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Bar Talk
By Athena


Myka sipped her drink as she kept an eye on HG. HG had really embraced modern dancing and was a very alluring sight on the dance floor; something that her dance partner obviously enjoyed. Myka's eyes narrowed when she saw the woman's hands settle on HG's hips, pulling her closer. HG pulled her hair up showing off her slender neck. Myka's pulse started to beat faster. To her relief the song ended and the two left the dance floor. She had expected HG to return to the bar so it surprised her when she followed the woman over to a table. They sat next to each other with their heads close together. The woman leaned closer and said something to HG who laughed. Her long dark hair cascading down her back as she leaned her head back. Myka sighed. HG was a stunning woman. She almost fell off her barstool when she saw the woman's hand cover HG's and gently caress her bare arm. She was again whispering in HG's ear. Myka took a sip of her drink pondering what to do, if anything. Then she saw the woman get up and with a little tug on HG's finger she let go of her hand. Myka watched her walk up to the bar and order. She saw her opening and slid off her stool and quickly walked over to HG. She took a seat next to her, opposite where the blonde had been sitting. HG startled, but smiled at her when she recognized her.

"Myka darling," she said and smiled.

"Helena," she said softly. She took a deep breath, realizing that she didn't have much time before the woman would return. She looked HG in the eyes. "You do realize that she thinks that you're interested in her, right?" Myka said gently. Then to clarify what she meant, added. "in a sexual kind of way."

HG smiled at her. "I would certainly hope so," she purred.

Myka leaned back, surprised by her answer. She jumped when she felt HG's hand on hers.

"Is that a problem?" HG asked concerned.

Myka sighed. "It depends," she said and looked HG in the eyes.

"On what darling?" HG asked curious.

"Whether or not you're planning on bringing her back to our hotel room."

HG squeezed her hand. "I would never do such a thing."

Myka shrugged. "You asked."

"So you're all right with this?" HG asked softly.

NO! she wanted to shout, but instead she just smiled at HG. "Whatever makes you happy."

HG frowned, but before she could ask what Myka meant, her blonde companion returned.

"Who's your friend Helena?" she asked and shot Myka a look that clearly said stay away.

"This is my dear friend Myka," HG said and smiled at her. "Myka, meet Serena."

Myka nodded and mumbled a hello. She disentangled her hand from HG's and started to get up. "Well, three is a crowd, so I'll be going now. I'll see you later Helena," she said and left.

Serena glanced at HG and noticed that she was watching Myka return to her seat at the bar. "So how close a friend is she?" she asked curiously, while caressing HG's hand. "Lover? Former lover?"

HG chuckled and shook her head. "No darling. Myka isn't attracted to women."

Serena looked at Myka who was again sitting at the bar. She smirked when she saw her friend Abbie sauntering over. Leave it to the Texan to pick out the gorgeous new women. She watched Abbie strike up a conversation with Myka and soon had her laughing out loud. "You might want to reconsider that statement Helena," she said smugly and looked at her.

HG turned her head and looked at Myka again. Her eyebrows shot up as she saw the tall dark-haired woman lean down and brush her cheek against Myka's as she said something to her. Myka smiled and nodded. Even from a distance HG could see the intensity in the look Myka gave her. It shook her to the core that she had missed this bit of information about Myka. She tightened her grip on Serena's hand as she saw Abby's hand settle on Myka's thigh.

Serena sighed. "It seems like we really are three at this party," she said. "And as much fun as it can be, I get a strong feeling that my presence would not be required."

HG turned and looked at her. "What are you talking about?"

Serena smiled sadly. "Come on now Helena. I'm not the one you really want to be with tonight."

HG closed her eyes and bowed her head in defeat. She smiled when she felt Serena's soft fingers touch her chin, forcing her to look up. "Go after her Helena. Claim your woman," she said and smiled.

HG looked at the pair at the bar again. Myka was laughing at something Abbie said. She saw her twirl a lock of Abbie's hair around her finger. The image, so familiar she could almost feel the slight tug on her hair, hurt her deep inside.

"She's very attractive," she said gently. And tall, she added silently.

Serena nodded. "And a terrible flirt," she said and laughed.

HG's head snapped around and she stared at her. "You know her?"

