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In the Morning
By Taz


Emma awoke in the increasingly familiar room of her lover, Special Agent Prentiss; she grinned at the title and the memory of that first interesting interview several months ago. They had had some interesting times since the nasty business that brought the BAU to New York that March. In particular, last night had been fun. It hadn't been dangerous or particularly strange. It had started out with a lot of laughter and had ended in some, if she said so herself, tremendously hot sex. It hadn't been less hot for the fact that there was still a bit of laughter. Emma stopped short of thinking of it as 'comfortable' so that she didn't have to be annoyed by troublesome thoughts.

Speaking of avoiding troublesome thoughts, it was about time for Emily to be awake. Emma knew just the method that she was going to employ. To this end, it was convenient that they were both naked, courtesy of last night. In a motion that was only just barely hampered by morning stiffness, she moved to straddle Emily before leaning forward to blow lightly on the other woman's collar bone- or more specifically, the mark she'd left there some hours before. It had the desired effect and the body under her stirred.

"Mmm" Emily purred, enjoying this much more than any alarm clock she had ever owned. In a team effort they sat up, and at some point before their torsos were fully vertical the kissing had started. It was slow and warm, and Emily's hands had found this fantastic place somewhere south of Emma's waist when the brunette pulled away a little abruptly.

Deep, brown eyes regarded the telepath seriously, "Emma, I love you and this is fantastically sexy, but if I don't get to the bathroom very soon we are both going to be sorry."

A little stunned, Emma removed herself from her comfortable position on Emily's lap and sat down on the other side of the bed, curling her legs to the side and holding herself up with one arm. She didn't say anything as her lover stood and strode away with purpose. Only when Emily was fully out of the room did she stand up and let her mind start working.

For some reason she felt vaguely vulnerable, so she grabbed a robe from a hook on the door and put it on. Not being one to be dishonest with herself, Emma had arrived at the crux of the problem in moments and had her question, and the resolve to minorly invade Emily's mind, as soon as the woman returned from the bathroom. There were some lines the White Queen wouldn't cross. Besides, she wanted to see Emily's face when she got her answer.

When the woman in question returned to her bedroom, she took one look at the blonde and asked, "What is it?"

And if that wasn't a fine opening, Emma didn't know what was. So, she answered just as simply. "You've never said it before."

For just a second Emily had that look where it seemed she was listing all of the possibilities on the back of her eyelids before she found the exact word that must have set this off. "I didn't think you were ready to hear it before," she said without hesitation.

Emma had to consider this. She suspected it was fair. She nodded when she decided that yes, she probably hadn't been ready to hear 'that phrase' until just recently. Actually, that she was more or less ready to hear it now was probably the greatest shock. It was certainly more shocking than the fact that when she'd taken a moment in Emily's mind she'd confirmed that her lover had been telling the truth. Emma smiled, "Well then, that's alright," and she sauntered into the kitchen to get the coffee going. Just because she was ready to hear something didn't mean that she was ready to say it. Maybe next time. Besides, it wasn't as if Emily didn't know.

The End

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