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Tales of lives past
By Beagmactire


Chapter 21

Quietly, Myka came out of the B&B, placing her bag in the back of the car; she could feel Helena's wounded eyes on her back. Sighing, she closed the boot(Trunk), "I'm sorry. But I can't just let you go alone." Turning, she fought the tears building behind her eyes, "Hel, I am so sorry. I wasn't thinking... What I said..."

The Victorian shook her head, and her voice was solemn, "Needed to be said." There was no fight in her eyes as she ran her hands up Myka's forearms, "I know you are more than capable of protecting yourself Myka. You are a fantastic agent, but that will never stop me worrying. I've seen the risks this kind of job comes along with; and have seen friends die in horrific and unnatural ways. That is the last thing I want for you. You know how mercilessly he killed Liz; this man has no qualms with ending life. I'd beg you to reconsider, but I know it would do no good."

Running a hand through Helena's hair, Myka rested their foreheads together, "I can't let you go alone."

"I know. If it were me, I would likely do the same."

Sighing in relief, they climbed in the car. Reaching across, Myka took Helena's hand, "I'm sorry about what I said earlier; I didn't mean it the way it came out."

Nodding, Helena gave a small smile and squeezed gently, "I know you didn't. Let's go darling."

As she walked behind Günter, Elizabeth noticed he was getting slower, and a slight limp had developed on his right side. She remembered the limp, from a hunting accident in his youth; though it had not been pronounced before, as he aged it had grown slightly worse. Casting her eyes over the rest of him, she could see the clear signs of aging. "Günter, I think you have a few grey hairs there."

Turning, he scowled, and gripping the weapon in his coat pocket. The crowded street was filled with camera wielding tourists. Straightening she got the message. "Where are we going?"

His eyes narrowed, "We are going to put right the mistake you made."


Siegfried had hit the roof when he saw the state of the office. For a whole hour he roared at Elizabeth; who merely sat quietly gritting her teeth. When no explanation for her actions was given, she was sent from the office.

As she walked the aisles cat like growls emanated from her throat. Despite the fact it had been over a decade since she had lived as a street child, two years of fighting tooth and claw for life had left her with strange habits. She had been placed on the night watch for two months.

Stumbling footfalls behind her, alerted her to the presence of another person. Without reacting, she continued to the bottom of the aisle and crouched.

As her tail limped around the corner, Elizabeth made to pounce, but froze. Beaten, bloodied and bruised; but undeniably her. Elizabeth's mouth opened in horror, "Elaine? What God's name has he done to you?"

On the plane, Myka glanced over at the file that rested in Helena's hands, "What are you reading?"

Helena snapped out of her daze, "Sorry, darling, I was in a world of my own there. What did you say?"

Myka smiled, when Helena read she seemed to shut off from the rest of the world, "I was asking, what are you reading?"

"Oh." Turning it over in her hands, she ran her fingers up the brown card spine, "They are copies of a few records from Warehouse 8."

Interested, Myka snuggled closer to Helena, for both comfort and a better view. "What are they on?"

Reopening the file, she placed them on her pull-down tray. "Elizabeth mentioned that Günter blamed her for the death of his wife; Elaine. Elizabeth mentioned that they had been friends from a young age."

The first page was a profile for the young woman. Reaching over, Myka turned the page to look at the incredibly detailed pencil sketch of what was a stunning young woman. "So, what are you looking up?"

Running a hand through her hair, Helena sighed, "I'm not sure. There is something more going on here; I'm sure of it- and I am dead certain that it has something to do with this young woman."


Helena tilted her head, "It was the way Elizabeth said her name. Her voice caught as if she choked. It sounded like it was a thing she had avoided saying for decades."

Resting her head on Helena's shoulder, Myka scanned the profile, "So how did she die?"

Pulling the report from within the folder, Helena shrugged, "That's just it. The report is sketchy at best. It reads like someone was trying to cover up what really happened." Turning the page, she pointed to a date, "But, Elaine was buried in Frankfurt."

"So why are we flying to Berlin?"

Helena pulled another file out of her bag, "There was a regent vault in Berlin- Elizabeth refers to it here." She pointed to the line, "She talks about a meeting she had with several regents."

