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Tales of lives past
By Beagmactire


Chapter 16

On the roof of the B&B Elizabeth stared numbly out into the blackness of the night. Staring at her hands, she released a silent snarl of frustration.

"Elizabeth?" Helena's voice came from the window, "May I join you?"

Shrugging the older woman replied bluntly, "You might as well."

Sitting beside her, she asked, "How are you feeling?"

Elizabeth merely looked at her with soulless eyes and a raised eyebrow.

Helena ran a hand through her hair, "I know, stupid question."

Sighing, Elizabeth shook her head, "No, it's not." She paused a moment, before continuing, her tone level, "I'm angry, Helena, I'm so damned angry; but it accomplishes nothing!" Stretching out an arm and opening her palm, she looked at it with disdain, "Every gift this damned curse has given me, and I cannot save someone I love."

Helena frowned, "Why not?"

"Because I would be bringing her back for me. I tried, but..." Closing her eyes, her head dropped.

Resting a hand on Elizabeth's shoulder, Helena found herself repeating words she herself had been told over a hundred years prior, "You cannot let this consume you. Please, Elizabeth, do not lose yourself to this grief." Her eyes fell to Elizabeth's arm. The moonlight seemed to glitter on the surface, after a moment Helena realised what was causing it; blood. "Elizabeth! What have you done?"

Numb, the immortal looked at the deep slices in her arms and spoke robotically, "You know; most people, when they realise I am invulnerable, make the mistake of thinking that I do not feel pain." Flexing her arm, she released a low hiss as the skin began to flow back together, "They're wrong. I feel everything, every bump, bruise, cut, burn; everything. But I find comfort in that." The blade of a hunting knife was gripped tightly in her hand, the blade sank beneath her flesh like a hot knife through butter, stopping only for bone. Blood pooled and poured from her hand, falling in a crimson cascade onto the black slate roof. As if fascinated, Elizabeth lifted her hand to watch the wound deepen, "I suppose it is the only thing human left in me. In a way, I believe it is the only reason I have been able to stay sane so long; despite personal... happenings."

Reaching over slowly, Helena carefully took the handle of the knife, "Let go, Elizabeth. Stop this."

The Victorian could feel her own heart wince away when Elizabeth's emerald eyes turned on her, opening her hand, she said quietly, "But it would appear even this is robbed from me."

"What do you mean?"

Running the fingers of her uninjured hand over the wound as it healed, she sighed, "The knife's bite has not performed its duty. I feel numb." Placing the knife down, Helena wrapped an arm around Elizabeth's shoulders, as the older woman said, "But I tell you this; I will not kill Günter. No. I will hunt him to the ends of this God forsaken earth and destroy him, piece by piece."

"Why does he do this to you?"

Eyes swimming with memories, Elizabeth's voice was barely audible, "He blames me for the death of his wife."


Elaine was quiet as she climbed the ladder to Elizabeth's loft. Her lover was sitting at the back of the small space reading. Looking up, a bright smile spread across her features, "Elaine." As she leant forward and kissed her, she realised Elaine was not responding. Drawing back, her smile faded to concern, "Are you alright?"

The blonde bit her lip and shook her head, tears began to build in her eyes.

Drawing her close, Elizabeth cradled Elaine in her lap, "What's wrong?"

Holding her tightly, Elaine sobbed, "My father found your letters. I barely got away in time to warn you...."

"ELAINE!!! WO BIST DU?!"(Where are you?- German) The booming voice of Siegfried Williamson, reverberated about the entire warehouse.

Elizabeth sat bolt upright, "What is he going to do?"

Running her hands desperately over Elizabeth's curls, she studied her face, burning every detail like a brand in her memory, "He is forcing me into marriage, and I am to be kept away from the Warehouse; and especially away from you."

"No." The word came out softly at first, but as the crashing of her father's boots came closer, Elizabeth's tone resembled that of a wild cat, "No!" She bore her teeth towards the approaching danger- a habit picked up from two years living as a street child. "Who are you set to marry?"

Elaine's eyes darted to the Warehouse floor, where they could see her father charging towards the loft ladder, "Günter, Günter Amsel."

"The agent?"

She nodded, "I know he has desired me for a time. According to father, he is to 'fix' me."

Holding Elaine's face gently between her hands, Elizabeth kissed her fiercely, "I will not give up on you. I won't let them take you."

Elaine shook her head, "No, you mustn't! My father wants you dead already, the only reason he does not bring a pistol, is that the regents would not allow it. If you fight him, only one of you would survive; and either way it would break my heart and make me hate the victor."

Gritting her teeth, Elizabeth hissed, "I can't just let you go."

