Trust, Placed PG Myka/H.G. To be trusted is a greater complement than being loved." - George McDonald Complete


Perks of the Job 15 Myka/H.G. Written for femslash_today's Green Beer & Kisses: The [Totally Not] Annual Porn Battle. Complete

Going Undercover PG-13 Myka/H.G. Helena goes undercover to try to find answers to Artie's odd behavior. Follows episode 4.01 A New Hope. Complete


Hold Me Tight As I Sleep PG Myka/H.G. A temporary malfunction at Leena's leads to some delightful, warm discoveries. Complete

Things that go bump in the night 18 Myka/H.G. HG and Claudia are plotting something. Myka is getting annoyed and frustrated that she can't find out what they are up to. Spookiness, silliness, kissing and more. Complete

A New Tomorrow PG Myka/H.G. A regular, normal day at the Warehouse turns into something quite different that changes the relationships within the team forever. A wee bit of angst and a lot of fluff. Enjoy! Complete

Bar Talk 18 Myka/H.G. Helena and Myka are on a case in New York City. Relaxing at the end of a not so successful day they end up in a gay bar. Helena starts flirting with a woman, but when she realizes that Myka is not who she thougth she was, our Victorian lady decides to put her foot down and state her intentions. Short little cameo of Abbie Carmichael and Serena from LAO. Complete

Auld Land Syne 18 Myka/H.G. Pete and Myka are on a case in New York City on New Year's Eve. HG Wells is plotting something, unbeknownst to the two agents. Established relationship. Complete

What Ever Happened to Helena G Wells? 1-3 4-6 7-9 18 Myka/H.G. HG Wells was numb. When they pushed her into the dark van she felt nothing, she didn't even flinch when her shoulder briefly hit the side of the car. Nothing. Spoiler for Season 2 finale Reset. Crossover with Sanctuary. On-Going

Silk & Lace 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 18 Myka/H.G. HG enlists Claudia's help on a small project of a personal nature. Myka misunderstands HG's intentions and is furious with her, as her protective instincts towards Claudia kick in. On-Going

Dating HG Wells 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 18 Myka/H.G. Myka's thoughts as she's driving away from the Warehouse at the end of Reset. // Reflection on her relationship with HG Wells and the intriguing concept of dating a Victorian woman. Complete

Changing of the Seasons Saga

Winter Solstice 1 2 3 PG Myka/H.G. Myka leaned against the door frame watching the scene in the living room. Hands wrapped around a mug of steaming mulled wine she felt its warmth rejuvenate her cold body. It was December 21, Winter solstice night and surprisingly there had been no ping anywhere today. Complete

Winter Wonderland 1 2 3 PG Myka/H.G. Helena grinned and turned her face up at the morning sky. She felt free, and for the first time in a very long time she was truly happy. She held out her hands, palms turned up and made a little twirl suddenly overcome by this profound feeling of joy. Complete

Spring is in the Air 1 2 3 PG Myka/H.G. Winter is finally over and spring is here. Helena's bonds with the people around her are solidifying and she is feeling more and more anchored in this world. She and Myka get a chance to spend some quality time together. Myka makes a new, unusual friend. Complete

Summer Fun 1 2 3 PG Myka/H.G. Summer is here and Warehouse missions are mixed up with some more relaxing time. A very inquisitive four-year-old freaks Myka out with a statement that leaves little to the imagination. Helena gets hurt during a mission and tries to hide it from Myka. Myka gets upset when she finds out. But what can't a little TLC and some high quality champagne fix? On-Going

Modern Marvels 1 15 Myka/H.G. Our Victorian lady learns about some new inventions from her patient, but slightly embarrassed friend. On-Going

How I long for the Horse & Buggy Days PG Myka/H.G. Pete and HG Wells have a secret. Myka is getting upset by how the two are bonding and spending more and more time alone. Myka's thoughts are playing tricks on her, drawing her into dark musings and making her jump to conclusions. Goofiness and some fluff, and a wee bit of angst. Complete