"What is so special about a meeting..."


Scanning the line Helena pointed to, she released a breath. "Ah, I see."

It read; After a hearing with the regents, regarding Miss Williamson, it was decided to return Miss Loewe to active duty. The letters however, were not returned to Miss Loewe and will remain in the vault; for future reference.

"I might finally be able to work out what is going on if I can find out what was in those letters."


Elizabeth paced across the floor of her loft like a caged beast. Fury burned within her chest, and she was barely able to breathe her teeth were gritted so tightly, "I will kill him. I swear, I will tear him limb from bloody limb!"

Elaine, exhausted, lay on the bed of assorted cushions, "Please, Elizabeth. it would do no good."

Kneeling, Elizabeth gently dabbed the cut on Elaine's cheek with a damp cloth, "He could have killed you."

"But he didn't." Placing a hand on Elizabeth's wrist, she smiled; despite the pain it caused in her split lips. "Words cannot express how much I have missed you."

Blinking slowly, Elizabeth carefully sat behind Elaine and pulled her softly against her chest, "I have thought of nothing else these past three years." She paused a moment, "What are you going to do?"

Curling into Elizabeth's chest, feeling safe for the first time in a long time, Elaine whispered, "I don't know. I cannot go back to him."

Elizabeth's arms tightened, "There is no way you would go back to him."

"If he finds me..."

Stroking Elaine's honey blonde hair, Elizabeth hushed her gently, "I won't let him lay another finger on you. He would have to kill me, before he could even get close."

Closing her eyes, and curled closer, "I love you."

"As I you. As I always have; and always will." Placing a soft kiss on Elaine's forehead, Elizabeth lay back and the pair soon drifted into a contented sleep.


Chapter 22

Helena tried desperately to read the map in her hands, as she was jostled about in the bustling Berlin streets. Pointing to the doorway of an old tavern, she called to Myka, "That's it!"

The bar's owner had been confused, but had let the two women into the cellar without too much complaint. Myka began to examine the walls, "In Hong Kong, there was an eye of Horus, and that was how we opened the door."

Helena nodded, "Yes, but this pre-dates the sanctum in Hong Kong." Walking across the floor, she made her steps heavier than necessary until one stomp made a different sound to the rest.

Myka frowned, "What is it?"

Helena kneeled, and wiped away the dust on the floor, "This slab is made from a different stone to the rest. It is granite, whereas the rest of the floor was concrete. This is much older, the rest I would guess has been resurfaced."

"It has."

Myka and HG, whipped round to see a woman standing in the staircase. Myka's Tesla was immediately raised, "Hands where I can see them!"

The woman sighed, and put up her hands; making sure to show the tattoo of the eye of Horus on her wrist.

Lowering her weapon slightly, Myka asked, "Who are you?"

"My name is Hannah. I work for the warehouse, I guard the vault. I was informed by Mrs Frederic that you would be arriving, I'm here to open it for you."

Crossing the room to the Marble slab, the woman pulled a necklace from her shirt, taking the key on the end, she crouched. Softly blowing on the surface of the stone, she revealed a keyhole. Placing it in, she turned it twice, before drawing a pin from her hair, and using it to prick her finger. Squeezing until the blood began to flow, she drew a small eye of Horus on the stone. Making the circular key the centre of the eye. Stepping back, the ground began to tremble, as the slab raised itself and moved aside.

"This place has been sealed for hundreds of years, it contains several records of important cases from Warehouse 8."

Helena nodded, "Thank you."

Hannah shifted uncomfortably, "I have been ordered to stay with you, to ensure you only look at the letters in question. As there are records down here, some of which are not even permitted for the eyes of regents."

"Where are the letters?"

Leading them to the far side of the room, Hannah gestured to a set of drawers, "The letters are in drawer E7."

Reaching over, Helena grasped the brass handle of the oak drawer, and carefully pulled it out.

Bringing it to the table, she and Helena donned their purple gloves, but wore pairs of white archive gloves over the top.

Scanning the first letter, Helena looked to Myka, "Now we know the significance"

Looking over the letter, Myka frowned, "It seems pretty standard."