Moving back, Elaine chastely brushed her lips over Elizabeth's before moving to the ladders, "There is no choice. I'm sorry Elizabeth. I love you; I always will."

"No, you can't, please!"

Crawling to the edge, Elizabeth watched as Elaine descended the ladder, her father waiting at the bottom.

Siegfried Williamson, was a fearsome Viking of a man. His long white blonde hair was always tied in a braid down his back, and his beard neatly kept. Standing over six feet tall he towered over most men. His ice blue eyes glared up at her, the hatred in them nearly burnt. But instead of backing down, Elizabeth stood and glared back down on him, her lips pulled back in a snarl; this was not over.


Helena's voice pulled her out of her lapse into memory. Blinking, she said sleepily, "What, what is it?"

The Victorian's mocha eyes were filled with concern, "You faded out for a moment."

"I did?" Running a hand through her curls she asked, "What was I saying?"

"You were saying, Günter blamed you for the death of his wife."

She nodded, "Ah, yes, Elaine."

There was something about the way Elizabeth's voice caught on the name. As if it had been something she had avoided for decades. "Who was she?"

Sighing, Elizabeth lay back on the roof, "She was the daughter of Siegfried, Warehouse 8's answer to Artie. He acted as our senior agent. His wife was English, and had died when Elaine was still small. We met at the Warehouse. We were friends almost instantly. My parents had taught me English from an early age; Elaine was happy to have found someone she could speak with without prying ears listening in." Closing her eyes a moment, she seemed to stamp down on emotion, "To put a long story short, she tried to leave Günter, and died in an accident in the attempt." Standing, she shook her head, "It's late, Myka will be wondering where you are."


"I may not need sleep Helena Wells, but you do. Now go."

The stern tone caught her off guard, Elizabeth hadn't used it with her since scolding her as a child. The automatic reaction, to obey, had carried Helena back inside before she was able to pause.

Crawling into bed beside Myka, Helena gazed lovingly at the sleeping agent, brushing away a few errant curls from the younger woman's face; she kissed her neck before pulling herself against Myka's back.

Stirring, Myka turned over in Helena's arms, and opened a sleepy eye, "How is Elizabeth?"

Shaking her head, Helena could feel her throat thickening, "I don't know, I cannot reach her; she's somewhere far from here. I suspect, she is five hundred years away."

Myka nodded, "I heard that the guy hunting her was her partner from Warehouse 8."

Helena nodded, "Yes, he is the one responsible for Elizabeth being the way she is."

"She hates him?"

Sighing, she inclined her head, "Yes, but I do not think this is just about the fountain. The way he has gone after her, it has been calculated and vicious. She mentioned that he blamed her for the death of his wife; and mentioned that she and his wife had been friends when they were young."

The young agent stroked her lover's cheek, "I know that look."

Curving an eyebrow, the Victorian asked, "What look is that?"

"It is the one you get, when you suspect more than what meets the eye is going on."

Curling closer to Myka, she said softly, "I know there is something more going on here. But I just cannot find the answer. Elizabeth's hand remains firmly against her chest, and the slight tips she has indulged us with so far, I fear only add to her poker face."

Kissing Helena's lips, Myka breathed, "Sleep baby. You've had a hellish day."

"We all have."

Nodding, Myka buried her face in the crook of the Victorian's neck, "All the more reason to let the day end and hope for a new dawn."

Helena chuckled softly, "And I thought I was meant to be the writer."


Chapter 17

It was probably the first time in God knows how long, that Claudia saw five am. Once awake, her brain started whirring, destroying any hope of sleep. With a groan, she rolled out of bed in search of caffeine.

Padding down the stairs, she frowned, the kitchen light was on. Looking at her watch, her frown deepened, Leena would not be up for at least another hour. Creeping to the door, she peered inside.

Elizabeth was pouring water from the kettle into a teapot. "Hey."

Slightly startled, the older woman looked round sharply. But any hostility immediately fell from her features as she saw the young woman at the door, "Claudia, are you alright?"

Ruffling her hair, Claudia sat at the kitchen table; tucking her legs beneath her. "I couldn't get back to sleep."

Placing the tea pot on the table, along with two cups, Elizabeth sighed, "That seems to be contagious around here."

Accepting a cup of tea from Elizabeth, Claudia warmed her hands, while thinking of what to say. Looking up, she asked, "Are you okay? I mean, I know you won't be but... are you okay?"

Smiling sadly, Elizabeth nodded, "I'm alright now."

Nodding, Claudia rested her elbows on the table, "Good, but if you ever need to talk..."