Day of Beauty 1 2 PG Myka/H.G. It's Saturday and Myka is off to Univille to indulge in some personal pampering. She decides to bring Helena along and the two finally admit some things to each other. Fluff and goofiness. On-Going

Dusty Footprints in Time 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 PG Myka/H.G. Myka watched Helena out of the corner of her eye. She had been doing this a lot lately. Well, if she was honest to herself she had always been watching Helena; though recently the reason had changed. She was worried. Her beautiful partner had withdrawn into herself, and become more and more solemn. // Insight into HG Wells' past and her family. (established relationship) Complete

Metropolitan Ghost 1-5 18 Myka/H.G. Myka and Helena are on a case in New York City. Waiting for Artie to get back with some new information they are enjoying a little quiet time. Well, that's until Helena gets bored. And how do we deal with a bored Victorian lady? We take her shopping of course! Will Myka survive spending time with a flirty Helena in a changing room? On-Going

Two Steps Forward, One Step back PG-13 Myka/H.G. Myka left the Warehouse after the incident in Yellowstone and started a new life in California. Three years later she is still unable to put the incident behind her and when Helena Wells suddenly shows up out of nowhere, she reluctantly lets her back into her life again. The question is, can Myka go back to her previous life as a Warehouse Agent? Can Helena be trusted? There are still so many unanswered questions, and it seems like there is only one woman who has the answers to them all. Myka will have to trust Helena one more time if she is going to reclaim her life. Angst, tears, kisses, happiness and some humor... it's all here. Come on, you know you want to read it! Complete

Rain 18 Myka/H.G. Helena wakes up to the sound of soft rain drops tapping on the window. She is in bed, snuggled up next to her warm lover, who is still asleep. Remembering past events inspired by rain, she wakes the beautiful woman in her bed. Complete

Unexpected Visitor 18 Myka/H.G. Missing scene at the end of the Second Season episode For the Team. Claudia and Myka stay another night in California to allow Claudia to recuperate a bit more before their return trip to the Warehouse. While Claudia is asleep in her room Myka gets a late night visit. Complete

Be Good to Me 18 Myka/H.G. The L Word crossover - Myka left the Warehouse after the disaster in Yellowstone. She starts a new life in California as a musician. Her time at the Warehouse is fading away. A new relationship helps her move on even though her new girlfriend reminds her quite a lot of the woman she is trying unsuccessfully to forget. Complete

Jack the Ripper PG-13 Myka/H.G. Myka had her 'night in' all planned, Sanctuary on TV, couch all to herself and Twizzlers. Life was good indeed! Just as she has settled in she hears steps in the hall... Complete

Danger Lurks on All Hallows Eve 18 Myka/H.G. Helena invites Myka to attend the Annual Halloween Celebration in Univille. Inspired by watching the Dresden Files with Claudia, Helena requests that Myka dress up as a Vampire. Enjoying the festivities in Univille, Myka introduces Helena to a new type of bar, before taking her beautiful date home for more delightful discoveries. Complete

Pictionary with HG Wells 15 Myka/H.G. story is in response to a prompt posted on MAG Prompt Requests Prompt: Helena being bad at something. HG Wells is all super-competent, but there has to be at least one thing she totally sucks at. Complete

Warehouse Security 18 Myka/H.G. The Warehouse team is in between assignments. endless computer updates and inventory makes our agents, and junior agents/apprentices somewhat bored and restless. Claudia is running a diagnostic on the computer when the security system pics up on something inside the Warehouse. As she investigates she discovers something surprising. Complete

The Temptations of Your Touch 18 Myka/H.G. The beginning of Myka's relationship with HG Wells. Starting with Myka's feelings after learning that HG Wells is in fact a woman we see the two interact and become more involved as their secret relationship progresses. Complete

Missing You 1-2 PG Myka/H.G. Claudia slipped into bed and pulled her laptop closer. Sitting up with two pillows behind her in the dark room she opened her special folder. Clicking on the most recent picture, she sank down a little deeper under the covers as HG's face filled her screen. Claudia swallowed, fighting the tears as she looked into HG's dark eyes. On-Going

