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Dating HG Wells
By Athena


Chapter 6

Myka leaned on her elbow and looked at HG. "You know, I still can't quite believe that this is real. That you chose me," she said softly.

HG cupped her cheek. "I've never known a woman quite like you Myka. The women I used to know were quite different from you, and from me too for that matter."

"How so?" Myka asked curious. She was gently caressing HG's body, her hand roaming up and down her legs, over her stomach and now and then brushed over a rosy nipple.

"I was always the stronger one. Few of them had much education, so our conversations were limited. Still, I loved each of them dearly," she said with a sad smile.

Myka nodded in understanding. "I bet I'm a handful then," she said and grinned.

"You certainly are darling," HG said with a smile. "That you certainly are. But delightfully so."

Myka wrapped her fingers around the back of HG's slender neck and leaned in for a kiss. She took her time exploring her mouth until she could feel HG squirm underneath her. She brought her knee up so it touched HG's center. The moment she touched her, HG pushed up, trying to increase the pressure. Myka moved away. She chuckled when she heard a frustrated sigh from HG.

"Don't rush Helena," she whispered. She nuzzled HG's beautiful ear. She was still wearing her pearl earrings. Myka was surprised that she hadn't noticed until now. She traced the edge of HG's ear with her tongue and heard her sigh.

"Oh Myka, you make me feel so good," HG sighed happily, a smile playing on her lips.

"I'm glad," Myka mumbled against her shoulder. She ran her hand down HG's side, delighting in the little noises she made. "This is just the beginning. I have much more in store for you hon."

HG laughed and stretched under her, pushing herself against Myka. "Is that so?" she purred.

"Mm hmm," Myka said before closing her lips around HG's left nipple. HG had the tiniest nipples she'd ever seen on an adult woman, but oh, were they tasty. She flicked her tongue over the rosy peak delighting in the whimpering it caused. She gently bit down and heard HG cry out. She eased up a little, afraid that she'd over done it.

"No! So good," HG whispered pushing Myka's face closer to her breast.

Myka smirked. So, HG liked it a little rough. She could handle that. She took the other nipple in her mouth, starting the same slow process of teasing it into a stiff peak. HG squirmed under her. She draped her leg over HG's so her knee was again lightly touching her center. HG pushed against her, but couldn't quite get the contact she so desperately needed. She tried to twist her body, but Myka held her in place. She reached out and rolled the left nipple between her fingers and pulled gently at it. HG whimpered. She bit down again and tweaked the other nipple at the same time. HG whimpered, almost sobbed.

"Myka," she whispered. Her voice was full of need, and deeper than usual.

"It's okay hon," Myka said and kissed her. She was delighted when HG put her hand in her hair pressing their lips together in a searing kiss. She slipped her tongue between HG's lips and ran it along the edge of her teeth before lightly touching it to HG's tongue. She felt the moan as a gentle tremble against her lips. After a glorious long moment of kissing she pulled away. She smiled down at HG, waiting for her dark eyes to look at her. She felt her heart miss a beat as HG finally opened her eyes. She was breathtakingly beautiful. Her lips were even fuller than usual due to the kissing, and her eyes were so dark they looked absolutely black.

"You are the most beautiful woman I've ever met in my entire life," she said amazed.

HG grinned. "Thank you darling."

Myka kissed her lips briefly, but pulled away before the kiss could get too heated. HG made a protesting sound that made her chuckle.

"As lovely as your lips are Helena, I want to taste all of you," she whispered.

HG nodded silently. Myka held her gaze as she kissed her nipples again. She saw HG's lips separate and felt her chest expand under her mouth as HG inhaled deeply. HG's hand caressed her hair as she sucked harder on the delicious little nipple.

"Harder," HG whispered so softly she almost thought she had imagined it. She looked up at her and saw the fire in HG's dark eyes. She pulled her lips back so HG could see her teeth. Her breath teased the nipple as she slowly closed her teeth around it. When she gently pinched it between her strong teeth HG closed her eyes.

"Oh my god," she whimpered and tightened her hold on Myka's hair.