Serena nodded. "Abbie and I used to work together. She's in DC now."

HG frowned. "So what's she doing in New York?"

"Visiting," Serena said non committal.

HG's eyes narrowed. "You're not telling me the whole story," she accused.

Serena laughed. "A woman has to be allowed to have some secrets," she teased.

HG tugged at her hand making her lean closer. She nuzzled her ear. "You are a terrible tease darling."

Serena trembled. She looked at HG for a long moment. "I would have loved to get to know you Helena," she said softly. "You are an amazing woman. I can only imagine what interesting secrets you're hiding."

HG smiled at her. "You have no idea," she said mysteriously. "So what's with you and Abbie?"

Serena sighed. "She doesn't see me as anything but a friend. We've known each other too long I think."

HG nodded, understanding the concept completely. "Maybe tonight is your night to be brave darling."

Serena shrugged. "Perhaps." She looked at HG. "Go to her Helena. I'll be all right here."

HG leaned over and brushed her lips across Serena's in a feather light kiss. "Thank you."

Serena mustered up a smile and gave her hand a last squeeze. She watched HG's shapely behind as she gracefully weaved through the crowd.

"Darling, who's your new friend?" HG asked as she stepped close to Myka and put a possessive hand on Myka's, intertwining their fingers.

"Helena," Myka breathed and looked at her.

HG leaned closer and kissed her cheek. "Did you miss me?" she husked.

Abbie folded her arms. "I was under the impression that you were unattached," she said guardedly.

Myka snapped out of her shock brought on by HG's kiss. "I…" she started but stopped when she felt HG's fingers caress the inside of her thigh.

HG smiled at Abbie. "I'm sorry if you were misinformed. We had a disagreement and you know how confusing that can be," she said chipper.

Abbie nodded slowly. "I certainly do," she drawled, her accent thicker than usual. "How can a Texas girl compete with a world traveler anyway?" she said and grinned.

HG laughed and tilted her head. "Your accent is absolutely charming," she said.

Abbie finished her bourbon and put the glass down with an assertive smack. "Well, ladies, it's been fun."

She leaned closer to HG as she passed. "You really do know how to play your cards well," she muttered.

HG chuckled and looked up at her. "Why thank you." She glanced over at Serena. "I believe that I just spoke to a friend of yours." Abbie followed her gaze and smiled when she recognized Serena.


"She's a lovely girl. Very passionate. It's a shame really that she's alone. I can't imagine that it will last."

Abbie startled when HG grabbed her wrist. "Fear is a terrible thing darling. It keeps us from being truly happy."

Abbie's eyes narrowed. "What the fuck were the two of you talking about?" she wanted to know.

HG chuckled. "I would never betray a lady's confidence," she said smugly. "Perhaps you should ask her?"

Abbie laughed out loud. "You are something else." She grinned at HG. "I bet you'd be a great drinking buddy," she drawled. "Call me if you're ever in DC," she said and stuck her card in HG's pocket. "Now if you lovebirds will please excuse me, I think I have a lady to rescue."

HG chuckled. She watched Abbie for a moment as she walked over to Serena's table. Myka's hand on her arm brought her out of her musings. She turned and smiled at her.

"Helena, what are you doing?" she asked confused

HG smiled. "Stating my intentions darling," she said and kissed her. "I don't want there to be any more confusions."

Once back in their room HG backed Myka up against the wall and kissed her soundly. She felt Myka's hands in her hair and she smiled against her lips. Myka whimpered as their tongues touched and Helena pushed closer to her.

"Would it be very forward of me to suggest that we continue this in bed? I had every intention of courting you, and treating you the way you deserve my darling; however our current needs seem to dictate a more straightforward approach," she said slightly out of breath.

"Is that your old-fashioned way of asking if you can fuck me?" Myka said with a smirk.

HG gasped. "Myka Bering! I had no idea you had such a foul mouth," she said and grinned.

"Well? What's the verdict Wells?" Myka teased.

HG raised an eyebrow at the use of her last name. "I would settle for make love darling," she said softly. "And yes, I most definitely want to make love to you. Preferably right now."

Myka laughed and pulled her towards the nearest bed. "I think we can come to an agreement on that," she said with a little smirk.

HG laughed. "How delightful."