"Is this where you bowl me over with your extensive life experience young one?" Elizabeth's tone was not harsh, but there was an unintentional sharpness she was unable to remove.

Claudia sipped her tea, "No, it's just, it sometimes makes it feel better if you share. To get it off your chest, and confide in someone."

Reaching over, she squeezed Claudia's hand, "Thank you Claudia. Truly. But I don't think anything short of catching this bastard is going to allow me any sort of peace."

"Right then." Claudia placed her cup down and strode out of the room.

Frowning, Elizabeth sipped her tea, confused by the young red head's actions.

Claudia reappeared after a few moments, laptop tucked under one eye. Switching the computer on, she looked to Elizabeth while waiting for it to boot, "So, what do we know about this guy?"

Sitting back, Elizabeth began, "His name is Günter Amsel, he was an agent at Warehouse 8, and up until twelve hours ago I believed him to be dead."

Nodding, Claudia began typing. "Did he have any aliases, names he would take other than his own?"

"Yes! We all did, it was standard practice at the time. He had two; Saul Mergeut and Regan Tulsem."

Flexing her fingers, Claudia began to get into her stride, "Right." After a moment she let out an ah ha!

Elizabeth sat bolt upright, "Ah ha? What is it? Have you found something?"

She nodded, "All of his aliases were anagrams of his name, yes?"

Elizabeth nodded, "Yes, we all chose a way of creating our aliases, Günter chose anagrams of his own name."

Claudia nodded, "Yeah, well I was typing those names and nothing came up; but! I was looking in the sign in sheets of local hotels and a Samuel. G. Rent, just signed out of the Univille motel two minutes ago."

Elizabeth launched out of her seat, "Do you have the number?"

Swinging his bag onto his back, Günter headed for the exit of the cheap motel with a cruel grin of triumph on his face. He paused when the receptionist called, "Mr Rent. A call for you."

Frowning, he came back to the desk, "A call?"

The young man nodded, "Yes, a miss Ceetshow to speak to you."

His brow furrowed, "Miss Ceetshow? Is there a first name?"

The receptionist nodded, "May I take your first name please?... It is Aura."

"Aura Ceetshow... Aura Ceetshow..." His eyes suddenly brightened darkly, "Warehouse cat." Approaching the desk he answered the phone, "Well, well, hello Elsebeth."

Elizabeth's grip on the phone tightened, "Günter."

"Such hatred in your voice, it does not suit you."

"You murdered my granddaughter, do you expect me to greet you as cherished friend?"

His voice fell to a lethal tone, "Well, being as you killed my wife I would hardly say my actions were unwarranted."

Elizabeth slammed her hand into the kitchen table, causing Claudia to jump, "If there is anyone to blame for her death Günter Amsel, it is you. If I recall it was you who ended up causing the accident."

"The situation would never have occurred had you not been so stubborn."

Her voice rose several octaves, "Stubborn! You ignorant hurensohn, I lo..." The line went dead, "Günter? Günter?!" Throwing the mobile, it smashed against the door frame, "Saukerl! Verdammt hurensohn!"

Claudia shrank in her chair, "Are we done with the scary German cursing?"

Returning to her crisp British accent, Elizabeth took a deep breath before sitting back down, "My apologies."

"Did you get anything?"

Shaking her head, Elizabeth buried her head in her hands, "Nothing. He didn't say a damned thing that would help us."

The young woman regarded her carefully, before speaking softly, "Elizabeth, you said it was his fault someone died, you weren't talking about Liz were you?"

Sighing, Elizabeth ran both hands through her hair, "No, I wasn't."

"Who was it?" She swiftly looked down, "If I'm asking too much..."

"You're not. I would have already changed the subject if you were."

Unsure what to say, Claudia resorted to a soft, "So...?"

"So, indeed. The person I was talking about was a woman named Elaine; she was Günter's wife." Elizabeth seemed to trip over the title wife, as it stuck in her throat like a knife. "She died in an accident in the Warehouse, and Günter blamed me."

"And you blame him?"

She merely shrugged, "I don't know anymore. If it was not for Günter's actions the situation would never have occurred and it was his mistake that directly resulted in her death." Her voice took on a hard cynical tone, "It is because of Günter, that I am like this. Had he not turned on me, then I would not have fallen into the fountain." Pouring herself another cup of tea from the pot, she began thinking out loud, "But then, what else would not have happened?" Taking a sip she pondered, "Hundreds of artefacts may not have been snagged, none of my children would have existed; and through that Liz would have never been born." Her eyes darkened, "However, if I had died in my own time, I would never have met Helena."

"I thought you liked HG?"