Myka chewed on HG's nipple until it was hard as a pebble, her fingers mimicking the effort on the other nipple. She quickly licked her finger and then ran her wet fingertip over HG's left nipple. She was not disappointed as HG gasped at the feeling. Letting go of her nipples she kissed her way down HG's side and stomach, spending long minutes on the soft area between HG's hip bone and belly button. She ran her fingertips down HG's thigh feeling her move her legs. The tremble her ministrations caused increased as she trailed her fingertips up the inside of HG's thigh.

"Please touch me," HG begged softly.

Myka put her palm against HG's inner thigh and pushed. HG moved her leg, inviting her in. Myka shivered as she could smell her arousal. She ran her fingertips over HG's sensitive center and heard her cry out.

"Oh god!" she whimpered and pushed off the bed.

Myka kept her touch light, only skimming over the surface. She was surprised that HG was so smooth. She realized that HG must have shaved recently. She smiled against her stomach in anticipation. Myka moved her fingers, coated in HG's nectar to her stomach, tracing little patterns over sensitive flesh.

"Please Myka," HG begged.

Myka smiled and kissed the top of her sex. "I want to taste you Helena," she said huskily.

"Oh yes, please, please," HG whispered.

Myka kneeled between her legs and gently ran her hands up her legs. She grabbed her thighs just above and behind her knees and pushed up and out, spreading her wide open. It surprised her for a moment how agile HG was. She ran her hands up the inside of her thighs and stopped just at her sex. She felt her tremble below her hands. She looked at HG's face. Her eyes were closed, her lips separated as she gasped for air. She looked a little flushed; a pink hue covered her cheek and neck and upped chest. Myka grinned. This was an interesting little tidbit. Who would have guessed that HG's neck and chest flushed during lovemaking? You're a lucky girl Myka Bering, she mused. Shaking herself out of her admiration of HG, she knew she had to focus on HG's need. She ran her thumb over her center and was instantly rewarded by a gasp and mewling sound. She saw her brow furrow and lips press together. She repeated the touch and HG gasped again.

"Helena," she said softly. "Look at me."

HG slowly turned her head and her eyes fluttered open.

"I want you to look at me as I love you," Myka said and smiled. She lowered her head while looking HG deep in the eyes. Her lips separated and she hovered over HG's sex for a moment. She saw HG's lip tremble in anticipation. She finally ran her tongue up the length of HG's center. She saw HG toss her head back and felt her push up against her mouth.

"Oh god!" she cried out.

Myka caressed her sensitive folds, tasting her and marveling at the softness. No one had touched this amazing woman in over a hundred years. And if she had any say in it, no one else ever would. She lapped at HG's folds amazed at how sweet she was. She had always enjoyed this particular way of making love to a woman, but this was exceptional. She felt like she could stay here forever. HG just tasted so incredibly good. She pushed her tongue inside of her and heard HG moan. She repeated it again and then ran her tongue back up to her clit. She circled it and heard HG whimper. She backed off. She didn't want her to come quite yet.

"No," HG protested and reached for her head.

Myka smiled and kissed her soft folds. "Trust me hon; it will be worth it. I promise," she said softly. Myka sat up and looked down at her beautiful lover. "Roll over," she whispered. HG complied without a word. She leisurely stretched out on the bed and smiled at Myka. She reminded her of a cat. A dangerous, but beautiful cat. Myka straddled her hips and ran her hands up and down HG's long back, trying to slow down her arousal.

"That feels so good darling," HG sighed.

She caressed the soft hair away from HG's neck and pressed her lips to that soft spot right under HG's ear. Her breasts were touching HG's back and she could feel her pushing against her. She continued to plant kisses across HG's shoulders and down her spine, making sure that her nipples made contact with HG's skin as she moved down. When she reached the small of her back she kneeled between HG's spread legs and kneaded her buttocks in a gentle circular movement. HG moaned. She could smell her arousal as her ministrations opened her up more and more. She pulled the butt cheeks apart and ran a fingertip over the sensitive flesh. A jolt went through HG and her butt surged off the bed.

