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Free Entertainment
By Erin Griffin


Helena watched as Claudia and Pete threw a Frisbee at eachother while taunting eachother. She was surprised by the fact that they were still having fun together even with the words they short back and forth at eachother. Even as Claudia insulted Pete's mum, the two were laughing and enjoying the one really nice day that their small town had to offer. They took their lunch outside in the lawn of the bed and breakfast, and Helena was left on the blanket with Myka after Claudia climbed the roof to get at a Frisbee and challenged Pete to play with her.

Helena laughed when Pete ran after Claudia after she said something about Kelly. The girl screeched when Pete caught her, but he had slipped on a peice of grass and let go of her when he went down. Claudia leaned over him with more taunts before Pete tripped her and she too fell next to him, his laughter loud and obnoxious as he pointed at her.

Helena shook her head with another small chuckle, and looked at her companion who shared the blanket with her in the shade. Myka Berring had a book on her chest, and a small bowl of fruit next to her, which was now being taken over by a small yellow and black bee. Helena leaned over to swat it way, and looked down at the woman next to her. Myka had fallen asleep even with the comotion Pete and Claudia made, which surprised her how easily Myka had seemed to learn to tune them out over time. There were still moments when Claudia and Pete's Matrix-athons or video games would keep her up until late.

Helena's eyes followed the curves of Myka's neck as they moved down, watching her chest as she took in the clean afternoon air. Helena smiled at the sight of her, for if nothing else, Myka was what had made this day so beautiful. Helena slowly moved a peice of Myka's hair away from her face and continued to watch her. She resisted the urge to lean down and kiss her forehead as she slepted, knowing that would surely wake the woman and she looked too much at peace to do that to her. Helena bit her lip as her chest began to hurt with the ache to lay next to the brunette. With all of her lovers, male or female, none of them made her feel the way she did at that moment, and she sound it odd that she had to be frozen for 110 years to find the one who did.

Myka Berring stirred at the yell of 'HA, you lose Donovan!', her eyes fluttering open. Both women's eyes locked for a second before Myka asked, "How long have I been asleep?"

The husk in Myka's voice made Helena's body tingle and she looked down as her face got hot. "Not long," she made herself reply.

"Oh. Good."

"Who could sleep with them being so rambuctious anyway? They're like children!" Helena said, hoping it would take the attention away from her and the fact that she had been staring at the brunette.

"They're free entertainment," Myka replied with a smile. Helena smiled back, but she found she couldn't keep Myka's eyes or she was sure to see right through her and KNOW.

"Well, I think that is enough sun for me. I think I'll head inside," Helena said. "Is there anything you want me to take in?"

"No, I am fine," Myka said, her smile not wavering. As she watched Helena retreat inside, she found herself wishing the woman would come back and stay with her on the blanket.

The End

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