Helena shook her head, "The letter is filled with euphemisms." She drew one from the bottom of the pile, "And here she hasn't bothered with them at all!"

As Myka began to read the other letter, her eyes widened, "They were together?"

Nodding, Helena folded the letter, and placed it back in the drawer, "It would seem so."

"Then why would Elaine marry Günter, if she loved Elizabeth?"

Running a hand through her hair, Helena stared at the letters, "I don't know. But we're going to find out." Pulling off her gloves, Helena turned to Hannah, "Thank you for your help. We need to get to Frankfurt."

As the car stopped, Elizabeth asked, "Where are we?"

Sighing, Günter replied, "Home." Before smashing her over the head with his gun.

Coming to, Elizabeth found herself sitting on damp grass in a cemetery. "What the hell...?" She looked up, "Günter, what the hell are you doing?"

The man had a crowbar, and was puffing like a steam train as he tried to prise open a crypt with a crowbar. "We are going to put right what you did!"

Moving herself so she could see the name on the crypt, she frowned, it read Amsel. It was then the realisation dawned on her, "Elaine." Stumbling to her feet clumsily, due to her hands being bound. Elizabeth stared incredulously at him, "You cannot be serious?! You are talking about raising the dead!" Seeing him out of breath, Elizabeth took it as her opportunity to escape. Turning, she began to run. Tripping and stumbling, she heard him roar in anger. There came a loud grunt behind her. With a howl of pain, as the sharp end of the crow bar sunk into her lower spine, Elizabeth fell to the ground.

Catching up, Günter bent down and ripped it out of her. Gritting her teeth, Elizabeth couldn't move her lover body. Kicking her over, Günter sneered bitterly, "Do you know what I love most about your condition Elizabeth?" With a deep breath he swung the crowbar over his head before slamming it into her stomach. Blood flew from her mouth as she felt her ribs crack. "It is, that I can hurt you." He brought the metal down again over her ribs, "As much." another blow came, "as I want." the crowbar crashed into her jaw, "And you. Won't. Die!" He punctuated each word with another swing.

Elizabeth began to violently cough blood, the jarring caused her shattered ribs and jaw to scream in pain.

Grabbing her by the hair, Günter dragged her back to the crypt. Kneeling, he hissed, "You are going to bring her back to me. Then you shall make us both live forever."

Her jaw knitted back together enough for her to hiss through her blood filled throat, "Go to hell Günter!"

He grabbed her side, crushing her already broken bones, "You murdered her...!"

Elizabeth launched forward and head butted him, causing Günter to stumble back, "I did not kill her Günter! You know that as well as I! You are the one who threw her back- you caused it!"


It had been three days since Elaine had left Günter- and the man was in a maddened state. He had already threatened Elizabeth with death if she did not help him find her. Lying to him had been as easy as breathing, and as for hiding Elaine, Elizabeth knew the Warehouse better than anyone else. But on the third day, they were caught. Elaine had just come from one of her hiding placed in the back of Elizabeth's loft, when Günter appeared. Clambering up the last step he released a roar of anger. Leaping from her seat on the cot, Elizabeth put herself between them with a snarl.

"Sie, dämonisch Hure!" (You demonic whore!- German)

Elaine could feel the anger coming off them both in waves, "Zu Fuß entfernt." (Walk away- German)

Günter's vision turned red, and he barrelled at the younger agent. Ready for him, Elizabeth used his strength against him, and slammed him into a low beam.

Not down for long, he grabbed her legs and caused her to fall. On top of her, Günter tried to get a decent grip on Elizabeth's throat. With a feral snarl, she locked her legs around his middle and rolled back, throwing him over her head and landing on top of him. Elaine jumped out of the way, as the pair crashed towards her. Throwing Elizabeth off, Günter rolled to his feet, only to be attacked by the faster fighter. Elizabeth's fists moved faster than he could counter, and his ribs soon ached. Catching her off guard, he batted away a fist, and grabbed her. Pulling her against his chest, he locked an arm around her throat and began to tighten. Clawing his arms, and trying to kick his legs, Elizabeth's vision began to swim. With a cry, Elaine leapt at Günter. Turning, he swept her aside with his arm. Released, Elizabeth looked up, just as Elaine lost balance and fell from the loft. Shoving Günter aside she screamed, "NO!"

