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Warehouse Security
By Athena


Claudia hit enter and leaned back in her seat watching as her program went to work finding what she was looking for. "Ha! Thought I couldn't break ya, did ya? Did ya?"

Before she could engage in any further conversation with the main computer it beeped at her and a circle indicated increased heat activity in aisle 467c. Claudia frowned. HG and Myka were down in that area. It was Myka's Warehouse Library as Pete called it. Myka had even convinced Artie to bring in a large table and some chairs. For research purposes, of course. Claudia smirked. She had found Myka down there reading on several occasions, and more recently HG too had started to spend time at the end of aisle 467b. Wondering what was going on, Claudia entered a command which brought up security footage of the area. Claudia gaped and shot up from her seat. She looked around and then sat down again, pulling her laptop closer.

"Holy frak, that's some L-word action," she mumbled.

On her screen were her two colleagues, intimately locked in a kiss. HG was sitting on the table, with Myka standing between her legs. Her bare legs. Claudia swallowed when she realized that HG's pants were on the floor, in a pile with her trademark boots.

"Aiiih…" Claudia trembled and gasped for air as HG wrapped her leg around Myka's waist making it very clear where Myka's hand was.

"Yo Claud, wanna go for pizza?"

Pete stopped and stared at Claudia. His eyebrows shot up at the flustered look on her face.

"What's wrong with you? Watching porn in the office again?"

"NO!" she exclaimed and blushed further.

"Aha! You so were," he said and laughed. "Busted young lady."

"Shut up, Pete."

"Let me in on the goods then."

"NO!" she exclaimed in panic.

Pete's eyes narrowed and he stroked his chin. "What's up with you?"

"There was a security spike, so of course I had to check it, and there they were, and you know, it's not as if I was perving or anything. Just doing my job you know," she fired off in one long sentence.

"Whoa! Hold it right there. Who are we talking about?"

"Myka and HG," she mumbled.

"You were perving on Myka?" he said and made a face. "Doing what? Reading a book?"

"Not exactly," she said and took a deep breath. "More like doing HG."


Claudia burst out laughing at the look on his face.

"Myka and HG? When did that happen?"

"Please," she said and rolled her eyes. "Myka's been practically drooling over HG ever since she got here, and when we were in California on that wrestling team case, you know, HG was totally checking Myka out."

Pete sat down in a chair with a thump. "How could I have missed this? Lesbian Warehouse action right under my nose," he mumbled to himself. "And I didn't see it."

"If it makes you feel any better, they're very good at hiding it."

He nodded at that. Claudia jumped when he suddenly jumped to his feet and stalked over. She held up her hands and shook her head.

"Whatever it is, not gonna happen," she said sternly.

"I want to see," he said and wriggled his eyebrows.

"Are you crazy? HG will claim your bits, man."

He made a face at that and squirmed a little. "I'll chance it."

Claudia sighed and turned the laptop his way. HG was leaning back on the table. Her shirt was open and Myka's curly head covered HG's chest.

"Tetons!" Pete said and grinned.

"Pete, this is so wrong," Claudia said and made a face. "I mean, they're really hot, but this is invading their privacy."

"No it isn't," he said quickly. "They're in the Warehouse, a public place. Sort of."

"True, but I doubt that they would do this if they knew we were watching."

"Don't be a killjoy Claud. Let me just watch a bit more."

Claudia licked her suddenly dry lips as she watched HG's face. She thought it would feel less awkward looking at HG's face than her body, but quickly realized her mistake. HG's face was so full of expressions there was no doubt about what she was doing. Claudia dared a glance at Myka. She bit her lip and a tiny little whimper escaped as she watched Myka pull HG's nipple with her teeth. She squirmed in her seat again.

"Is there any sound?"


"Fine," he muttered.

Myka pushed HG's leg up further and for a fraction of a second they caught a glimpse of Myka's hand and fingers as she pleasured HG. Pete gasped and stared at the screen. Claudia bit her lip harder.

"It's beautiful and painful at the same time," Claudia whispered.

"They've done this before," Pete said and grinned. He gestured to the screen. "That's not two women who just got together for a quickie. That's a lovers' encounter."