Women's Equality Day PG Myka/H.G. August 26th, 2011 was Women's Equality Day in the United States. Due to the real HG Wells involvement and push for women's rights and equality for all, I wanted to write a little thank you piece, focused of course around our Helena Wells. There are several real quotes in here. Some are in British English and therefore spelled the British way. If this upsets anyone - live with it! :) Enjoy and Happy Women's Equality Day to you! Complete

Naughty Vocabulary PG-13 Myka/H.G. HG Wells, determined to be able to blend in better in this new confusing century sets out to update her vocabulary. Myka is dragged into the project which soon turns more intimate. Complete

The Return PG Myka/H.G. HG Wells has been released from the Regents' prison and is once again back at Warehouse 13, but things are not the same. Myka desperately wants things to be the way they were before HG Wells betrayed her. Is it possible for them to repair the shreds of their budding relationship, or is it too late? Has Helena already moved on, or did she never feel anything for Myka. Perhaps it really was just part of the game. HG Wells keeps avoiding Myka's efforts to speak with her until finally she makes her move. What she has to say almost shatters Myka's world. Can she fight for HG? Does she even want to? Perhaps it is not too late after all. Told from Myka's viewpoint. A lot of angst, but also sweet moments. Have faith in Myka, she is very strong (and stubborn) when she needs to be :) Complete

New Family PG Myka/H.G. Claudia is having trouble sleeping. Her thoughts are playing games with her mind, keeping her from the rest she needs. Someone is watching over her, easing her pain. Complete

Toaster 2.0 PG Myka/H.G. HG Wells is having some trouble with a kitchen appliance, but do not worry, our Victorian steampunk inventoress will save the day. Complete

Geek Girl meets HG Wells PG Myka/H.G. Missing scenes from When and Where. Told from Claudia's point-of-view and some from Helena's. Complete

Destined to Meet at Gun Point PG-13 Myka/H.G. Myka and Helena are having a little face off about pulling a gun on each other. Who's right, and who's wrong? Funfic/Crackfic no real plot line, just having a little fun with the girls. Complete

HG Wells & Claudia Donovan do McDonalds PG Claudia/H.G. HG, wanting to get to know Claudia better agrees to going out to lunch. Claudia, seeing an opportunity to introduce HG to something new takes our time traveler to the golden arches establishment. Complete

All Hallows Eve PG Myka/H.G. Myka is trying to explain Halloween to Helena who just refuses to grasp the finer points of why scaring children is fun. Spookiness, silliness and kissing. Complete

Ghosts of a Future Never Meant to Be 1-2 3-4 5-6 PG-13 Myka/H.G. The Warehouse has been destroyed, and loved ones with it. Myka is heartbroken, but tries her hardest to be strong. While taking inventory of what remained after the blast she comes across a heartbreaking discovery. More determined than ever to change the past she confronts Artie. Will Myka be able to bring back the ones lost? What about the secrets hidden deep inside the Warehouse? Crossover story featuring Dr. Helen Magnus. On-Going

Let it Snow PG-13 Myka/H.G. It is Winter Solstice night and Helena is having a quiet moment alone, reflecting on the past. With Pete's help, she and Myka reveal their feelings for each other. Wanting to make Helena feel comfortable about the upcoming holiday, Myka makes a request of her that Helena happily accepts. Complete

Hour of the Wolf 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 18 Myka/H.G. Myka's and Helena's relationship after the end of Season 2. AU story. On-Going


Reflections in a Cage PG Myka/H.G. Never had she imagined how enchanted she would be by this woman. The one thing in the world that had the power to derail all her plans. Complete

Caged Bird Sings PG Myka/H.G. She found herself wishing for any sort of companionship, even one that knew her so well. Complete

High Kicks and Pillow Cases PG Myka/H.G. It was not easy to be Claudia, not when she was scared of the dark. Complete

One Thousand Good-byes in the Beat of a Heart PG Myka/H.G. They'd been saying good-bye from the moment they'd met. Complete

Behind These Walls PG Myka/H.G. Steve finally learns why Myka left. And why she came back. And then, he wished he hadn't. Complete


