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Silk & Lace
By Athena


Chapter 7

Back at Leena's Myka went straight to her room to unpack and take a shower. She unzipped her small suitcase and flipped the top back. She gaped at what was resting on top of her clothes. Panties. Decadent white lace panties. Definitely not hers. Myka blinked. Yep, they were still there. She picked them up with slightly trembling fingers when a folded note fell out. Myka caught it as it slowly floated to the floor in a teasing dance. She carefully unfolded it.

My room 10 pm. Wear these.

Myka swallowed. The note was signed with a flourishing H. She felt the soft lace between her fingers and sighed. Myka nervously glanced at the time, 9:20. Putting the panties and the note on her dresser she quickly unpacked and then hurried to the bathroom for a shower.

Helena lit the last candle and blew out the match. Glancing around the room she grinned. The only thing missing now was the woman she had extended an invitation to. Five minutes to ten. Helena smiled and took a sip of her wine. It felt cool and crisp on her tongue.

A soft breeze coming through the window played with the tails of Helena's open robe. She chuckled and stepped up to the floor length mirror. Turning in front of it Helena scrutinized her own appearance, hoping that Myka would approve. She pulled a little, making her garments fit better. A tingle went through her body in anticipation of Myka's reaction.

Exactly at 9:59 Myka peeked out into the hallway. It was dark and empty, only the faint light from the wall sconces illuminating her path. She slipped out of her room and soundlessly closed the door behind her. Quickly walking the short distance to Helena's room she gently rapped on the door.

"Who is it?"

"It's ten o'clock. Who do you think?" Myka hissed and rolled her eyes.

The door opened and Helena grinned at her. "Just taking precautions, darling."

Helena opened the door and stepped aside to let Myka in. She closed it behind her all while watching Myka's face.

"Helena," Myka whispered and glanced around the room.

Candles were lit everywhere. It appeared that Helena had put new sheets on the bed. Or perhaps that was Leena, Myka mused. She glanced down as she felt something soft under her foot. Rose petals. She chuckled and grinned at Helena.

"I hoped that a little Victorian seduction would be welcome," Helena purred and pulled Myka to her.

They came together in a soft kiss. Myka pressed closer and buried her hands in Helena's hair, pulling Helena's lips firmer against her mouth. She sighed when she felt Helena's slender fingers slip under her shirt to touch her bare skin, soft fingertips ghosting over her sensitive stomach, teasing her navel only to move higher up her side.

"Oh Helena," she whispered. "You don't need to seduce me. I'm more than willing to share your bed."

"Good to know," Helena mumbled against Myka's ear. She nibbled on the earlobe causing a little whimper from Myka. "Still a woman should never take her lady for granted, but shower her with gifts and tokens of her love."

Helena slipped her hands lower, smoothly pushing inside Myka's yoga pants to cup Myka's buttocks. She grinned when she felt soft lace under her palms.

"God Helena," Myka groaned as Helena squeezed her butt.

"You accepted my gift."

"It was a lovely gift, though I must say I would've preferred if you had been in it."

Helena laughed and stepped away from Myka. "Unfortunately darling, it would have clashed with my outfit."

Myka frowned. She took a step closer and reached for Helena's robe. She gently pulled at the silk tie and the robe fell open. Myka gaped as she stared at Helena.

"Sweet Jesus," she whispered and swallowed. She looked up at Helena with lust filled eyes. "That is the most incredible thing I've ever seen."

Helena slipped the robe off her shoulders and it fluttered to the floor. She smiled at Myka. "So you see, the white knickers would not have been appropriate."

Myka nodded, unable to formulate words as she stared at Helena. Helena was in a black corset with dark red inlays that looked like it had been made for her. Silk and lace encased Helena's upper body, pushing her breasts up in the most delicious way. Myka gently touched the top of Helena's breasts with her fingertips. They both sighed at the feeling. Stepping closer she grabbed Helena by the waist and pulled her to her. Bending her head, Myka placed a soft, open mouth kiss on the impossibly silky skin that peeked out at the top of the corset. Roaming Helena's body, feeling how the corset hugged her in all the right places, Myka covered every inch of exposed skin on Helena's chest with kisses. Helena moaned and swayed a little. Her hand tangled in Myka's curls as she guided Myka's lips over her flustered skin.

"Darling, had I known this would have happened I would have made this purchase a long time ago," she said in a faint whisper.

Myka grinned and her hands slipped lower. When she felt soft skin under her palm her eyes widened. Feeling around she smirked when she found the tiny little sliver of fabric.

