less meaningful as she slid down a little on the bed to allow Emily easier access to said pants. "Besides, I went to Garcia's and watched that whole game with you without complaint."

"Excuse me?" Emily cried incredulously, her former tasks forgotten for the moment. "You complained all night. About the defense, about the offense, about the refs, about the way the Patriot's hat has that pointy tip to it, so that it has a triangular shaped head. You said it looks like one of those aliens from Independence Day."

"It does, Em. All right, so maybe I complained a little, but then, after your team won, and you were so happy, didn't we come home and celebrate? In fact didn't we 'celebrate' four times last night and then twice this morning?" JJ asked pointedly, turning her head at an odd angle to stare Emily down, blonde eyebrows nearly at her hairline.

A decidedly silly grin slipped onto Emily's face as she recalled those particular celebrations, a very satisfied sigh escaping her. Looking suitably contrite, she took a deep breath.

"You're right. I'm sorry. I promise to behave and watch the rest of the game with you," Emily pledged, removing her hands from their prior resting spots, one under JJ's shirt, the other laying along the flat plane of her stomach, under the edge of her boxers.

JJ frowned at the sudden loss of warmth from Emily's hands, not to mention the incredibly lovely sensations they had been causing where they were touching, sensations that were very pleasantly traveling to other spots a little further south.

Still, she had said that she wanted to watch the game and watch the game they would. She leaned back against Emily and tried to concentrate on the gridiron battle being waged on the screen.

After about five minutes, Emily wasn't all that surprised to feel JJ take her hands, lacing their fingers together. Another few minutes passed and suddenly Emily felt one of her hands pulled gently under the edge of JJ's shirt, her palm pressed against the hardening swell of a nipple.

Bending her head, Emily again grazed that slender throat with her lips. JJ tilted her head back, capturing those wandering lips with her own, her hand coming up behind Emily's neck to pull her closer. Emily felt JJ take her other hand, still linked with hers, and tug them down toward the edge of her waistband.

"I thought that you wanted to watch the game," Emily murmured against JJ's mouth, fingers skimming along the taut skin of her stomach.

"Yeah, well, it is the beginning of the fourth quarter and we are winning by fourteen. Besides, it's not like it's the Super Bowl," JJ responded, distracted by the brush of Emily's fingers as they angled downward toward blonde curls, claiming Emily's mouth again hungrily.

What seemed to her like hours later, JJ collapsed back against Emily, satisfied and sated, her breathing stuttered and shallow, a thin sheen of moisture glowing against skin turned slightly ruddy with exertion. The sheets were a tangled mass at the bottom of the bed.

Glancing at the television screen, Emily chuckled lightly, her own breathing a little winded from her recent activities.

"Hey, sweetheart? Your team just scored another touchdown," Emily informed the gorgeously disheveled woman wrapped in her arms.

JJ's face was lit with a completely happy smile as she closed her eyes and pulled Emily's arms a little tighter around her.

"Oh, yes. We definitely did," she purred contentedly, "We most definitely did."

The End

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