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Not So Casual
By Taylor


"Em, we can't continue to do this." JJ pulled the sheet around her exposed body and sat up on the bed.

"Whatever. You say that every time JJ, but you keep coming to me." Emily scrambled out of the bed and immediately began picking up pieces of her clothes that were scattered around the room.

Walking out of the bedroom, she turned back to JJ, keeping the hurt and the emotions out of her eyes.

"You're right we can't do this anymore, see you around."

With that, she left JJ sitting in bed with her head in her hands. Letting out a frustrated sigh she banged her head on the wall behind her. Damn, she thought, I hope that was the right thing to do.

But even as the thought ran through her mind, something deeper in JJ told her that she might have made one of the biggest mistakes in her life.

"Damn! Damn! Damn!" A tear traversed its way down her cheek. Grabbing onto a pillow still fresh with Emily's scent, JJ curled into it and let the tears flow.

Two months later Emily found herself alone in her apartment, the team just returned from a case in New Orleans and she was exhausted. Dropping her keys on a table near the door, Emily went straight to the shower, shedding her clothes as she went.

The last case was especially difficult for Emily, not because of the nature of the crimes, but because of the young detective that could not seem to keep his eyes off JJ. What was more disturbing was the fact that JJ did not seem to mind the attention that she was getting. It did not go unnoticed by Emily that JJ gave him her card when they were wrapping the case.

On the plane ride home, all she thought about was taking a long hot shower and having a glass of wine. She replayed what she wanted to do like a mantra in her mind ---go home, take shower, drink wine  go home, take shower, drink wine--. Emily knew that if she did not fill her mind with nonsense then she would have to concentrate on JJ as she made plans with someone on the phone. If she did not fill her mind then she would have to give in to the jealousy that she felt burning in her veins like a raging inferno.

Months ago Emily vowed that she would put the blond FBI agent out of her thoughts, but as hard as she tried JJ was always there. When Emily closed her eyes at night, images of JJ filled her mind. When she woke in the morning it was her blue eyes that she wished to see gazing at her. If that were not enough, she had to see her everyday at work. It was becoming more difficult for her to pretend that she did not have feelings that went beyond the physical for the blond agent.

Now that there was someone else in the picture, Emily was finding it difficult to keep her emotions under control. When this thing began between the two women, they rationalized it by blaming the stress of the job. They both needed someone to relieve the tension. They were not looking for a committed relationship, or any relationship for that matter. For Emily, now that the choice was taken away from her to have something more with the blond agent, she felt a sense of loss that could not be explained. As she stood under the heated spray of the shower, she let her tears mingle with the water that cleansed her body, hoping it would wash away more than just dirt.

Never in her wildest dream did she ever think that she would feel so conflicted over someone else - least of all another woman. Emily was always very good at compartmentalizing, but lately she felt that the walls were crashing in on her. More than once she found herself thinking of JJ when she knew that she should be concentrating on a case. She had been caught staring off into space by Garcia and Morgan and she knew that it was only a matter of time before they stopped believing her --I must be tired-- line.

Stepping out of the shower, Emily made up her mind. She was going to take some time off to get her thoughts together. She needed to get over this thing with JJ, and fast if she wanted to continue working at the BAU.

Tired of the cold weather of DC, Emily decided that she would spend some time at her parents' beach house in West Palm Beach, Florida. Since she was a child Emily had a love affair with the water. She would spend hours walking on the beach or just sitting at the side of a lake, getting lost in its black depth. The crash of waves against the sand always calmed her, brought her a sense of peace little else in her life provided. One of the only ways that she knew her parents cared about her as a child was that they always got a house, vacation or otherwise, on the beach or a lake. Her love of the water was one of the few loves that her parents did not seem to mind her having.

Emily found it surprising that Hotch gave her a hard time about taking a few days off. In the time that she has been with the BAU she had not requested any of her allotted time off. The Bureau liked agents in high stress positions to take there vacation as they got it to reduce burn out, so she was surprised that Hotch did not want her taking more than four days, including the weekend. Not complaining, and feeling that four days was enough time for her to unwind, Emily did not question Hotch and agreed to meet the team in Texas next Monday afternoon.

