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By Erin Griffin


"MYKA! BE CAREFUL!" HG Wells hollared over the wind and rain. She watched with a pounding heart as Myka climbed to the very top of the Space Needle to return the artifact that caused all of Seattle's accessive rainfall. Someone had stolen it and tried to bring it to the Sahara desert. Though they couldn't find the perp, they got the artifact, and it was decided that Seattle needed its rain.

"I'M TRYING!" the brunette called back. Her foot slipped as she climbed down a little more, and though she was too far below her, HG prepared herself to try and catch the other agent.

"That's it, easy," Helena coaxed as Myka climbed down. Finally, she was able to make the small leap down, and HG caught her. Both women sighed with relief. "Never again," HG said simply before she drew Myka into her. Brown and black hair slapped shoulders at the sudden movement, and Helena held onto the brunette. "You had me scared," she said hoarsely.

Myka was surprised by this. They had been on dangerous missions before and Helena hardly seemed to bat an eye at it, but she acceted the embrace and wrapped her arms around HG's waist. "I'm here. I didn't mean to scare you."

"Oh!" Helena took the sides of Myka's face and brought their lips together. "I can't- I can't- Fight-" She kissed Myka again, and Myka's hand went to drenched black hair that covered a side of Helena's face. She moved it away.

"Shh... Its okay. It's okay," Myka soothed, because she knew she felt the same way. There was the sound of the Farnsworth and she looked to Helena to make sure it was okay before she opened it.

"You get it back?" Claudia asked.

"Yeah, its back."

"Good. Get a picture of Jimmi Hendrix's burial site for me, would ya?"

"Morbid much?"

"Hey, I'd do it myself if Artie McCrabby Pants let me go o the mission-"

"I heard that, young lady-"

"Well there's a first, old man." There was something else in the background and Artie responded to that, and then the Farnsworth went black.

Myka looked back at Helena. "Everything okay now?"

"Other than the fact that I'm bloody cold and wet, I'd say so."

"Come on, let's go home." Myka said. Helena liked the sound of the Warehouse being her home, and she took Myka's offered hand.

The End

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