Tales of lives past 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 PG-13 Myka/H.G. A face from the past causes a stir and along with it brings a whole host of new threats to the Warehouse. Can the Warehouse endure? And can Helena finally let go of her past in order to have a future? Complete


Equally Simple PG-13 Myka/H.G. Helena has a very simple answer to a question. Complete

there are so many tictoc clocks 18 Myka/H.G. There may be a bloodthirsty lawn mower on the loose, but whilst Artie is distracting it Myka and Helena have other things on their minds... This a sequel (with kind permission) to fewthistle's fic 'As Small as a World and as Large as Alone'. Complete

Masterpiece U Myka/H.G. Helena runs across an old 'friend' in the Warehouse. Complete

Legerdemain PG-13 Myka/H.G. A drunken poker game leads to misuse of an artefact. It's all Claudia's fault. (Well, mostly.) Complete

(lady i will touch you with my mind) 18 Myka/H.G. Artie sends Helena and Myka to a B&B in search of an artefact. When they arrive they discover that they are posing as a newly-married couple - and that the artefact they are looking for makes their desire for each other impossible to hide. Complete


World Enough, and Time G Helena's sacrifice & Myka's Devastation. Complete

Sick Day PG-13 "We're taking a sick day."   "Love, I don't believe the warehouse offers sick days." Complete


In Search of Kringle PG Multi-fandom crossover. Complete

Erin Griffin

Santa Traps PG-13 Myka/H.G. A Christmas in the future. Complete

Come Away With Me PG-13 Myka/H.G. Right after Reset, Myka and Helena run away together away from the pain of that day. Complete

Dead Poets' Society PG-13 Myka/H.G. Answer to Commentfic Party Prompt: A Picnic in the Warehouse. Complete

Done Here PG-13 Myka/H.G. Answer to Commentfic Prompt: "this is the way it has to be, you can't stop it." "oh, but i can try, darling". Complete

Drenched PG-13 Myka/H.G. Answer to Commentfic Prompt: Kissing in the rain. Complete

Finding Mr. Bear PG-13 Myka/H.G. Answer to Commentfic Prompt: HG discovering Myka's ancient white bear. Complete

Fourteen Hours PG-13 Myka/H.G. Answer to Commentfic Prompt: "I love you, but we've only got fourteen hours to save the Earth!" Complete

Free Entertainment PG-13 Myka/H.G. Answer to Commentfic Prompt: Picnic, fliying disc (Frisbee), slipping and falling. Complete

Going Home PG-13 Myka/H.G. HG wants to meet Myka's family. Complete

Heart of Bronze PG-13 Myka/H.G. Answer to Commentfic Prompt: I'd do anything to be with her." Complete

'Tis the Season PG-13 Myka/H.G. Myka makes a bold move one night before a roaring fire. Complete

I Wanna Take You To a Gay Bar PG-13 Myka/H.G. Answer to Commentfic Prompt: gay bar, kissing. Complete

In the Library PG-13 Myka/H.G. Answer to Commentfic Prompt: Pete or Claudia pull a prank that backfires. Complete

It's A Small World PG-13 Myka/H.G. Answer to Commentfic Prompt: The Warehouse gang go to Disneyland! Complete


Might Have Been Kinder PG-13 Myka/H.G. It might have been kinder if she had pulled the trigger. Complete


By the Pricking of My Thumbs PG-13 Myka/H.G. No synopsis given. Complete

A Kind of Blindness 15 Myka/H.G. Sequel to 'By the Pricking of My Thumbs'. Complete

Still Learning PG-13 Myka/H.G. No synopsis given. Complete

Confess Me 15 Myka/H.G. No synopsis given. Complete

Expiation PG Myka/H.G. A Sort of Christmas Ficlet. Complete

Doing Inventory 18 Myka/H.G. No synopsis given. Complete

True Confessions 15 Myka/H.G. This is a second in what may be a series of "doing inventory" stories. Complete

Five Things That Might or Might Not Have Happened to Myka Bering 15 Myka/H.G. No synopsis given. Complete