"A thong. HG Wells is wearing a…" she brushed her fingertips in front, over Helena's sex. "a lace thong."

Helena giggled a little and bit her lip. "Do you not approve?"

"It's very naughty, Helena," Myka teased and kissed her. "And I love it."

"If it had not been so warm I would have worn the garter belt too," Helena whispered in between kisses.

"Garter belt?" Myka said with a little whimper. "You have a garter belt?"

Helena nodded. "Perhaps next time."

Myka nodded and swallowed. "Yeah," she croaked out.

Helena laughed and took her hands. "Come darling, I have the most deliciously naughty things planned for us."

Myka laughed and eagerly followed her to the bed.

Myka smiled down at Helena as she very gently slipped the white lace panties down Myka's legs. She stepped out of them and finally stood naked in front of Helena. She offered Helena a hand, helping her up and again brushed her fingertips over the beautiful corset when Helena stepped closer. Helena giggled as Myka's fingers traced the edge over her breasts.

"I can't decide if I want you to keep it on or take it off," Myka mumbled. "You look so incredibly good in it."

"How about if I keep it on for now then?" Helena teased and gently pushed Myka down on the bed.

Myka stretched out watching Helena as she walked around to the other side of the bed. She sat down next to Myka and took her hand.

"Darling, what are your thoughts about accessories?"

Myka's eyebrows shot up. "I'm not sure. What exactly do you mean by accessories?"

"This for example," Helena said softly and placed a cream colored dildo on the bed between them.

Myka sat up and picked up the sex toy. She turned it over, trying to figure out what it was made of. It did not look like any one she had ever owned.

"It's beautiful. What's it made of?"

"Ivory," Helena said and smiled. "Someone made it for me a long time ago in India."

Myka just stared at her and then at the antique sex toy in her hand. "This… this is over a hundred years old?" she whispered.

"It is darling. Is that a problem?"

Myka shook her head. "No, though I'm sure some people would say that it's too valuable to be used for its true intention."

Helena laughed and took it from her. "So you have used one of these before?"

"I have two actually," Myka mumbled a little embarrassed.

Helena smirked and chuckled. "Well, well, well, Agent Bering, you are a naughty girl."

Myka grinned and chewed on her lip. She leaned closer and kissed Helena's beautiful mouth.

"And I think you really like that," she teased and stroked Helena's lower lip with the tip of her tongue.

Helena groaned and put her arm around Myka's shoulders. "I do darling. I most definitely do."

Myka pulled away and took the dildo from Helena again. She inspected it closer and traced the intricate carvings. "It's really beautiful. Is it safe to use?"

"I've taken very good care to keep it clean. It has been sanitized."

Myka nodded and swallowed. She handed it back to Helena and smiled. "I think I'd like this very much actually."

"How delightful!" Helena said and giggled.

Myka pressed her thighs together as the anticipation sent a tingle through her body. She touched Helena's stomach and moved her fingers over the corset.

"No wonder you had a lot of intimate fun back then. If you dressed like this on a regular basis you must have had men chasing after you all the time."

"I had my moments," Helena teased. "Sometimes anticipation and fantasy are better than the real thing. Most of the men did not actually get to touch me," she explained.

"So you weren't as scandalous as you claim?"

"Pretty scandalous, but not as bad as my dear colleague and friend Woolly thought," Helena said with a laugh. "He was convinced that I had been sleeping with every man of importance in London. I let him believe it," she said and giggled. Helena got a faraway look in her eyes for a moment. "Woolly, the dear fool, how I loved to tease him. He always believed me."

"Poor guy," Myka said and smiled. "I'm sure he was at least a little jealous."

"I'm not sure," Helena said and tilted her head. "I always thought that his interest was focused on the dashing young men in our circles."

Myka laughed and nodded. "Well that explains some things."

"I'm not sure. We really never spoke of it. He did adore me though," she said and batted her eyelashes.

Myka pulled Helena to her and kissed her. "Who wouldn't? You're irresistible even when you're bad."

Helena kissed Myka between her breasts and looked up at her, her eyes twinkling with mirth. She flicked her tongue over a stiff nipple while brushing her thumb over the other one.

Myka caressed Helena's hair as she watched her love her breasts. "That feels so good."

Helena moved and stretched out on top of Myka. Myka laughed and wrapped her arms around Helena's slim waist. They kissed for a long moment. Myka's nipples sent little bolts of fire through her body every time Helena moved and the corset rubbed against the sensitive little tips. Myka groaned and grabbed Helena's buttocks pulling her up higher so she could kiss the top of Helena's breasts.