Elizabeth shook her head, "You misunderstand. I love Helena as dearly as a daughter. But if she had not met me, then Christina would not have been murdered, because Helena would not have been part of the warehouse- or rather she would not have gone at the same time, therefore effecting the whole bloody time line. But then again, if Helena had not been bronzed, then she would not have met Myka; and I tell you this Claudia, that woman makes Helena happier than I have seen her in over a century. She has never smiled like that since Christina died." The older woman chuckled, "I'm rambling."

Above, they could hear footsteps on the landing. "It would appear we are to have company!"

Through the lenses of a pair of binoculars, Günter watched Elizabeth through the window of her room. His cold grey eyes were filled with a mixture of hatred and something else unreadable. Climbing down from his perch in one of the trees surrounding the B&B, he slunk back away to his make shift shelter.

Crouching to get into the camouflaged tent, he reached into his back and withdrew a velvet pouch. Carefully, he untied the gold silk rope at the bag's neck, opening it into a single sheet of indigo velvet. Weighing the object in his palm, he examined the large gold signet ring with reverence. Slipping it onto his finger he whispered, "One last time old friend, then we shall both be satisfied."


Chapter 18

Pete sat bolt upright in bed, as a vibe crashed into his gut like a freight train. The feeling of dread was so deep it almost hurt. Stumbling out of bed, he called out, "Guys?"

Myka and Helena came to their door, his partner frowned, "Pete, its only five thirty. What's wrong?"

Looking around the corridor, he looked afraid, "Sorry, but I've just had the mother of all vibes."

"What kind?"

There was the sound of smashing glass, "A bad one, a really bad one!"

The three agents sprung into action, stopping only to grab their weapons before charging downstairs, where they heard Claudia release a blood curdling scream of pain.

Myka leapt down the last eight steps yelling, "Claudia?!"

The young techi was lying on the kitchen floor, whimpering, and clutching her limp arm to her chest. Leena was knelt beside the girl, looking up, she yelled, "I've got her, go!"

In the living room, Günter and Elizabeth were locked in a vicious fight. Locking her arm around his neck, Elizabeth pulled back, trying to snap his neck. The ring on his finger began to glow, as he gripped her hand. The ebony haired woman released him with a howl of pain. The arm he had touched, poured with blood. Jagged burn marks, bit into her skin.

Falling away and flexing his hand, Günter looked down at the ring. With a wild cry, he clenched it into a fist and slammed it into Elizabeth's jaw.

Helena raised her gun and began to fire. Dodging the first few bullets, as the other agents joined the fire fight, he swung Elizabeth around- putting her in the path of the bullets.

She fell with a snarl of pain, but still tried to grab him. Throwing her gun, Helena leapt like a jungle cat at Günter- only to be stopped by Elizabeth, "NO! If he touches you, you're dead."

Wiping away a line of blood from his lip, Günter grinned, "Congratulations, you worked it out."

"As soon as I knew it was you, I knew there was no other way for you to have survived this long."

Pete's eyes fell on the ring, "He's got an artefact!"

Günter chuckled, "Not just one, dear boy."

"What the..." Pete was nearly knocked from his feet by the vibe that crashed into him, as Günter reached into his coat. "Elizabeth, stop him!"

The older woman launched herself at Günter, but as she collided with him, they both disappeared in a bright flash- leaving only smoke behind.

Helena's voice was a high shriek as she rushed forward, "Where are they? What just happened?"

Approaching Helena, Myka meticulously scanned the area, "I don't understand... what..."

"He has the dagger of Autolycus." Artie came into the room, rummaging through his bag.

Myka asked, "The thief? From Greek mythology?

He nodded, "It was an artefact which went missing from Warehouse 8, we never found it; now I see why."

Running a hand through her hair, Helena tried to calm herself, "And what of the ring? How on earth did it brand her like that?"

Finding a piece of paper, he flattened it out of the table before pointing to his scribbled notes, "The ring belonged to Richard Topcliffe, he was a master of torture- often used by the Elizabethan court in the interrogation of Catholics." Running a hand through his tight black curls, Artie sighed, "He often boasted that he had more effective ways of inflicting pain than the conventional methods."

Claudia's voice came from the doorway, "Yeah, well he was right."

Seeing the deathly pale young woman, Artie rushed over, "Claudia! What happened?"

Shaking her head, Leena eased her down onto the sofa. Wincing, she began, "I'm okay, he only managed to glance me with it." Tentatively, she withdrew her hand enough to show a deep burn in on her arm. "Elizabeth managed to get between us, but I tried to help and got thrown aside. The back of his hand caught my arm and this happened."

Straightening, Artie muttered hurriedly, "I'm going to call Vanessa."