As she was throwing a few bathing suits into her away bag, the ringing of her home phone interrupted her. Not many people knew the number to her house, so Emily knew that it had to be someone close, or her mother.

"Prentiss." She answered.

"God Emily, a hello would do. Does everything have to be so official with you?"

"Kelly? Is that you?" Emily pulled the phone from her ear a bit shocked, a wide grin appearing on her face as she heard the response.

"Of course it's me! Who else would be calling you at this time of night during the middle of the week? Wait you expecting a booty call or something?"

Both women burst into laughter at that.

"Kelly it's so good to hear your voice, it's been way too long since we last spoke. How are you? How is married life treating you? Are you knocked up yet?"

"So many questions so little time; aren't we inquisitive."

Emily smiled as she caught up with her friend on the phone. They were always able to jump back into an easy rhythm, even after not seeing each other for long periods of time. The women had been friends for over 20 years meeting for the first time in the 3rd grade of the posh private school that Emily's parents sent her. Kelly was one of the few African-American students in the school and she and Emily became fast friends. It was eerie that both women ended up working for the FBI.

Kelly continued filling Emily in on her life, "so, since the pregnancy I have really been considering leaving the Bureau. I've actually been thinking a lot about teaching. I just don't know if I want to put myself at risk like that any more if there is another life that is depending on me coming home."

"What about Liam, he depends on you coming home I'm sure," Emily questioned.

"Yeah, but it's not the same. He's a grown man and as much as I love him, and I know that he love me, he's still an adult. Does that make any sense?" Kelly responded.

"You know I have no maternal instincts. I might still be tracking an unsub through the woods while I'm in labor." Both women shared a laugh at the imagery Emily created. "Well I'm headed to Palm Beach for a couple of days," Emily continued, "I need to get away to put some things into perspective, it would be great if you could come along. Maybe we can figure some things out together. What do you think?" Emily questioned.

"What do you have to figure out, things are great for you. I may not have spoken to you in a while, but I keep up. Your career is going great, I know that you are making some friends there ... ahh, so it's love that's got you stumped. I'm right... Right?"

"Let's not get into this now. I don't know if I'm ready to talk about this yet. But it's definitely not love." Emily pinched the bridge of her nose, feeling the beginning of a headache coming on. "So are you in for a little fun in the sun with your best bud?"

"Hell yeah, I need to get into a bikini while I can still fit into one. In a few months your godchild will be making its presence known to the world."

Emily and Kelly chatted for a while longer, making the final arrangements for their vacation. Feeling better than she had a few hours prior, Emily decided to get some much needed sleep.

JJ sat at the small bar waiting to meet Bill LaMontange, a detective that she met while on a case in New Orleans. The two had struck up an easy friendship and spoke often since the case they worked on had been closed. When JJ mentioned that she was going away for a while, LaMontange suggested that he meet JJ at her chosen destination, giving them a chance to get to know one another outside of work. Against her better judgment, JJ agreed. She knew that he was looking for something that she was not ready to give at the moment, but she also needed a distraction.

The heat in the small bar was stifling; JJ was glad that she decided on jeans and a white tank top. Nursing her beer, JJ looked around the small room taking in her surroundings. Although she was not a profiler, JJ was naturally observant and had a tendency to people watch.

There was a mix of varying people in the bar, some that appeared to have just gotten off work in business suits, men with ties askew as they drank beer and threw darts. Women in jeans and T-shirts playing pool, laughing, flirting and having a good time. JJ found it disturbing that her gaze repeatedly fell upon dark haired women as she scoped the room. Telling herself that it meant nothing, JJ turned back to her drink and waited for her date to arrive.

"This seat taken?" A man with a deep Cajun accent whispered to JJ, much too close for her taste. Knowing immediately who it was, JJ turned and pushed him back gently with a smile.

"For you it's not," JJ responded. "It's good to see you Bill." She leaned over greeting him with a kiss on the cheek.

"Likewise, ma chéri. You know it would have been much easier for us to meet at the bar in my hotel. It took me a while to find this place; sorry I'm late by the way." Bill sat next to JJ, signaling the bartender for a drink and a new beer for JJ.