Claudia nodded. She gasped as HG tensed in ecstasy. She held her breath as she watched HG's body convulse in passion under Myka's skillful hands. Not until HG relaxed in a boneless heap with a blissful smile on her face did Claudia fill her lungs with air.

"Wow," she whispered.

"Hot!" Pete said cheerfully.

They watched Myka cover HG's body with gentle kisses. HG laughed and sat up holding Myka close. They kissed for a long moment before HG slid off the table. Claudia grabbed the armrests on her chair when HG walked Myka backwards to one of the comfy armchairs, the one Myka preferred to sit and read in. The next thing that happened was that Myka's pants were unceremoniously yanked down her legs before HG lowered Myka into the chair. Myka laughed and allowed HG to remove her pants and underwear.

"Myka bits," Pete said and giggled.

Claudia closed her eyes. "I can't even…"

"Pretty Myka bits from the looks of it," Pete said and nodded to himself.

"Dude, that's Myka you're perving over."

"I know. She's a beautiful woman."

Claudia nodded. She opened one eye. The two women were kissing, HG's hands hidden from sight by Myka's shirt. Myka's legs were wrapped around HG's waist as her beautiful lover was kneeling on the floor, cushioned by Myka's pants.

"HG has a nice ass," Pete said and winked at Claudia.

"She'll kick yours if you ever tell her about this," Claudia muttered.

"It might be worth it," he said and laughed.

HG moved and Myka pulled her legs up until her feet rested on the seat. They both gasped when HG pulled her hair to the side before bending her head. Myka's hand instinctively buried itself in HG's dark mane as she held her against her. Myka's eyes were closed and she smiled as HG's mouth worked its magic.

"Frak!" Claudia exclaimed, her eyes huge.

"Seems like HG knows what she's doing," Pete said and laughed. "Guess the Victorians engaged in some oral action too."

Claudia whimpered. She squirmed in her seat. Pete shot her a knowing look.

"Claud, do you like girls?"

Claudia shot him a look, suddenly looking both guarded and vulnerable. He smiled at her.

"What's it to you?" she muttered.

"You seem like you enjoy watching them. I think you're getting hot."

"So what if I am," she mumbled.

"It's okay with me."

"I've been with a girl," Claudia whispered. "I know exactly how good Myka feels right now."

Pete smiled at her. "Perhaps we should head back to Leena's?" he suggested. "Let our Warehouse bunnies have their fun."

Claudia nodded. She glanced one last time at the two women on the screen. Myka's leg was over HG's shoulder, her heel digging into HG's back. By the look on Myka's face she was close. Claudia turned off the camera and then deleted the last thirty minutes of footage.

"What did you do?" Pete asked.

"Deleted it."

"You can't."

Claudia stared at him. "Why not? Are you planning on watching it again?"

"Of course not. What if they remember the cameras and come up here to delete it themselves? If it's not there they will know that we saw them."

"Frak, you're right," she muttered.

A couple of commands later and the file was restored. Returning the computer to the original search, Claudia grabbed her stuff and followed Pete to the car.

"God, Helena," Myka panted. "That was really, really good."

"It sounded like you liked it," Helena purred.

"Perhaps we should get dressed."

"In a moment, I quite enjoy cuddling with you like this."

Helena had joined Myka in the large chair and the two were wrapped around each other in a close embrace. Helena kissed Myka, savoring the sigh from Myka when she tasted her own desire on Helena's lips.

"I wonder if anyone watched us," Helena mumbled. Myka stared at her with panic in her eyes. "I heard the cameras move," Helena explained with an apologetic smile.

"God," Myka whispered and hid her flustered face against Helena's neck.

"They probably did not see much," Helena assured her. "I don't mind. Do you?"

"Kind of. It did cross my mind for a brief second about ten minutes ago that the camera might be on us, but what you were doing felt so good I just couldn't make myself stop you."

Helena laughed and kissed her. The kiss turned into touching and Helena moved to straddle Myka's lap. She sighed and her eyes closed when Myka's slender fingers eased inside her.


The Warehouse quietly watched over the two women as Myka again brought HG Wells to climax. The last thing Helena remembered before yet again tumbling over the edge was a distinct smell of apples. She smiled and cried out her release.

The End

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