"Claudia was right," Helena whispered and gasped when Myka ran the tip of her tongue along the edge of the corset.


"She said that whoever gets to see me in this outfit would most definitely enjoy it."

Myka chuckled. "Oh I most definitely do."

Helena sat up and straddled Myka's waist. She slowly stroked Myka's stomach and sides before cupping her breasts. She moved her thumbs over the nipples in a slow seduction.

"Oh Helena," Myka sighed and smiled blissfully at her.

Helena took a rosy nipple in her mouth, sucking gently. She twirled and pulled at the other one making Myka squirm under her. She moved and cupped Myka's sex.

"Darling, you really do like me in this," she teased and ran her fingers through Myka's slick folds.

"Yes," Myka whimpered and gasped as Helena's fingers stroked her clit.

Myka pulled her leg up and Helena entered her with two fingers. Myka sighed and her eyes closed.

Helena watched her as she kept teasing the nipple while slowly stroking Myka's insides. She added another finger and Myka groaned. Helena eased into her very slowly to be sure that Myka could handle it.

"God Helena," Myka gasped and whimpered as she pushed against Helena's fingers.

Helena grinned, very pleased with herself as her fingers eased all the way inside of Myka. She kept moving her fingers and Myka moved with her as the perfect dance partner.

"You really do enjoy this," Helena purred. She twisted her fingers a little and Myka shook at the intensity of the feeling. "Are you ready for my little friend?"

Myka nodded unable to speak. She moaned softly as Helena's fingers were removed. She opened her eyes and watched as Helena reached for the dildo, carefully coating it with the slick juices on her hand. She stared mesmerized as Helena's fingers stroked the sex toy.

"That's really hot to watch," she finally managed to croak out.

Helena chuckled and touched the tip of the dildo to her tongue, tasting Myka. Myka whimpered.

"It is ever so much more delightful to do when I can taste you instead of a man's pre-emission," Helena teased.

Myka chuckled at the old-fashioned expression. She gasped as she felt the cool presence against her sex when Helena slipped it between her folds. Their eyes met. She nodded and Helena slowly moved it over Myka's sex, rubbing it against her clit causing sighs and gasps before eventually pushing it against Myka's opening. It slipped inside with ease and Myka moaned. She pulled her leg up further, opening up for Helena's touch.

Helena slowly eased the dildo inside Myka. She was not really anticipating a problem. The dildo was fairly large, but not obscenely so. It had after all been designed specifically for Helena and her comfort. Since Myka had been able to take three fingers, Helena knew that Myka would be able to enjoy the dildo. Still she was cautious and very gentle as she slipped it inside. She watched the smile on Myka's lips for any change. Helena finally stopped when her fingertips touched Myka's sex and she smiled as she slowly eased it out. As expected Myka whimpered and trembled.

"Incredible," Myka whispered.

Helena slowly moved the dildo in and out, delighted at the pleasure it brought to Myka. Once in a while she turned it and pressed it up. Each time she did, Myka whimpered more. She felt Myka push more insistently against her and increased the speed a little. Myka gasped and her lips parted. Helena smiled a wicked little smile and slipped her fingers inside her underwear. She shivered as she stroked herself. She eased up on her knees while keeping up her movement with the dildo and slipped two fingers inside Myka's mouth. Myka's eyes opened and she stared at Helena. Then her hand closed around Helena's wrist as she sucked and licked Helena's fingers clean. Helena sighed and swallowed. After a moment she pulled her fingers free.

"I am going to take you, Myka. You need that, don't you?" she whispered against Myka's lips. "I can feel how you are gripping the dildo. You enjoy this. Do you want my mouth on you, Myka?" she whispered.

Myka nodded. "Yes," she whimpered.

Helena kissed her once before moving back down again. She stroked Myka's clit a few times before closing her lips around it, sucking and flicking her tongue over it. She moved the dildo faster, but in shorter strokes, rubbing against Myka's g-spot. Myka whimpered and trembled before coming with a fairly loud wail. Helena left the dildo inside her as she kept stroking Myka's clit.

"Stop, stop," Myka finally said and laughed. Her fingers tangled in Helena's hair as she pulled her up to kiss her.

Helena laughed and rolled off Myka. She wiped her face and smiled. Remembering the dildo she reached down between Myka's legs. It was still inside her. She grabbed the base and slowly slipped it out. Myka shivered at the loss and giggled a little as a tremor went through her.