Hurrying through the black streets of Berlin, Elizabeth used darkness as her cover. She knew where she needed to be. Taking a moment to regain her bearings, her eyes fell on the house she sought. Vaulting the outer wall, she moved like a ghost to the door.

The housekeeper answered, a woman in her late fifties, with a dower expression- made even worse by the late hour. Elizabeth rolled her eyes when the woman questioned her in German, "Who are you?"

"My name is Elsebeth Loewe, I need to speak to your master."

The woman shook her head, "The master is sleeping, as should all at this hour."

When the woman tried to shut the door, Elizabeth stopped it with her foot, "You do not understand, I need to see your master."

"If you are one of his whores, he will seek you out himself. Please leave."

A voice came from behind the housekeeper, "Bridget, what is the problem?"

The woman lowered her head, and said reverently, "Nothing master Amsel. There is a woman here wanting to speak with you."

The tall jet haired agent appeared behind his housekeeper, "Elsebeth? This is a surprise, come in."

Sitting in Günter's study, she accepted the offer of wine with a slight smile, "Thank you."

Sitting, he released a long breath as he put his feet up, "Now, what is the matter? I know you would not come to my house at this ungodly hour if it was not important. Is there something wrong at the Warehouse?"

Sipping her wine, she replied carefully, "Nothing artefact related. But yes, there is something wrong, and I need your help to fix it."

The fire cast flickering reflections in his grey eyes, "Is this about Elaine?"

Knowing it was useless to delay it further she nodded, "Yes, I have heard you are set to marry her."

"I am." His tone was even and direct, giving away nothing.

"Why?" Elizabeth could have slapped herself, for the way her voice rose an octave.

Tilting his head, Günter took a drink before answering, "Why is it of interest to you, my reasons behind marrying her?"

From the genuine curiosity and confusion on his face, Elizabeth gathered that he genuinely did not know who Elaine had been with. She knew Siegfried had told him what had happened, but had apparently not named her. "She is a dear friend, I wanted to make certain that you are marrying her for the right reasons."

Standing, Günter stood and wandered over to the fireplace, leaning on the mantle, he stared into the flames, "You are yet young Elsebeth, having lived your life in the Warehouse, you have been sheltered by much of the evil which exists in this world. Elaine had been overcome by an unnatural evil, and I intend to rescue her from that; and in doing so bring her back to the light."

Elizabeth could taste the bitter tang of blood, as she bit down on her tongue with all her might. Struggling not to scream, she managed to reply in an even tone, "Günter, I came here to ask a favour of you."

Looking to her, he asked lightly, "Name it."

"Do not marry her."

His eyes turned to a frown, "Why on earth would I do that?"

At this point Elizabeth was stuck, did she declare her love of Elaine and therefore doom any chance of success in her mission; or did she lie... "I fear for your wellbeing if you marry her."

At this he appeared amused, "My wellbeing? Explain."

"Like you said, Elaine has been overcome by a powerful evil, I fear it will corrupt your house. I fear you will be dreadfully unhappy Günter. I consider you as friend, and I would not wish to see you harmed by the curse of a wife who will never love you."

Shaking his head, the agent drained his cup, "You needn't worry for me Elsebeth, Elaine and I will be very happy. Even if she does not love me at first, in time she will grow to. I will not let evil corrupt me, I wish to save her."

Elizabeth's tone had become more insistent than she had intended, "Günter please..."

"I swore to her father that I would take her as my wife. Elsebeth, I understand your concern, and it is appreciated. But I am to marry Elaine in the morn, and no amount of warning from you will make me go back on my word."

And it was with that she was dismissed.

Throwing herself back hard against the wall of her loft, Elizabeth could feel her heart tightening in her chest. Barely able to breathe, she sank to the floor, as burning tears began to make stinging tracks over her porcelain cheeks. Appealing to Günter had been her last chance, a feeling of hopelessness washed over her as she realised there was absolutely nothing she could do to prevent that damned wedding. Particularly, being as, Siegfried had a guard posted at the bottom of her ladders. Ensuring she was trapped and unable to intervene in his daughter's wedding.


Chapter 19

Elizabeth came around groggily, the sloshing sound of water brought her to her senses.

Blinking to clear her blurry eyes, she took in her surroundings. She was sitting propped against a wooden bench, on deck of a boat. Looking around, she saw Günter at the helm. Her ex partner turned with a vindictive grin, "Ah, you're awake!"

"So it would seem."

He frowned, "You have changed your tongue, you speak as if you are a native Englishwoman."

Her eyebrow curved, "It altered naturally, if you recall I have been speaking the language almost as long as I have German."

Running a hand through his hair he nodded, "Ah, I do recall that. When you used it to seduce my wife."