Five Things that Might or Might Not Have Happened to Helena Wells 15 Myka/H.G. No synopsis given. Complete

As Small as a World and as Large as Alone PG Myka/H.G. No synopsis given. Complete


Mad World PG-13 Myka/H.G. As Myka's world slows to a crawl, she contemplates the unfairness of it all. Complete

grumpybear & sHaYcH

Belief & Betrayal 15 Myka/H.G. After the events surrounding the discovery and subsequent loss of Warehouse 2, can the team see past betrayal in order to save one of their own? Complete


Glittering Hosts PG-13 Myka/H.G. A stolen moment under the stars. Complete

Making the World Slow Down 18 Myka/H.G. Sometimes you just need the world to stop spinning so you can catch back up with it. Complete

Post-Its of a Life Well-Loved 15 Myka/H.G. Whenever Claudia needs to feel better about things, she pulls out H.G. and Myka's old journal. Complete

Indefinable Need 15 Myka/H.G. Myka didn't know why she needed to have HG's grappler. She just knew that she did. Complete

Finding Hope Amongst the Ashes 15 Myka/H.G. There was nothing left to find in the ashes of Warehouse 13. Or was there? Complete

Absolution 15 Myka/H.G. My headcannon as to where HG's been after the first episode of S3. Set after 'Indefinable Need'. Complete

Home 18 Myka/H.G. Helena returns home to the Bed and Breakfast. Set after 'Absolution'. Complete

Sacrifice PG-13 Myka/H.G. Sometimes, protecting the Warehouse means that one must make the ultimate sacrifice. Set post S4 mid-season finale. Complete

Inevitable PG-13 Myka/H.G. I couldn't not try and fix what happened in 4x15. Consider this your spoiler warning. Complete

Come With Me PG Myka/H.G. A Bering and Wells, DEBS AU fic. Complete

As You Wish PG Myka/H.G. Helena, Myka, and a Halloween party. A follow-up (of sorts) to my Bering and Wells AU DEBS fic 'Come With Me'. Complete

A New Beginning PG Myka/H.G. She knew how to be miserable. She understood sadness. But she was tired of the aching emptiness that filled her chest and sat heavily in her stomach. She was tired of approaching each day with the goal of surviving until the next. She was tired of simply existing. She wanted to live. Complete


Worth the Wait PG Myka/H.G. Fringe crossover - Olivia lets slip some information that she shouldn't. Complete

Wish You Were Here 15 Myka/H.G. Myka wishes she could see H.G. again. This wasn't quite what she had in mind. Complete


A Pirate's Life for Me 1-10 11-19 18 Myka/H.G. This story is nothing but an excuse to imagine Helena as a pirate, captaining a ship and swaggering all over the place while seducing Myka, who just happens to be a Lieutenant Commander in His Majesty's Navy and a Warehouse Agent. Let the swashbuckling begin. Complete

Dream of What Might Have Been 15 Myka/H.G. If you haven't read "A Pirate's Life For Me" this also won't make any sense. This story is set after the epilogue of that fic, with Myka and Helena living their "happily ever after." Complete

And They Lived... 15 Myka/H.G. Set roughly 10 years after the events of the Season 3 finale (SPOILER ALERT) just a 'day in the life' fic. Complete

A Merry Christmas PG Myka/H.G. Set in the same universe as my story "And They Lived..." this is more of a prequel, roughly 5 years after the events of the Season 3 finale. Just a bit of ridiculous, teeth achingly sweet Christmas fluff. Complete

Happy Halloween 18 Myka/H.G. Ok so I blame this on tumblr. Fuckyeahpikacha did a gif of that time Joanne played a vampire on the Dresden files. So of COURSE I had to fic it. Complete

Sparring Partners 15 Myka/H.G. Pete comes across Helena and Myka sparring and sees that there may be something ... more...going on. Complete

Small Memories PG Myka/H.G. Myka remembers. Set a week after the events of Season 3 finale. Assumes that there was no magical "fix" and is essentially just a character study. Did I mention angst? Complete

A Simple Note PG Myka/Emily Prentiss Criminal Minds crossover - When in DC, Myka Bering and Emily Prentiss had an affair. Complete