Fifty feet below, Elaine lay like a broken doll. Swinging over the ladder, Elizabeth slid down it. Crashing to the floor, she leant over Elaine. Blood pooled on the floor beneath her head, "No, no, no, no, NO!" Pulling Elaine onto her lap, Elizabeth released a harsh roar of pain. Looking up, she saw Günter, eyes wide and skin whiter than a ghost's.

Elizabeth gritted her teeth, releasing no more than a hiss of pain, as Günter slowly impaled her with the straight end of the crowbar. Her Emerald eyes burned with hate, "I swear Günter Amsel, I'll kill you."

He chuckled, "Unless you want your friends to live, you will not even try." Standing, he examined the door to the crypt, "I have always know where you were Elsebeth." His eyes were piercing when he turned to her with a sneer, "How else would I have made your life hell all these years?"

She frowned, "What do you mean...? Beatrice! That was you!"

Grinning, he nodded, "It was indeed, and Dorian, Mellissa, Seth, Emily... The list is extensive."

Her eyes widened, "It was you? All along it was you! They were children!!!"

In her face he hissed, "They were your children. They were as good as demons."

Elizabeth made to lunge forward but he kicked the curve of the crowbar, driving it deeper. With a choking sound she fell back, unable to lie down because of the metal protruding from her back. Panting in an effort to stop herself screaming, Elizabeth hissed, "What else? You said you were making my life hell, what else?"

"I targeted anyone you held dear, children, lovers, friends." His eyes sparkled darkly, "Dear Helena."

Elizabeth fought against the pain in her gut and sat up, "What did you do?"

Laughing darkly, he leant against the outer wall of the crypt, "Did you know that in 1899 it only cost three francs to hire men to break into a certain house." Elizabeth could feel her stomach churning, as he continued, "And only one extra franc, to have those men ensure that a certain little girl did not survive the encounter."

Forgetting the crowbar, Elizabeth leapt to her feet and dived at him. Side stepping her with ease he placed his foot on her back as she hit the ground face first. Pressing down, he drove the crowbar deeper, causing the curved end to sink beneath her flesh. Roaring, Elizabeth fought against him, but without her hands she could not push up evenly. A strong stamp drove the curve of the crowbar deep into her chest. A wet cough escaped her, and blood gushed fro between her lips. Bending down he grabbed the blood slick straight side, and yanked her backwards to her feet. As she stumbled he caught what little of the hook remained visible. Drawing her closer he hissed, "Did you also know; that whispers in the right ears, and pounds in the right pockets, can persuade a certain group of people that bronzing is a perfect solution to a troublesome agent."

This time Elizabeth managed to get hold of him. Lunging, she managed to bite his wrist. Sinking her teeth deep into the flesh, she tore her head back as he pushed her away; bringing a chunk of him with her. Howling, and holding his wrist, his eyes were nearly black with fury, as he pulled a silenced pistol and began firing.


Chapter 23

Elizabeth fought against her bindings, and could almost thank Günter, as the blood allowed her to dislocate her thumb and slide out of the tight cuffs. Dragging the crowbar from her chest with a sickening sound. She released a shuddering breath as her skin rippled and the wound healed. Glaring at him, she gripped the iron, and swung for his head.

Catching the bar, Günter tried to fight Elizabeth off, but her blood had made it slippery. Losing his grip, he stumbled back. Falling with him, Elizabeth pressed the bar over his throat. When he grabbed her arm, she saw the ring on his finger. With a wild cry of pain, Elizabeth stumbled back gripping her scorched and carved arm. Myka stood over him, her gun ready to fire.

Helena moved in, training her weapon on his head.

Elizabeth looked down on him, "It's over Günter."

Gritting his teeth, he glared up at her, "Not by a long shot." Rolling swiftly to the side, he grabbed Myka's legs and forced her to the ground. Standing, he dragged Myka up by the collar. Holding out his ring-less hand, he held it near Myka's throat. Looking to Helena he hissed, "I told you what would happen if you followed me. So, what happens next is your fault Helena."

