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Ten thousand saw I at a glance
By winter156


Their eyes locked and everything else fell away. The blaring alarms, Pete and Artie's desperate voices, the blue translucent barrier that effectively saved one and doomed the other, it all disappeared from around them. Only they existed. Tears filled the corners of Myka's eyes blurring the image of the woman who was dying to save her. Helena smiled but it was tinged with sadness. Thank you…and Myka's heart could hear what Helena was not saying. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for giving me a family again. Thank you for teaching me to love again by loving me foolishly and with abandon. Thank you for being the one person for whom I would more than kill. Thank you for being the person I would die for.

Eyes shining with unshed tears, Myka tried to smile back at the woman who knew her better than anyone else. Her heart answering Helena's unspoken proclamation with an unspoken one of her own. You are the noblest and most honorable person I know. I've seen all of you, and your light far outweighs your darkness. I will never let you go.

"I smell apples," Helena whispered, her eyes looking lovingly at Myka, as a brilliant smile blossomed on her face. It was a smile that contained no trace of regret. It lit up her eyes and made her face glow. And, for the first time in over a century, Helena knew peace.

The End

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