"Oh my god!" she gasped. Myka smirked and watched HG grab handfuls of the sheet. She leaned down and covered every inch of HG's soft cheeks with wet kisses. Her hand snaked itself underneath her beautiful companion and she pushed her thumb inside of her. HG trembled. She stroked her soft insides as she wrapped her hand around HG's center. She was so incredibly wet. She leaned down again and ran her tongue over puckered flesh as she started to stroke HG's clit.

"Myka?" HG said slightly alarmed, her voice shaky. "What are you doing?

"What does it feel like I'm doing?" Myka asked huskily, her breath hot against HG's sensitive skin.

"I… no one has ever done that to me before," she whispered.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No," she mumbled into the pillow.

Myka smiled. She picked up her rhythm again and felt HG getting closer and closer. She sat up and looked at her. HG's eyes were closed and her lips separated. She was gripping the sheet so hard Myka thought she might rip it. Her body was moving against Myka's hands. She was beautiful. She gently caressed HG's s soft buttocks and felt her push against her hand. Myka slowly removed her thumb and coated her other entrance with HG's own juices, then slowly pushed as her other hand continued its gentle stroking of her soft cheeks. Her finger slipped in easily. HG's eyes opened and she gasped. Myka stilled her hand. "Helena, look at me," she said softly. HG turned her head a little and their eyes met. "Are you okay?"

HG just nodded.

"Is this too much?"


Myka slipped two fingers inside her as she pushed her thumb deeper. HG's eyes closed again and she shook from the intense feeling. Myka gently pulled at her hip. "Get on your hands and knees Helena," she instructed. HG slowly moved; her body not quite cooperating. When she was finally on her knees, Myka wrapped her arm around her waist and pulled her up against her. The movement causing Myka to push deeper inside of her lover. HG moaned. Myka supported HG against her right thigh while slowly pleasuring her. "Kiss me," she breathed hotly in HG's ear.

HG turned her head and gave Myka a searing kiss. Their tongues touched. Myka reached down and used her entire hand to rub her soft folds. She had been so close it only took a short moment before HG cried out against her lips. She held on to Myka's arm as the orgasm overtook her. She shook as it rippled thought her body. Tears ran down her cheeks when she finally cried out her release into Myka's mouth. Finally she just sat spent, breathing hard with her head bent. She shivered when she felt Myka remove her hands. Then there was just the warm gentle feeling of Myka's arms around her. The intensity of the moment overtook her and she cried. She held onto Myka for dear life and cried. She cried for what she had lost, and for what she could never have, but mostly she cried tears of relief and joy of having this amazing woman in her life.

Myka didn't ask any questions, she just held her and gently rubbed her back. When HG calmed down she pulled her down on the bed and covered their cooling bodies with the thick comforter, and just held her close. She remained silent, waiting.

HG wiped her face against the sheet. "I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me," she said embarrassed.

"Helena, don't."Myka grabbed her chin and forced her to look at her. "Don't ever lie to me Helena," she said seriously. "This was huge for you. I'm not surprised that you are a bit emotional. It's okay. But please, don't make excuses."

HG smiled and nodded. "You're right. I'm sorry. As I said before, I'm used to being the strong one. I'm not used to feeling weak, or to completely lose it like that."

Myka kissed her softly. "Honey, you have been in a terrible place for a very long time. You, if anyone should be allowed to have some emotional baggage to deal with."

"Thank you," she said softly. She looked up at Myka and grinned. "You are a very adventurous lover darling. How do you know me so well?"

Myka blushed. "I don't know. I just know that it feels good and I thought that you might enjoy it. I knew it was a little risky. Not everyone would trust me to do that."

"I do trust you Myka," she said seriously. "There was a moment there when I felt very exposed, but at the same time it just felt so incredibly good that I decided to just trust you and allow myself to be open minded and embrace the experience," she said honestly.

Myka laughed. "I'm glad. I wanted to give you an experience so intense it might blow out your circuits so to speak."

"Well that you certainly did," HG said and laughed.

Helena G. Wells slept better that night than she had in over a century. A heavy load had been lifted off her shoulders, and maybe, just maybe she would allow her heart to love again. A small crack had opened in her heart and soul to let this amazing young woman in. Perhaps it was time to leave the past in the past, and move on.

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