Elizabeth tried to lunge forward, but found her wrists bound to the bench. Her arms jarred painfully, forcing her to fall back against the bench. "Do not speak of things about which you know nothing! I loved her Günter, I sure as hell cared more than you ever did!"

Charging across the deck, he brought the back of his hand across her face, his voice was a low growl, "It is you who should not speak."

It had been a few hours since Artie had ordered the exhausted Helena to go to bed. I had been two days since Elizabeth had been taken, and the Victorian had not slept since. Creeping up the stairs, Myka peeked into their room. She frowned as she found the bed empty, "Hel?"

A quick glance around the room told her that the inventor was not there.

Back in the hallway, she noticed Elizabeth's door was open. Approaching, she rolled her eyes, "Artie told you to go to bed."

Helena looked up, with the shock of a child being caught reading a sibling's diary. "Myka! Ah, I...."

The agent curved an eyebrow, "You were what?"

Running a hand through her hair, Helena's features calmed, "I was just trying to see if there was anything which could help us find her."

Myka sighed, and held out her hand, "Baby, please, you need to sleep. I'll stay up with Claudia and keep working on finding her."

Heavy bags hung beneath the Victorian's eyes, her face was drawn and she looked fit to collapse.

Sighing, she hung her head, "Alright." Her voice was husky from lack of sleep.

Eyes resting softly and sympathetically on her lover, she touched her hand. "Helena."

The inventor showed a moment of uncharacteristic weakness and melted into Myka's arms, "I'm sorry."

Her face nestled in Helena's ebony hair, Myka pulled back a moment, "What for?"

Helena's voice was slightly strangled as she barely whispered, "For everything."

It was then Myka saw the tracks of tears running down the older woman's cheeks. Tilting her chin, she breathed, "Helena."

She shook her head, "Myka, I betrayed you all- especially you. I tried to destroy the world."

Shaking her head, Myka tried to lead Helena towards the door. "Baby... you don't have to..."

"No Myka, I do." The Victorian's dark eyes were like pools, "Nothing I can ever say can ever make up for the pain and anguish I caused you..."

Taking the inventor's hands, Myka kissed them, "Helena, I forgive you, I do..."

"I hadn't finished." Looking the younger agent directly in the eyes, she fought past the lump forming in her throat, "Nothing I can ever say or do can ever make up for the pain and anguish I caused you." Helena's lips curved as she continued, "But Myka Ophelia Bering, I swear I will spend the rest of my life trying." Caressing Myka's hands with her thumb, Helena chuckled softly, "I guess, what I'm trying to say is, will you marry me?"

Myka's jaw dropped, "Hel, really?"

The inventor grinned nervously, "Well, it wasn't exactly how I had planned on asking you, but, here it is."

Tears swam in her emerald eyes, wiping them away with a half laugh, she pulled the inventor it a tight embrace, "Then my answer is yes. Of course I will."

Helena's eyes drifted shut and a deep sigh of relief, "Oh, I love you Myka."

Brushing her lips against Helena's Myka lost herself in the feel of the other woman.

Running a hand through Myka's curls, Helena released a quiet whimper. Pulling back, the taller agent whispered, "Now, please, go to bed."

Chuckling softly, she kissed Myka again before whispering, "Alright."

As she watched Helena leave, purposefully swaying her hips, Myka shook her head with a smile. As she turned to switch off the light, a large leather bound tome, sitting in the keyboard tray of the desk, caught her eye. Frowning, she felt drawn to the book. Approaching the desk, she ran her hand over the age roughened leather cover, she carefully opened the first page. Her eyebrows rose, as she read the front page;

I pray there is a day which this will be read, as it likely means that I will have finally made my escape from this curse. Through my many years on this planet I have met few people who have been able to give me faith in humanity. I suspect that it has become an artefact after years of angst and pain being poured into its pages. To whom ever is reading this; I hope I will have had the pleasure to meet you. Regardless of whether you have or have not, it is unlikely that you will have truly known me. This is a record of my life. Very droll and self centred I know, but how many have lived for as long as I have? I have seen empires rise and fall, atrocities and miracles, hate and love. I have seen humanity at its highest and lowest, and so here is my testimony, of history as I knew it; through living it.

Closing the book, Myka ran her ringers over the covers, learning the bumps and scrapes on the surprisingly well kept book. Turning it in her hands she read the cover;


Agent record


Returning the book to its hiding place, Myka released a long breath, "You're not gone yet, it will remain unread until then. You still have more to add." Her eyes went to the door, "For her sake, please be alright. I don't think she could bear losing anyone else."

"Are you talking to a book?"