Surrender 18 Myka/H.G. Really this is just a character study with sex. There isn't much of what you'd call a 'plot.' Set some time in season 2? No real tie to the canon timeline. Complete

An Unusual Proposal G Myka/H.G. Just a bit of wedding fluff inspired by some Tumblr gifs. Complete

A Day for White G Myka/H.G. No real plot, just fluff. This one is Boomwizard's fault. She asked about Myka wearing white. So I wrote wedding fic. Complete

With You I am Many Things 18 Myka/H.G. This fic doesn't really need a summary, because there is no plot...Yep. Just double checked. No plot. Only sex. Complete

Penance 18 Myka/H.G. After a case gone wrong, Myka stumbles. Helena is there to catch her. Written as a fic auction fic for CrazyCat who requested HG/Myka D/s with Helena as the top for once. Pretty sure there is nothing in the way of a plot. Complete

A Kiss in Sunlight PG Myka/H.G. Myka and Helena share a first kiss. Complete

This Fire Between Us 18 H.G. Wells/Helen Magnus Sanctuary crossover - Just another fic inspired by tumblr gifs. Narry a plot in sight. Just smut. A character study of Helen and Helena's er, relationship. Set during the time of Warehouse 12. Complete

What is Written G Myka/H.G. This came about at the prompting of one of my tumblr followers, crazycat9449, who wanted to see Myka take Helena to Bering and Sons. Extreme cuteness and fluff ahead. Complete


Welcome to the FLPD 1 15 Multi-fandom crossover - two new deputies join the Femslash-Land Police Department and find that nothing is quite what it seems. On-Going


Only Yesterday G Myka/H.G. After the events of 'Reset' H.G. Wells is returned to the Bronze Sector of Warehouse 13. Ten years later, she is awakened. Complete

Never Let Me Go 18 Myka/H.G. When H.G. gets a very unexpected visitor she learns that she is not the only person who excels at finding the things she wants. Complete


No More a Ghost G Myka/H.G. Myka gets a visitor as she sleeps. Complete


Apples, Twizzlers, And Nuts 18 Myka/H.G. The Warehouse offers more than just smelling apples to our intrepid Agents. Complete

Myka Is So Over It PG-13 Myka/H.G. Mrs. Fredric is acting crazy, all Pete wants is platonic children, and Helena insists on telling everyone the specifics of their love life. Is it too much to ask for poor Myka to have a little peace? Complete

Sheer Unadulterated Idiocy New PG-13 Myka/H.G. The way Helena's favorite show Star Trek: Voyager ends introduces an incensed Helena to the sheer unadulterated idiotic world of TV shows. Complete

It's My Soul Up There New 15 Myka/H.G. It's nature and you can't fight nature but with Pete by your side, maybe you can. Complete

The Spawn Of The Great Joraffe And The Unicorn Queen New PG-13 Myka/H.G. The big eyes of the little multi colored spotted plush animal with a little unicorn on top of its head stared at Helena with what could only be described as wonderment...if the bloody thing was alive. Complete


Catalysis 18 Myka/H.G. Myka keeps accidentally having sex with H.G.. She's not okay with this. (Except for the part where she totally is.) Complete


Clark's Three Laws PG-13 Myka/H.G. Arthur Clark's laws as seen through Helena's experiences in the modern world. Complete

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night G Myka/H.G. A silent vigil for those who shall never be forgotten. Complete

Grief G Myka/H.G. One shot of graveyard scene. Complete

I used to believe in forever, but forever is too good to be true G Myka/H.G. A moment between Helena and Christina. Complete

Nihility G Myka/H.G. Myka does some introspection. Complete

Ten thousand saw I at a glance G Myka/H.G. An unspoken conversation. Complete

Watchman, What of the Night? 1 2 3 4 5 PG-13 Myka/H.G. Myka is thrust into a situation that leads her to certain truths about who she is to Helena, and who Helena is to her. On-Going

What Dreams May Come 15 Myka/H.G. Myka is a very frustrated woman. Complete