"Well, I'm only here for a few days so this will probably be my only chance to see some of the local hot spots. Besides hotel bars always look the same, and look at this ocean view. You can't beat that." JJ spun around on the bar stool once again facing the crowd in the bar. There was no way in hell that she was going to meet a man for drinks at the bar in his hotel. Detective or not she knew men enough to know that she did not need to be drunk in such close proximity to his room.

"Honey, the view is amazing," LaMontange replied looking right at JJ, "so, you gonna answer my question now."

"What question was that?"

"Why aren't you married?"

"Are you flirting again, or do you really want an answer." JJ put her beer to her lips, hiding the smirk on her face.

"Honey, I've been flirting for a few weeks now, I was hoping to take things past that." LaMontange moved closer to JJ whispering in her ear, "You are the most beautiful women I've had the pleasure to spend time with in a while, come back to my hotel with me?"

"A bit forward don't you think?" JJ put her beer on the bar and stood facing LaMontange. Her annoyance was apparent.

"Well, my daddy always said it can't hurt to ask." Not picking up on her annoyance, LaMontange put his arms around JJ's waist, pulling her closer to him. As he leaned towards her face a voice calling her name made them both turn around in surprise.

"JJ, is that you?"

Prying herself free from LaMontange's grip, JJ turned around, only to see Emily and a stunning woman standing close behind her gripping her upper arm.

"Em...Emily, what are you doing here?" JJ questioned. Surprise, discomfort, and slight embarrassment were written all over her face.

"Just taking a little break, my family has a house not far from here." Emily looked from JJ to LaMontange. "Well, I don't want to keep you, I just thought that it was you and wanted to say hi. It was nice seeing you again detective." Not waiting for a response, Emily turned away from the couple, wanting to get away as fast as she could.

"Emily, wait." She felt JJ grab her arm. "Why don't you and your friend join us for a drink?"

Looking from Kelly, who shrugged her shoulders in agreement, to LaMontange, who did not seem pleased to have any company, Emily made her decision. "Sure, I guess one drink can't hurt."

Emily knew what she was interrupting when she walked up to the two, and as much as it hurt to see JJ wrapped in someone else's arms, she did not want to witness the continuation of their intimate moment when they were once again alone. She was surprised that JJ extended the offer of a drink. It was the most the two women have spoken outside of work in a few months.

Emily noticed that JJ seemed to be extremely uncomfortable, but assumed that it was because she was interrupted from kissing LaMontange. Then why invite us to join them, Emily wondered.

JJ couldn't keep her eyes off the woman that accompanied Emily. Beautiful was not a strong enough word to describe her. She had flawless coco brown skin, striking hazel eyes, and wild curly hair. This woman appeared as if she just stepped off a runway at a fashion show. JJ felt a burning sensation in the pit of her stomach. She was not prepared to see Emily with someone else; much less someone that she felt that she could never measure up to. Not that it mattered, she thought, I have no right to feel this way, it was just sex and we've moved past that. JJ was pulled out of her reverie when she realized that the woman was extending a hand to her.

"Kelly, meet my colleague, JJ and Detective Bill LaMontange." Emily made introductions.

"William." LaMontage corrected.

"It's great to meet you both." Kelly replied, picking up on all the tension that surrounded the group. "JJ, you work at the BAU right?"

"Yes," JJ replied, still hurt from Emily referring to her as just a colleague. She did not know how she would have wanted to be introduced, but she was not just a colleague. That voice in the back of JJ's head telling her that she wanted more was coming to the forefront once again. She knew that she wanted more than just being fuck buddies with Emily; the problem was she did not know how much more she wanted or even what Emily wanted for that matter.

The group sat in uncomfortable silence for a while. The bits of conversation that they had were forced, no one wanting to share more than necessary.

"Well, this was nice." Emily said, getting up from her bar stool. "Thanks for the drinks; Kelly and I are going to get out of here." Turning to Kelly she told her, "I'll meet you out front, I need to run to the ladies room."

Coming out of the stall in the ladies room, Emily was surprised to see JJ leaning on the bathroom wall waiting for her.

"Hey," Emily said, looking away as she washed her hands. In the few minutes they just spent together at the bar, Emily took in everything that she could about JJ. The way that her jeans hugged her hips, the way that her tank top would rise up revealing perfectly toned abs and the way that her hair smelled like coconuts and sunshine. She couldn't deny the tingle in her fingertips as they craved to touch JJ. Leaning on the sink in front of her, Emily closed her eyes, letting out an audible sigh.