Myka jumped, as her partner stuck his head around the door, "Pete! Don't you knock?"

Ruffling his hair, he shrugged, "Nah, where's the fun in that?!" Walking in, he glanced at the book, "Whatcha doin?"

Shaking her head, she began to head to the door, "Nothing, Pete."

Holding out his arm, he said gently, "Hey, I may not be Jinks. But I can tell you're lying."

Rolling her eyes , Myka tried to pass him, "Whatever Pete."

He caught her wrist, "Mykes, talk to me."

"There's nothing to talk about Pete, I'm fine. It's Helena I'm worried about."

He nodded, "You really love her don't you?"

Smiling softly, she nodded, "I do."

Squeezing her wrist reassuringly, he smiled, "Good. Because despite her past, I honestly think she would rather die than hurt you again."


Chapter 20


"Wo ist die Katze?"(Where is the cat?- German)

Elizabeth stirred with a growl, as Siegfried's voice reverberated across the Warehouse. Stretching her lithe limbs, she went to the ladder of her loft.

Padding into the office, she looked at her superior with indifference. "Was ist das?" (What is it?- German)

Scowling at her, he handed her a pile of letters, "Diese Berichte sind gerade angekommen. Sortieren sie." (These reports have just arrived. Sort them)

Sighing, she picked them up and muttered bitterly, "Of course, it would be my pleasure- you won't let me in the field anymore, but by God you love to humiliate me further."

Siegfried scowled at her, "Was hast du gerade gesagt?" (What did you just say?- German)

Looking innocent, she replied curtly, "Ich sagte; natürlich, wie Sie möchten." (I said; of course, as you wish.- German)

Sceptical, he merely growled, "Tu es, Katze; jetzt." (Do it, Cat; now.- German)

She inclined her head, with a sour expression, "Jawohl." (Yes sir- German) Before taking the letters to the desk.

Several hours past, before Siegfried released a long yawn and stood. Stretching, he looked down on her, " Ich gehe. Beenden Sie Ihre Berichte, dann führen Inventar für den Rest des Tages." (I am going. End your report, then perform inventory for the rest of the day.- German)

Sighing, she continued to write up the report from the letters, "Jawohl." As the door closed behind him she hissed, "Bastard son of a whore."

Sighing, she leant back on her stool and stretched. Her eye caught on something bright green. Seeing the apple on Siegfried's desk made her heart ache. Standing, she picked up the fruit. Lifting it to her lips, she was just about to bite when the door opened. In her fright, she dropped the apple with a curse.

" Es tut mir leid, ich hab nicht die Absicht zu ... Elizabeth?" (I am sorry, I did not intend to... Elizabeth?- German)

Turning, her breath caught. It had been three years since she had last seen those smoky blue eyes- but her chest burned and stung as if it had been only moments. Her voice cracked, "Elaine."

The other woman seemed to be having the same problem. Her lips moved to make words, but her voice failed. Instead their eyes met, saying more than a thousand words ever could.

" Was zum Teufel ist das?" (What the hell is this?- German)

Elaine spun as if stung, and her eyes widened like a rabbit before a wolf as Günter strode in. "Günter! Ich habe dich gesucht ..." (I've been looking for you...)

Approaching her, threateningly, he used his superior height to make her feel small, " Wissen Sie, Sie sind verboten, hierher zu kommen." (You know, you are forbidden to come here.-German)

Elaine began to stammer, and cowered before her husband. The sight of it set Elizabeth's blood afire, " Lass sie in Ruhe!" (Leave her alone!-German)

With a snarl, he turned on Elizabeth, "Denkt nicht, ich war blind für die Art und Weise kannst du auf meiner Frau sah." (Do not think I was blind to the way you looked at my wife-German) His tone lowered further, as his grey eyes burned in anger, " Seien Sie dankbar, das ich nicht den Hals brechen, gerade jetzt." (Be grateful, that I do not snap your neck, right now.- German)

Looking with fear between her husband and Elizabeth, Elaine called, "Günter, nach Hause gekommen. Ich brauchte, um dich zu sehen. Bitte." (come home. I needed to see you. Please.)

Pulling away with a growl, he grabbed her by the arm, and dragged her out of the office. Seeing Elizabeth bear her teeth, and about to spring, Elaine shook her head, before she disappeared through the door and out of the Warehouse.

With a leonine roar, Elizabeth flipped the desk in front of her, scattering papers like leaves over the entire office. Storming out onto the Warehouse floor, she grabbed the artefact she sought, before returning to her loft.

Clutching Aristotle's quill tightly, Elizabeth sighed as the feeling of catharsis washed over her- leaving her drained.