Myka pulled her close and crushed HG's lips against hers. She had wanted to kiss her for such a long time, she just had to taste her lips. And HG did not disappoint. Her lips were full and soft. Her mouth tasted of expensive whiskey and something uniquely HG. The combination was intoxicating. Myka sighed softly. She chuckled when HG pulled away and impatiently tugged at her coat.

"Would you like me to take it off hon?" she teased.

"Yes," HG said and moved her hands to Myka's shirt. Her nimble fingers soon had Myka in only her bra and pants. She smiled at her. "So much better."

Myka grinned and shook her head. She took a step back. "Well, that's all you'll get until you get out of your clothes," she teased.

HG slipped out of her leather jacket and tossed it on a chair. Her vest and shirt followed. She swayed a little as she pulled her right boot off. Myka's hands on her hips steadied her and she leaned against her, feeling Myka's soft breasts press against her back. She sighed and quickly kicked off her other boot, not bothering to see where it landed. Myka slipped her hands inside her pants and she shivered at the intense feeling. "Take them off," she whispered.

Myka unbuttoned the pants and slowly pulled the zipper down. They only needed a little push before they pooled around HG's feet. She stepped out of them and turned in Myka's arms. Myka held her at arms' length and just gazed at her. "You are so amazingly beautiful Helena," she whispered.

HG chuckled. "Thank you darling. I guess my years aren't showing tonight."

Myka laughed and shook her head. "No definitely not. I don't think anyone would ever guess your age."

HG smiled at her. She plucked at her panties and peered up at Myka. "So this is all right then?" she asked a little hesitant. "They seem quite scandalous, but the store clerk recommended them."

Myka ran her hands over the sinful black lace and silk. "Yeah, definitely all right," she sighed. She slipped her hands around HG's waist and down her buttocks. Her eyes widened when she realized that HG was actually wearing a thong. "Oh my," she said and ran her hands over HG's soft butt. She kissed her hard as she pulled her closer, grabbing her butt. She felt HG moan against her lips, her arms around her neck. She reluctantly let go of HG's delicious buttocks and quickly unbuttoned her pants and removed them all while keeping their lips together. She ran her hands up HG's back and unsnapped her bra. She smiled when she felt the action mirrored on her own. She shimmied out of it all while slipping the black lace number off of HG. She moaned when HG pulled her close and their breasts touched for the first time.

"Oh god Helena," she sighed.

HG walked her backwards until she felt the bed against her legs. She sat down and looked up at HG while gently caressing her hips. She grinned when HG straddled her and sat down on her lap. When HG's lips demanded another kiss she leaned back taking HG with her until she was stretched out on top of her. She grabbed her butt and pulled her up closer. The cool sheet underneath her was a stark contrast to the heat emanating from the woman in her arms. She shivered at the intense feeling and pulled HG closer. She protested when HG pulled away and rolled over.

"I could kiss you all night," HG confessed. "I do however have other things in mind for you."

Myka bit her lip. She ran her fingers over HG's breasts, teasing the nipples. HG's soft sigh made her smile and intensify her efforts. "You have such beautiful breasts," she said and leaned over to take a nipple in her mouth. HG's hands in her hair pulled her closer.

"Oh darling, that feels wonderful," HG sighed. "More," she whispered. Myka teased the other nipple with her hand, rubbing a finger over it until it stiffened. She felt HG squirm underneath her. "So good," she mumbled.

Myka trailed her fingers down HG's body memorizing every little sound and shiver. She realized that HG's nipples were very sensitive and wondered for a moment if she could give her an orgasm from just touching and licking her nipples. A discovery for another day she decided. She rubbed her hand against HG's silk clad crotch and felt her push up against her. "Yes darling," she whimpered. Myka rolled off the bed and bent down and grabbed HG's panties. She looked her in the eyes as she slowly pulled them off of her. She rubbed her fingers against the wet silk. "Deliciously decadent," she mumbled.

HG moved up on the bed, her eyes still transfixed on Myka. "Take them off," she whispered.