"I didn't think that it was going to be like this you know," JJ said, closer to Emily than she was before.

"How did you think that it was going to be JJ? Did you think that we would be best friends, go on double dates together, have sleepovers and paint each others nails?" The sarcasm and anger was obvious in Emily's tone.

"You know that's not what I mean Em." Stepping closer, JJ wrapped her arms around Emily's waist, molding her body to her back. "I miss you Emily."

At the contact and JJ's words, Emily groaned. She missed the closeness that they shared, and she missed the feel of JJ's body next to her. For the briefest moment she allowed herself to relax and enjoy the feel of JJ holding her. Only for a moment.

"I miss you too JJ," Emily whispered. Standing up straight she pulled herself out of JJ's hold, "but I'm not going down this road with you again. You've made your choice. You are the one that ended things. You are the one here with Cajun boy out there. So please ... jus...just stay away."

Emily turned and walked out of the restroom leaving JJ stunned. She did not see the tears well up in JJ's eyes, or acknowledge the ones in her own.

How did I get here? JJ leaned against the restroom wall and sighed. Not ready to go back into the bar to face LaMontange, JJ stayed in the restroom a moment longer hoping that some answers would come to her. That is, until it seemed like every woman in the bar needed to release. As the restroom became too crowded, she left to face a very irritated detective.

"I thought that you slipped out on me there honey," he said, walking up to JJ.

Although the thought did cross her mind, JJ knew that the best way to do this was clean.

"No, but we do need to talk," she replied, leading him towards the front door.

"Nothing good ever began with those words."

"I'm sorry, but I really don't think that this think with us is going to work out. It was wrong of me to agree to meet you here. I really do need some time alone to clear my head," JJ smiled, placing her hand on LaMontange's forearm hoping that would lighten the blow.

"Does this have anything to do with Prentiss? I always felt that she never really liked me." He smiled letting her know that whatever was going to happen, he was ok with it.

"No," JJ lied. "It's a coincidence that I even ran into her here, I had no idea that she was even away from the Bureau."

"Well my daddy always said that there are no coincidences." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a card handing it to JJ. "This is the information to the hotel that I'm staying at. I'll be there until Monday. Call me if you change your mind about not wanting any company."

JJ walked out of the bar releasing a huge breath that she was not even aware that she was holding. Looking around she decided to take a walk on the beach before she made her way back to her hotel.

The ocean at night was always one of the things, besides the woods, that scared JJ. The blackness of the water seemed never ending. She would imagine that if she stepped off a boat into the darkness she would be transported to another dimension where giant sea monsters dominated over all.

But even with that fear, she could not stay away from the ocean. She could not keep at bay the calm that it brought to her, hearing the rhythm of the waves.

Wrapping her arms around herself to protect against the cool night breeze blowing in from the ocean, JJ trudged on, lost in her thoughts about Emily.

For months now all she could think about was Emily.

Long before they started sleeping together, she was consumed with the dark haired agent. Her breath would catch if Emily walked too close, or touched her, as she was so prone to doing. JJ felt that it would be easier to resist her urges if only Emily was not so touchy-feely. Every chance she got it was as if Emily's hands were on the small of her back, rubbing her shoulder, holding her hand. And she allowed it all. No one else felt so free to invade her personal space, and she allowed no one else on the team to get so physically close to her.

It was so easy to fall into her arms after Reid was abducted. She felt like the whole situation was her fault. She was still seeing images of those monstrous dogs snarling their teeth at her. So when Emily came to her office and wrapped her in a protective hug, it was so easy to give in. She let a tear slip from her lids and held on to Emily for dear life. JJ felt safe, and protected in the other agent's arms. When Emily pulled back wiping her tears with her thumbs and looked into JJ eyes with such care and concern, there was no stopping.

Slowly, JJ inched forward until there lips were barely touching. Licking her suddenly dry lips, JJ pushed forward, crashing her lips to Emily's. Moaning at the sudden contact Emily pulled JJ closer, snaking her tongue into her mouth swallowing a moan emanating from JJ.