Claudia's cry woke HG faster than an adrenaline injection to the heart. Like a bullet, she leapt out of bed- still clothed from the night before- and tore downstairs. "You know where she is?"

Claudia nodded, "Yeah, I tried looking for airports, but then decided to search harbours. Apparently, a yacht was stolen from a harbour in Florida, three days ago."

Artie frowned, shaking his head, he began, "Claudia, just because..."

Holding up a hand, she said sharply, "Just listen! The same yacht docked in France- the La Roche Bernard Marina on the West coast.

Pete yawned, "The guy crossed the Atlantic on a yacht? Wouldn't he, like, sink?"

The young tech whiz, rolled her eyes, before bringing up a picture of the stolen vessel.

His eyes nearly popped out of their sockets, as Claudia explained, "It's not some little sailing boat Pete- that thing is worth fifty million. I doubt he would have wanted to risk flying- he knows we are chasing him."

Approaching the computer, Helena looked at the screen, "How do you know?"

Artie came behind her, and placed a letter on the table, "This came this morning. It was sent before he set sail."

Pulling the letter from the envelope, Helena scanned it;

Unlike Elsebeth, I do not have a way with words. If Elsebeth gives me what I want, then I have no qualms in giving her back to you. Do not think to follow us. I may not be able to kill her; but I can kill you. I would hate to think what state Helena would be in if I robbed her of something else. Christina was such a blow to her- I'd hate to think what would happen if I took her precious Myka too.

Helena's hand shook, and her voice was tight, it took all her will power not to crush the note. "Where are they heading Claudia?"

Nervous, of HG's quiet calm, she brought up CCTV feeds, "They are at the Franco-German border now."

The Victorian nodded, "Right. Book me a flight to Berlin, I think I know where they are going."

"Myka what are you doing?" Helena stopped packing when she saw Myka placing clothes into a bag.

The agent raised an eyebrow, "I'm packing."

"No." Helena put herself in front of the case, "No, you're not coming. I'm going alone Myka."

Sighing, Myka tried to move her, "Baby, I'm not letting you go on your own. Hel, please, move."

Her ebony eyes were resolute, "No, Myka."


"NO!" HG's shout shocked the younger woman into silence, "No, Myka, I can't lose you! I won't lose you. I am begging you stay. Here. Please! I can't go through that again. I couldn't bear it!"

"Helena, nothing will happen, I'll be fine."

She shook her head, "No, it's too dangerous, I can't afford to take that risk."

Myka felt her voice sharpen, and the words had escaped her before she could stop them, "I'm not a child Helena! You don't need to coddle me I can protect myself!" The younger woman could see her statement hit Helena like a freight train. Feeling physically sick with herself, Myka tried to touch her, "Oh God, Helena, I'm sorry...I..."

The inventor pulled sharply away, her eyes were down. Grabbing her bag, she said coldly, "You are not coming to Germany." Before throwing her bag over her shoulder and walking out.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Myka's head sank into her hands, sobs began to break through and she wept, "What have I done?"

Elizabeth glared at Günter as they approached the German border. "As soon as we stop, I will scream."

Coolly, he kept his eyes on the road, "If you do that; I will shoot you."

"And then you'd get arrested."

He chuckled, "That may be; but that is nothing compared to what will happen to you. A woman surviving a bullet between the eyes- without so much as a scratch on her. Now that will be an interesting one to explain to the authorities." Adjusting his grip on the wheel he sat back, "So I would suggest you sit back, act pleasant and behave yourself." Pulling up, Günter began to casually converse in German with the guard.

Elizabeth ignored him until she heard him say, " Meine Frau und ich sind auf unserer Hochzeitsreise." (My wife and I are on our honeymoon) Casting his eyes over her, he added, "Ein launisch ein. Aber es ist nicht so wie ich heiratete sie für ihre Persönlichkeit." (A moody one. But it's not like I married her for her personality.- German)

Stung, she could not help but snipe back, " Zumindest diejenigen Medikamente arbeiten für Ihre erektile Dysfunktion. Ich weiß nur ich verheiratet Dank für Ihre Brieftasche-aber es gibt eine Linie." (At least those drugs work for your erectile dysfunction. I know I only married you for your wallet- but there is a line.- German)

His jaw tightened, and the guard covered his mouth to prevent a loud gwarf of laughter escaping.

Taking back their passports, Günter spoke sharply, "Danke." Before continuing their drive.

Allowing herself a moment of bitter amusement, she could see the fury building up within him. If she could somehow tip him over the edge; then she could make her escape and kill him in the process- as painfully as is humanly (Or rather immortally) possible.

Part 21

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