Elizabeth seemed to move faster than the human eye could detect, as she smashed her fist into Günter's face, and at the same time pulled Myka back.

But by the look in his eyes, Elizabeth realised something was wrong. Throwing back his head, he began to laugh.

"MYKA!" Elizabeth spun to see, Helena lowering her lover to the floor. Myka was wincing in pain, and gripping Helena's hand.

Advancing on Günter her voice was a lethal hiss, "What did you do?!"

Raising a dagger, he grinned, "Did you forget about this already? Even though it is an artefact, it still works as a real dagger." Turning it in his hand, he grinned, "Now, I really must be going."

Roaring like a lion, Elizabeth leapt at him, catching his arm as he disappeared.

The entire world could be burning, and Helena Wells would not notice it. Lying in her arms was the woman she loved more than life itself.

Cradling Myka in her lap, Helena begged, "Please Myka, please. Don't leave me, please."

With a whimper of pain, Myka stroked Helena's face, "I'm sorry Hel, I didn't move fast enough."

"No, you're going to be alright." Running a hand through Myka's curls, Helena's voice cracked in desperation, "We're not done yet! Come on Myka, you can't leave me now. Please." Kissing her hand feveredly, she ran her thumb over the ring she had given the younger woman before they had flown to Berlin. Showing it to Myka, she wept, "Come on darling, we've been through worse than this. You cannot go now. You still need to marry me remember." HG forced a smile for Myka's benefit, "You need to hold on. We're going to get help, and you will be fine."

Feeling her strength draining, Myka breathed, "Helena kiss me."

Biting her lip to try and stop the hard sobs wracking her frame, Helena leant down and captured Myka's lips. Pulling back barely an inch she whispered, "Please don't leave me."

The young agent rested their foreheads together with the last of her strength and whispered, "How do you say goodbye to the one person who knows you better than anyone else."

Through tears, Helena managed to choke, "I wish I knew."


Chapter 24

Elizabeth found herself thrown onto concrete, scraping her face, she leapt to her feet and barrelled towards Günter. Catching her, he tried to snap her arm, only to be fed his own fist. Stumbling back, he grinned, "You have become stronger."

"Strong enough to kill you."

Tilting his head he grinned, "Oh I sincerely doubt that!"

"Never underestimate the power of a determined woman."

Throwing back his head he laughed, "Was völliger scheiße!" (What utter crap!-German)

For the first time in centuries, Elizabeth found herself bearing her teeth, and snarling, "Versuchen Sie, mir,hurensohn sie." (Try me, you son of a bitch.-German)

With a hard laugh, Günter bolted up the street. Hissing in frustration, Elizabeth tore after him.

It didn't surprise her that Günter had ran to his old house. She had been gaining on him as he vaulted the gate and dived for the door. Jumping the five foot fence as if it were no more than knee height, Elizabeth reached the front door as he slammed it. Taking three steps back, she burst through it with her shoulder. In the hallway she paused, looking around she couldn't see him. Cautiously, she walked up the old creaking passageway.

Entering the living room, she noticed that a sword was missing from the shield above the fireplace. Her ears pricked as she detected the faint sound of breathing, in the large cupboard at the back of the room. A creak told her he was about to pounce, with three long strides, she used the back of an armchair to jump onto the mantel piece and rip the remaining sword from its sheath behind the shield. Turning, she prepared to fight. Günter was pulling his sword from the back of the armchair he had embedded it into. Hopping down, she raised her guard, "One thing about old houses." She turned the blade, "These aren't for show."

Swinging his sword, he charged. Raising her arm, she parried him easily, and pushed him back. The German long sword fit easily into her hands. Putting the weight on her back leg, she drew the sword up and crouched into the Ochs position. Leaning back, Günter switched legs, and assumed the pflug. With a quick step, Elizabeth brought the sword in a straight diagonal cut. Raising his guard, Günter parried the blow, but was unable to stop her from recovering, and forcing him into locking blades. Squaring his stance, he tried to overpower her. His eyes widened as he realised she was the stronger. His sword inched towards him, gritting his teeth, sweat began to bead on his brow. With a roar, he shoved the blade forward and leapt back to break the lock. Slipping into a alber position, Elizabeth flashed him a taunting grin. Taking her relaxed position as a bluff he charged in an overhead vom position.