JJ did not stop her hands from exploring Emily's body. She ran her hand up her back, and down cupping her ass, pulling her still closer, grinding her hips into her center. Both women moaned at this new contact, lost in the arousal that had been building for months.

Feeling the need for oxygen, the women separated. Eyes closed, resting their foreheads together, breaths ragged, JJ put her hands to Emily's jaw line and lightly caressed her cheek. She ran her fingers down Emily's neck, past her pulse point, and up again to the back of her neck. Eyes still closed, JJ let her fingers play with the hair at the base of Emily's neck, aware of the tremor that ran though Emily.

"Well, that's not what I had in mind when I came in here," Emily said with a smile, hoping to relieve some of the tension in the moment. She felt JJ stiffen in her arms and immediately clarified. "Not that I have not wanted this to happen for some time now."

JJ relaxed, pulling Emily back into her arms she whispered, "Take me home Em."

Emily took JJ to her condo where they continued what they started. When Emily woke the next morning JJ was gone.

They never talked about it, two days later when JJ appeared at Emily's door, no questions were asked and no promises were made. Just an understanding that they would fulfill the others need as it arouse - which turned out to be quite often.

JJ's feelings for Emily grew stronger than she ever thought possible. She knew that she was attracted to the dark haired agent before, but the feelings that started to build for Emily during their encounters scared JJ.

She was no stranger to relationships with women. In high school, she played sports and was surrounded with girls that were experimenting with their sexuality. JJ experimented freely, believing that's all it was. She never thought seriously about a relationship with a woman, but was not averse to sex with a woman when she felt the urge.

"I didn't realize you and LaMontange were on such friendly terms. Going on vacation together is a big step isn't it?"

JJ was pulled out of her reverie at the sound of Emily's voice somewhere behind her. Looking around she spotted Emily sitting in the sand with a beer in her hand. She realized that she had walked onto a more residential area of the beach, where large beach homes were all she could see. Looking at Emily, JJ felt angry. It seemed that the dark haired agent was everywhere she turned lately.

Irritated, JJ shot her an angry look. "Mind your own damn business."

Emily ignored her remark and got up to walk next to the blond.

"And the same goes for you and this Karla or whatever her name is," JJ continued, knowing full well what the woman's name was.

"Her name is Kelly," Emily shot back, not feeling the need to correct JJ's assumptions.

"Have you slept with her?" JJ asked, so softly Emily almost didn't hear.

"Why would you care?"

The emotions of the night catching up with her. JJ raised her eyes, feeling the tears stinging them. "I care," she whispered.

Emily saw her tears and cursed. Looking down she ran a hand through her hair. Reaching out she took JJ's hands into hers and pulled her closer, stopping their walk.

"I haven't slept with Kelly, unless you count sleep-over's when we were kids. She's my best friend. She's married and pregnant. I haven't been with anyone since you," Emily said wondering why she just volunteered so much information.

"You haven't?" JJ asked, surprised and selfishly happy. She realized that she shouldn't care one way or another. "I'm sorry. It's really none of my business what you do."

"No. It really isn't. I was not averse to the idea of making it your business, but you don't want that."

"I know," JJ responded quietly

"What do you want from me JJ?" Emily asked softly.

"I want you to come home with me. I want you to hold me in your arms and make me forget about everything but us."

"So you can kick me out in the morning and tell me what a big mistake it was. I'm not going there again JJ."

JJ smiled, knowing that she would receive this response. She tried to pull her hand away from Emily and make her way back to the bar to get a cab to her hotel. But Emily wouldn't let her go.

"Did you kiss him?" Emily asked looking into JJ's eyes.


"You have, haven't you?"

"Yes," JJ answered looking once again at her feet in the sand.

"Are you fucking him too?" Emily asked, pain filling her voice. She was filled with such jealousy that it scared her. For months Emil though about JJ being with someone else, kissing someone else. But the pain of hearing it confirmed gripped painfully at her heart.

Even in the darkness, JJ could see the blood drain from Emily's face. She felt her tighten the grip on her hand and heard her breath catch.

Stepping closer, JJ gathered Emily in her arms and wrapped her arms around her waist. "Em, I didn't sleep with him." JJ said softly as she laid her head on Emily's shoulder.

"Is that what you want? Is that why you're here with him?"