Myka slipped off her panties and put one knee down on the bed giving HG the opportunity to look at her. And look she did. Her eyes roamed over Myka's body with undisguised lust. Myka's eyebrows hiked up when HG rubbed her foot against her. She grabbed it and pulled it up. HG's slender foot smelled clean when she nibbled on it. She kissed the inside of her ankle before pushing on her leg a bit more. Myka could smell HG's arousal as her action opened her up wide. She kneeled on the bed with HG's leg over her shoulder. To her surprise HG kept her leg there as she lowered herself on top of her.

"God Helena. You're so flexible," she said astonished.

HG chuckled. "I try to keep fit," she purred. "Even if it is for self defense purposes, the other benefits are oh so much more delightful."

Myka chucked and rubbed her body against HG's center. "I'm not complaining," she said and brushed her fingers against her soft folds. HG whimpered as she touched her. Wanting it to last, Myka only lingered momentarily before she removed her hand.

HG sighed slightly frustrated and grabbed her. "Come here." She rolled Myka over and straddled her slender waist. She moved a little, coating Myka's stomach with her wetness. Myka bit her lip and her hands gripped HG's thighs tighter. HG chuckled and ran her hands up Myka's sides. She cupped her breasts and rubbed her thumbs over Myka's nipples. She felt her arch under her touch, pushing up against her hands. She slid down until she was stretched out on top of Myka. She kissed her tenderly and smiled when Myka put her hands in her hair pulling her hard against her lips.

Myka rolled them over and pinned HG's hands over her head. "God you're sexy," she said and kissed her again. "I'm starting to think that we have a completely wrong idea about sex during the Victorian era," she mumbled against HG's neck.

HG chuckled and pulled to get her hands free. "I'll be happy to educate you on the topic darling," she drawled. When Myka didn't release her hands she wrapped her legs around Myka's waist, twisting her body so she could roll her over. It would have worked, had she really wanted it to, and if Myka had not been so intent on holding her in place. Instead Myka looked up at her and grinned.

"I'm looking forward to it honey," she said. "Later," she whispered and closed her lips around HG's right nipple. She sucked greedily, delighting in the sounds emanating from her partner. She alternated between HG's breasts, teasing the nipples until HG was squirming underneath her. She lowered their clasped hands so she could slide down HG's body, planting kisses and gentle nibbles as she went. She grabbed a pillow and tossed it on the floor before sliding off the bed. Kneeling on the pillow she kissed the inside of HG's thighs. When HG tried to trap her by closing her legs Myka gently grabbed her legs and hooked them over her arms. She pulled HG towards her until her buttocks were close to the edge of the bed and then lowered HG's legs onto her shoulders, wrapping her arms around her hips. She smiled at HG before separating her sensitive folds with her tongue. HG whimpered and grabbed the sheet.

"Oh god," she whispered.

Myka let her tongue swirl over HG's center, tasting her, loving her. It amazed her how responsive she was to her touch. She slipped two fingers inside HG.

"Oh yes, so good," she moaned.

Myka felt HG's hand move around and intertwined their fingers, giving her the anchor she seemed to need. She pushed deeper inside HG and curled her fingers only to hear HG cry out when she touched a certain spot inside.

"Oh god!"

She intensified her efforts on HG's sensitive center and a moment later she felt her surge off the bed as her muscles clenched hard around Myka's fingers. Myka stayed with her, stroking her with her tongue until HG relaxed with a final shudder. She removed her mouth before she could cause HG discomfort, but left her fingers inside of her. She looked up at her beautiful face, waiting for her to open her eyes. When she finally did she smiled at her.

"Come here," HG whispered and tugged at her hand.

Myka slowly slipped her fingers free of HG's softness and felt her shiver at the loss. She crawled back on the bed and put her arms around HG. "I'm here honey," she whispered.

HG put her hand on Myka's neck and pulled her closer for a kiss. "Mm, you taste like me," she purred.

Myka chuckled. "I do."

HG smiled. "It's been a while. Thank you."

Myka kissed her softly. "I hope it was worth waiting for."

"More than you know."

HG sat up and leaned on her elbow. She gently caressed Myka's face. "How are you feeling?"

Myka chuckled. "Great. How are you feeling?"

HG smiled and leaned down and brushed her lips against Myka's. "Wonderful." She caressed Myka's chest, rubbing her hands and fingers over her breasts. "You are so beautiful Myka," she whispered. "Your body is so toned and muscular."

Myka grinned. "Thanks I guess."