As he raised the blade, Elizabeth took a quick step forward, and plunged her sword deep into his unguarded chest. Günter released a cough, and a torrent of blood spewed from his mouth. Elizabeth's expression was hard as she ripped it out of him. As he fell to one knee, he looked up to her and snarled, "Damned, verflucht, Hure!" (Damned, cursed, whore.- German)

Adjusting the grip on her sword, she placed the tip in the curve of his collar bone, "Bereiten Sie sich für die Hölle. Möge Gott gnädig sein über Sie Gunter Amsel, denn ich will es nicht sein." (Prepare for hell. May God have mercy on you Günter Amsel; for I will not.- German)

Glaring up at her, he gave a roar of, "NIEN!" And ducked his shoulder, while pushing away the blade. Grabbing the dagger he disappeared. Elizabeth's sword sliced through the smoke that remained. Charging out of the door, she sprinted back to the cemetery.

From the street, she could hear Helena's voice, "You damned vile curr! You are mine!"

"HELENA!" Vaulting the iron fence, Elizabeth gripped the sword as she tore across the slippery wet grass. As the crypt came into sight, she saw Helena struggling with Günter. His hand was reaching out, trying to make contact, but Helena was just managing to keep him at bay. Using the dew soaked grass to help, Elizabeth threw herself to the ground and skidded, swiping Günter's legs from beneath him. As he crashed to the ground, Elizabeth grabbed his hand, "You want the power of the fountain Günter?" She placed his hand on her throat, anger ripping her voice, "Then take it!"

Helena ran to her side, "Elizabeth, no don't!"

But Günter's grip had already tightened. Where his hand gripped her throat began to glow, Elizabeth's entire being began to blaze in white light. Günter released a panicked yelp, as threads of light began to run up his arms like cracks. The cracks spread up over his shoulder, covering his body; their light shining through his clothes. As they travelled up his neck, he released one last agonised roar of pain before he shattered like ice.

With a short breath Elizabeth collapsed. Helena dropped down beside her, "Elizabeth? Oh God, not you too! Elizabeth!"


Chapter 25

Helena slammed her fist into her friend's chest, "God damn it Elizabeth!"

The older woman gave a weak cough, "Bloody hell Helena, was there any need to punch me?"

With a sigh of relief Helena, exhausted, fell onto Elizabeth's chest. Her shoulders began to shake as her grief swelled to bursting point, "M...Myka....He took... Myka...." The rest was lost in an agonised wail.

Sitting up with a wince, Elizabeth pulled Helena tightly against her chest. The younger woman buried her head in her neck and wept like a child. Her eyes rested on Myka's body, and a steely resolve filled her. Loosening her grip on Helena, she pushed her friend away, "Close your eyes."

The inventor frowned, "What?"

Placing a finger on the younger woman's lips, she whispered, "Do you trust me?"

A moment passed, as Helena looked deep into her friend's emerald green eyes, and she nodded.

"Good. Then close your eyes." As the woman she loved dearer than a daughter closed her eyes, Elizabeth pressed a kiss to her forehead and whispered, "I love you. Wait here."

As she tried to stand, Elizabeth realised she was weaker than she had thought. Dragging herself across the grass, she fell panting beside Myka. Taking several deep breaths, she set out clearly in her mind exactly what she planned to do. Looking to Helena, she placed her hand around the side of Myka's neck. Her palm began to glow, but unlike before it was not a blinding light, but a gentle blue pulse. Where Elizabeth's hand made contact with Myka's skin, it rippled as if made of water. Elizabeth's teeth gritted as she felt her strength draining. She hissed, "Come on."

Unable to bear it, Helena opened her eyes, "Elizabeth?"

The older woman ignored her, as she gave a growl of effort, the light seemed to thrum and purr. It travelled over Myka's skin, making the young woman gently glow. Helena stopped breathing as she saw Myka's chest rise and fall. Stumbling to her feet, she rushed over to them. On her hands and knees, she watched in enthrallment as Myka's eyes opened. The light faded.