JJ pulled out of the embrace, and took a deep breath. "I'm not really, here with him." JJ said. "And, it's you that I want Emily."

Looking into JJ's eyes, Emily no longer cared that she would hate herself in the morning. She no longer cared that JJ would once again tell her that this was all a mistake. She knew that she should have more clarity on the LaMontange situation. Everything in her wanted to make love to JJ, and she would no longer deny herself that.

"Come with me." She said, pulling JJ with her towards her parents' beach house. Giving in to the need she had felt since she walked out of JJ's bedroom months ago.

They entered the house through the kitchen; Emily shut the door behind them, shutting out the questions in her mind as well. She led JJ to her bedroom quietly, so as not to wake Kelly.

The women had not spoken since they left the beach. The energy between them spoke volumes. As Emily closed and locked the door to the bedroom, JJ moved into her arms. Their lips eagerly sought each other, putting all the desire from the past two months into the kiss. JJ let her hands travel over Emily's back caressing her, just as their lips caressed each other.

Emily drew in a sharp breath as JJ pulled her shirt out of her jeans and began to unbutton it slowly. Emily stood still, her eyes focused on JJ's hands as they completed their task. Soft hands went to Emily's bare breasts, moving over them slowly, rubbing taut nipples.

Their breath came quickly and Emily drew JJ close, kissing her softly. "I've wanted this for a long time now." Emily whispered into her mouth.

"Me too. I've missed you so much," JJ admitted.

Emily pulled back and tugged at JJ's shirt, wanting to feel bare skin. She reached behind JJ, unclasped her bra, and touched her breast - fingertips lightly grazing her nipples. JJ closed her eyes at the touch, remembering the first time that they made love. She was finally ready to admit that what they did was not just causal sex. They were making love.

Their first time was like this too. Emily's touch bringing all her senses to life, burning a path with her fingers, her lips. Emily took a nipple into her mouth. The feeling almost caused JJ to pass out. A moan came from somewhere deep inside her.

Realizing that they were still dressed from the waist down, the women paused to slowly undress each other. Taking her hand, Emily led JJ to her bed where she pulled her down with her, skin to skin. JJ held Emily tightly to her, pressing the softness of her body into her, kissing her in an intensity of desire.

They caressed each other and kissed for what seemed like hours before JJ took Emily's hand and placed it between them, forcing her to feel the wetness that she had caused.

"Oh, God, JJ." Emily whispered as her fingers found JJ opening. The warm wetness enveloping her fingers, JJ's fingers dug into Emily's shoulders, stifling a cry as Emily's fingers delved into her, her hips rising to meet Emily's thrusts.

Emily pulled her hand away and lay down on top of JJ, their hips pressing together. JJ held her, her lips moving over Emily's face before coming back to her mouth. Emily moved down her body, trailing kisses as she went.

Squirming and gasping in anticipation by the time Emily's tongue moved to her inner thigh, JJ thought that she would die if Emily didn't hurry.

"Em..." JJ whispered again and again. JJ's hips writhed on her thighs in an increased frenzied erotic dance, her breathing desperate sobs, her hands clutching Emily's shoulders holding her in place for fear that she would stop.

Emily gave JJ what she wanted, her mouth and tongue moved over her center greedily, relentlessly, devouring her, opening her.

"Yes," JJ sighed, biting her lip and shutting her eyes, feeling the sensation of Emily's mouth wash over her. She had dreamed of this moment for months and it was finally happening. Her orgasm was building. All too soon, her hips were thrusting and she was screaming out Emily's name as pleasure ripped through her.

As JJ's breathing quieted she drew Emily to her, wrapping her in a soft embrace. Emily's hands caressed her hair, and soothed her while JJ's heart slowed and her breathing eased. She raised her head after a while and JJ captured her lips with a searing kiss.

"My turn," She whispered into Emily's mouth. JJ licked her way down Emily's neck, past her pulse point - stopping to taste the pulsing skin beneath her lips. She filled her hands with Emily's warm soft breasts and couldn't stop smiling. JJ replaced her hands with her lips, taking a nipple into her mouth caressing the hard peak. Slipping her hand between their bodies, JJ's fingers found Emily's wetness.

