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Still the Same
By Ann


She shouldered her overnight bag and discretely glanced behind her, once again checking the mostly vacant street for anyone who might be following her. Another block and she ducked inside a doorway and eased into a small gap between the door and a long, narrow window, her focus on the cobblestone she'd just vacated. A drunken couple laughed loudly and leaned into each other as they moved past the doorway and headed further down the street, while a tall, gray haired man, wearing a disapproving expression, crossed to the other side of the street from the couple and hurried in the opposite direction. She kept perfectly still as she watched for anything that appeared to be out of the ordinary.

She'd covered her tracks well. Had arranged for someone to cover her position at work and had been her usually vague self in doing so. She was certain those in the know suspected her reason to be medical in nature. In a way, she supposed it was. There was only one drug that could give her the comfort she craved and she could no longer deny herself its healing powers. She'd gone far too long without it.

Another few minutes passed without incident, and she began to relax her guard. Her careful nature, however, made her wait awhile longer before she deemed it safe to step free of her hiding place. She backtracked a couple of blocks and crossed the street, nodding at the doorman who smiled at her as he pulled back on the heavy glass door. Stepping inside the quaint hotel, she stopped momentarily to allow her eyes to adjust to the dim lighting. Her fingers caressed the key that had threatened to burn a hole in her pocket ever since she'd fished it out of an envelope at a hotel she'd checked into when she'd first arrived in London. Now, a day later, with her luggage still occupying the room, she found herself inside of another hotel on the other side of the city.

A subtle ding to her left drew her attention to the elevators, and she adjusted the bag on her shoulder and headed toward doors that had just begun to open. An elderly gentleman stepped out and gave her a tip of his hat as he headed toward the lobby. With one last glance behind her, she slipped into the car and breathed a sigh of relief as the doors closed with a quiet snick. She pressed '5' and was a bit surprised to note the slight shaking of her hand. Jamming it back into her pocket, she gripped the key tightly and watched the numbers count from 1 to 4. At 5, another soft ding sounded and she readied to step free of the car, every fiber of her being thrumming with anticipation.

Room 517 was at the end of the hallway, a corner room that offered as much privacy as possible. Her hand betrayed her again as she struggled to put the key into the old style lock, finally managing the feat and slipping inside. She quickly closed the door behind her and leaned against the solid wood for support. There, not ten feet away, stood her salvation.

"I'd begun to wonder if you'd gotten lost," the other woman said in a teasing voice, her sultry tone already promising to deliver a most satisfying form of liberation. She reached for the belt of her short white coat and worked to free its knotted end, a salacious smile crossing her face as her coat fell open to reveal smooth, silky skin, firm supple breasts, and a perfectly shaped triangle of coarse, dark hair.

The blonde's breath caught in her throat and she was thankful to the door for its support. She'd been dreaming of this moment for weeks, but now that it was here, she found herself overwhelmed by its reality. The other woman very quickly and quite adeptly took stock of the situation and slowly moved forward, offering a gentle smile to calm the obviously skittish woman.

One step, then two, and finally, the women were inches apart. The white raincoat slipped from the brunette's shoulders and pooled on the floor. Lips met softly, gently, and then much more firmly as a pair of hands gripped soft, naked skin and tugged hard until their two bodies were flush against each other. A moan split the air and tongues and hands dueled for control.

Her pants at her ankles, her shirt opened wide, Emily's hand snaked snugly into her underwear, and talented fingers vigorously stroking her wet, silky folds, Erin Strauss had come home again.

The End

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