Turning her head, and blinking her bleary eyes, Myka smiled, "Hey you."

"Oh Myka!" Helena helped her into a sitting position, before pulling her into a tight embrace. Myka ran her fingers through Helena's ebony hair as the Victorian's shoulders began to shake, "Oh God Myka, I thought I had lost you. "

Smiling, the younger woman stroked Helena's cheek, before softly kissing her lips, "Not a chance." she held up her hand, "I haven't married you yet remember."

When a pained groan came from Myka's other side, Helena came crashing back to reality, "Elizabeth! Are you alright?"

The older woman had dragged herself away from the couple and had propped herself against the trunk of an ancient oak tree. Barely able to keep her eyes open, she muttered, "I'll be fine. Really..." She released a breathy chuckle, "We did it, we bloody well did it..." Anything else she intended to say faded as she lost consciousness.

When she came around, she was in the B&B. With a groan, Elizabeth rubbed her eyes as the mother of all headaches set in. Pulling the covers over her head, she curled away from the light. When the door opened, she whinged at the sound- which seemed a hundred times amplified because of her headache. Claudia's voice called excitedly, "Elizabeth?! You're awake?! Are you?!"

Her voice muffled by covers the immortal said, "Yes, I am, now could you please quiet down!"

The young techie gave a squeal of delight before bolting out of the room, yelling to the high heavens, "ELIZABETH'S AWAKE!!!!"

Immerging from the comforting darkness of her quilt, Elizabeth glanced around the faces present. Helena sat on the bed beside her, grinning ear to ear. Brushing Elizabeth's curls from her face, the Victorian said softly, "I knew you'd wake. You're too stubborn to die on us."

Chuckling, she asked, "How long have I been out?"

Helena's expression flickered for a moment. Casting her eyes around the room again she frowned. the passage of time showed much clearer on Claudia, who appeared as a full grown woman. Artie was now very much grey, and Myka... Myka was very much pregnant.

"Darling, you've been unconscious for five years."

Elizabeth felt as if her breath had been stolen away, "Five years?" Her tone softened, "You've been looking after me for five years?"

Sitting on Elizabeth's other side, Myka took the immortal's hand, "Elizabeth, it could have been fifty and we still would have waited. It is the least we could do. What you did... You saved me, you saved us."

The sound of small footsteps came from the corridor, Helena's head turned and she called, "Elizabeth, come here please."

A small ebony haired girl poked her head around the door, "What is it mum?"

Opening her arms, she beckoned the child closer, "Elizabeth, this is a very special lady."

The little girl nodded, "I know. She saved mom's life, and I'm named after her."

Chuckling, she pulled the girl onto her lap.

Smiling at the child, Elizabeth spoke softly, "Hello Elizabeth. Well, I'd introduce myself, but I'd say you know me already."

Nodding eagerly, the girl smiled, "Mum tells me the story of how you saved everybody by making a bad man go away. I knew you were in here, but I didn't know if you were going to wake up. I tried shaking you, and calling your name. But it didn't work."

Helena frowned, "I didn't know about that."

The girl smiled innocently, "I just wanted to know what was in here."

"Alright." Putting her down, she gestured to the door, "Why don't you and Aunty Leena go and get Elizabeth a cup of tea and some of your cookies."

With a nod the girl was out like a shot. Before leaving the room, Leena paused, "It's so good to see you awake Elizabeth."

"Thank you Leena darling, it's good to be back."

Artie glanced at Pete, "We need to get along to the Warehouse."

The agent, uncharacteristically, caught the hint, "Oh yeah. Hey Elizabeth, welcome back."

"Thanks Pete." Artie nodded to her, and she replied with a small smile.

Stretching out her stiff limbs, Elizabeth asked, "Well, what now?"

Looking between her wife and her friend Helena smiled, "We live, and let what has happened become nothing more than tales of lives past."

The End

Well that's it!... or is it! I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Well it's been fun! Please feel free to fire any comments/criticism my way- I need to learn! Thank you for taking the time to read this. Adieu- for now

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