JJ groaned and bit gently on Emily's nipple before slipping first one, then two fingers inside Emily. Pulling out slowly only to delve back deep inside her. Emily's hips rocked against JJ's hand as her fingers moved deeper with each thrust.

"Yes," Emily breathed frantically. "Faster."

Before JJ could respond, Emily screamed a deep, primal scream and stilled in her arms. JJ felt the tremors wash over Emily's body as her breathing slowed. Removing her fingers, JJ looked at the wetness coating them, and was filled with desire that rocked her to her very core. "I want to taste you," JJ murmured. "I want my mouth on you."

"Jenn..." Emily's whisper interrupted, as JJ leaned in to kiss her gently.

The women made love well into the morning. When exhausted, they fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms, neither thinking about what tomorrow would hold.

When Emily opened her eyes the next morning she was afraid that she would find herself alone in bed. But JJ was sound asleep at her side.

Watching JJ sleep, Emily was struck by how beautiful she was. Even with lips swollen from last night's activities and blond hair tousled, JJ still managed to be absolutely gorgeous.

Not able to resist, Emily reached out and kissed JJ's lips softly with her own. She watched as a smile formed on JJ's lips before she opened her eyes. That must be a good sign, Emily thought.

"Good morning." JJ murmured, pulling herself closer to Emily's body. "Is everything ok?"

"Yes, I'm just watching you."

"Hhmm, I hope you like what you see," JJ responded.

"Was there ever a question," Emily pulled JJ closer still, and gave her a gentle squeeze, enjoying the feel of JJ in her arms. They have never just held each other like this before. Another good sign, Emily thought smiling.

"This is nice," JJ moved slightly so that she was looking at Emily. "Last night was, very nice." Blushing, JJ lowered her eyes, not able to hold back a nervous grin.

"Since you left, I couldn't stop thinking about you. Thinking, about this," JJ admitted.

"You mean, since you practically threw me out," Emily retorted, not keeping the hurt out of her voice.

"I'm so sorry about that Em. I know that it's going to take a lot for you to forgive me. Things have been so confusing for me since you came along. This has all been so new for me, I found myself fall..."

JJ was interrupted by a loud rapping at the door. "Emily, why the hell is the door locked?" Kelly shouted. "Come on, rise and shine, I wanna hit the beach, see some sights and eat some food."

Panicked, Emily looked at JJ, eyes wide like a deer caught in headlights. She never got around to telling Kelly about her new found desire for women, especially the woman laying naked beside her. Jumping out of the bed, Emily immediately began to pick up discarded pieces of clothes, looking around frantically.

"She can't find you here, you have to..."

"Emily Prentiss, we are not in high school. I'm not climbing out your window, or hiding in a damn closet," JJ got up, pulling her tank top over her head. "I thought that you said that she was your best friend, I don't see what the big deal is."

"I never told her about this." Emily pointed between herself and JJ, her voice filled with anxiety. "I don't know how she is going to take this new development in my life."

Crawling to the edge of the bed, JJ pulled Emily to her, wrapping her arms around her waist. "Are you saying that I'm in your life?" JJ asked softly.

"Jennifer," Emily began. Bringing her hand to JJ's face she caressed her cheeks, looking into her eyes as she continued. "I love you Jennifer. All I want in the world is to be with you. This is new for me too, but I know that I want nothing more than to explore this with you.''

As tears escaped JJ's eyes, Emily wiped them away with her thumb. Kelly's insistent knocking became louder at the door, however both women were so lost in the moment they hardly heard her.

"Em. It took me a while to realize this, but I love you too. I was afraid. Afraid that you wouldn't love me. Afraid that I'd lose you"

Tears ran freely for both women as they moved to each other, clinging to one another fiercely.

"You know, it won't be easy for us. I'm still angry with you, and there is the LaMontange thing that you still have to explain," Emily pulled back slightly wiping the tears from JJ's cheek.

"Yeah, I know. We have a lot to talk about. But somehow I feel ok knowing that we will be together," JJ paused. "We will be together, right?"

"Always," was all that Emily said before she captured JJ's lips in a kiss that made them both tremble with desire.

The loud knocking at the door broke the women out of their spell; they smiled as they quickly got dressed, then they walked hand in hand to greet Kelly and share some very important news.

The End

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