HG moved so she could trail kisses down Myka's abs. "I've never been with a woman quite like you before."

Myka smiled. "Is that so? Well, I hope I won't disappoint you," she teased.

HG's head snapped up. "Never," she said seriously and looked Myka in the eyes. "That's not what I meant."

Myka caressed her cheek. "I know honey. I was just teasing you."

HG sighed relieved. "Don't do that again. You scared me."

Myka pulled her down for a soft kiss. "I promise."

They traded soft kisses for long minutes until they were both breathing hard. HG stilled her hands on Myka's hips and pulled away from her lips long enough to formulate a question. "Darling, is there something in particular that you like? Something that makes you feel really good?"

Myka shook her head. "Any touch from you would make me feel wonderful. Don't worry. You can't break me and I'm so close to having an orgasm right now I know I won't last long," she said and bit her lip.

HG grinned. "Anything huh?"

Myka's eyebrows shot up. "Well, almost anything I guess," she said a little hesitantly.

HG smirked. "Really? Well, I promise to play nice. This time," she purred. She sat up and leaned against the headboard. "Come here," she said and tugged at Myka's hand until Myka was kneeling, straddling her thighs. She pulled her against her, cherishing holding Myka this close. "Is this okay?"

Myka nodded.

HG took a rosy nipple in her mouth and sucked gently. She steadied Myka when she felt her push against her mouth. She ran her hands up and down Myka's sides and back delighting in the feel of the strong muscles playing under Myka's soft skin. She slipped her hand between Myka's legs and ran her fingers over her soft center.

"Oh god, Helena," Myka cried out and sobbed at the intense feeling HG's fingers caused.

HG smiled and bit down on the hard nipple in her mouth. She felt Myka jump and worried for a second that she had used too much force. When Myka didn't make any effort for her to remove her mouth, she took that as a sign of approval. She found her rhythm as her fingers danced over Myka's folds. She could feel her build and slowed down a little, only to speed up again a few minutes later. She kept building Myka's passion until she could feel her tremble in her arms. She removed her hand and kissed Myka when she started to protest.

"Hush darling, trust me," she said and kissed her again. Myka nodded silently, her body shaking with need. "Hold on to the headboard darling," HG instructed.

Myka gripped the wood with strong hands as she watched HG slide down between her legs. She took a shaky breath when she realized what she was planning on. When HG grabbed her hips and pulled her down onto her mouth she was glad that she had something to hold onto. She cried out as HG's tongue swept over her already supersensitive flesh. She felt the room start to spin and had to close her eyes. She focused on the feel of HG's tongue against her and her gentle hands on her hips. The insistent tip of her tongue flicking over her most sensitive spot, sending bolts of lightening through her body, only to slow down to dip into her, tasting her, and then starting all over again. Myka whimpered and her legs were shaking hard, she was so close.

"Please Helena," she whispered.

She felt HG's hand on her, touching her from behind, dipping into her ever so gently. Even though the touch was light, and far from as deep as Myka would've liked it to be, it felt incredible. Then she felt HG's fingers further down, further back and her eyes flew open. No one had ever touched her like that before, and she couldn't for her life understand why not, it felt so incredibly good. She whimpered again and pushed against HG's fingers and mouth.

"So good," she whispered.

HG intensified her efforts, this time not easing up when she felt Myka's climax build. She could feel her shaking and she caressed her with her fingers and mouth. She held her against her mouth as the orgasm hit, sweeping her tongue over her until she felt her jump. She stilled her efforts and just pressed her tongue hard against Myka's clit, leaving it there until the last tremor subsided. She felt Myka slide off of her and pulled her into her arms. She tucked Myka's head against her neck and just held her.

"Wow," Myka whispered.

HG chuckled and kissed her brow.

Myka looked at her and smiled. "You're amazing."

HG kissed her smiling mouth. "So are you darling." She slipped the comforter over them while cradling Myka in her arms. She sighed happily when Myka snuggled closer to her, wrapping her arm around her waist. Why had she ever given up on this?

"Good night darling," she whispered against Myka's soft curls. "Sweet dreams."

"You too baby," Myka whispered tiredly and pulled her tighter against her. She sighed when HG's thigh slipped between hers and she hooked her foot around her leg.

The End

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