"That was delightful," Helena purred. "You are so delicious, darling."

"Wow," Myka said and swallowed. "That was very intense."

"I know. I fear that we might have some apologizing to do tomorrow. You were a bit loud," Helena said and made a face.

Myka blushed and covered her mouth. "Oh God," she whispered. She closed her eyes. "Do you think they heard me?"

Helena caressed her cheek. "I'm afraid they might have."

"God," Myka whimpered. "This is so embarrassing."

"Nonsense," Helena huffed. "They all have intimate relationships. I'm sure if anything, they're jealous."

Myka shot her a pained look. "I still don't want them to hear me."

"But I do!" Helena said cheerfully.

Myka made a face at her and pulled her closer. She kissed her and sucked on Helena's lower lip. Helena whimpered and stroked her tongue against Myka's. Myka caressed Helena's soft butt cheeks before pushing her away.

"Get up for a moment," she said and smiled.

Helena slipped off the bed and raised an amused eyebrow. She giggled when Myka slipped off her skimpy underwear. She moved closer between Myka's legs and kissed her as Myka wrapped her arms around her waist.

"Do you enjoy your little toy too sweetie?"

Helena made a purring noise and nodded. "I do. It was made for me, you know."

Myka stroked Helena's soft folds, watching her face. She could feel Helena's thighs tremble and smirked.

"I've never done that to anyone but myself, but I'd like to try. I promise to be very careful."

"Stretch me with your fingers first, love," Helena said a little out of breath. "It's been a while."

"Like this?" Myka drawled and slipped two fingers inside Helena.

Helena's legs trembled more and she whimpered. "Yes."

Myka wondered if Helena could take another finger. She pushed her fingers close together and slowly entered her. Helena gasped and her fingers dug into Myka's shoulders.

"Too much?" Myka asked, worried, and stopped.

"Just right," Helena whispered and slowly pushed down on Myka's fingers.

Myka stared down at her hand in wonder. Helena felt so tight around her fingers. She could feel her pulsating heat all around her. It was incredible.

"Can I stay here forever?" she whispered. "I think I for the first time really understand why guys are in such a rush to enter you."

Helena laughed and nodded. "You feel so close to your lover when inside her," she said.

"Helena," Myka said and looked up at her. "If I sit back against the headboard with you across my lap, kind of like this, you could ease down on the dildo. You would be more in control. Do you think you'd like that?"

Helena smiled and sighed. She nodded. "I've always enjoyed riding St. George," she said.


Helena took a step back and Myka's fingers slipped out of her. She smiled as she got on the bed again. Myka moved to sit against the headboard. Helena crawled closer and straddled Myka's legs. She smiled at her.

"When the woman is on top, in control," she explained.

Myka laughed and nodded. "Okay, got it. Come closer lover," she said and grinned.

Helena picked up the dildo and wiped it on the sheet before handing it to Myka. Myka closed her hand around the tip and as much as she could fit in her hand, warming it. She caressed Helena's thigh before sliding her hand over Helena's sex, stroking her slowly, teasing her clit. Helena smiled and held on to Myka's shoulders.

"Touch me inside again," she whispered and raised herself up a little.

Myka slipped two fingers inside her and stroked her slowly, then adding a third finger, slowing even further. Helena pushed against her, breathing harder. Myka aligned the dildo with Helena's sex from behind, tilting it slightly. Helena stopped and Myka moved it closer. Helena gasped as the tip slipped inside her.

"Good lord."

Myka grinned. She held the base still against the bed watching Helena ease down on the dildo. It was fascinating to see it disappear inside of her. When Helena could not move any further, Myka gently pushed the dildo up, entering Helena a bit further. Helena groaned and trembled. When Helena started to move up, Myka kept her hand still, holding the dildo securely as Helena moved. She steadied her with a hand on Helena's hip until Helena found her rhythm. Myka watched her for a moment. Helena was gorgeous. The corset shaped her upper body beautifully, pushing her breasts up, but keeping them in place. A soft pink blush was spreading from Helena's cheeks down her neck and across her chest. Her arms tensed and relaxed as she moved on the dildo. Myka caressed her thigh, feeling a tremble go through her lover. She touched Helena's sex, wetting her fingers before stroking the clit.

"Yes, oh God," Helena exclaimed as Myka stroked her clit.

Myka bit her lip and stroked faster. Helena moved faster too, before slowing down again and finally stopping all together as her body tensed and she shook. She tossed her head back and her hair tumbled down her back as she yelled out her release. Myka just stared at her and the power of her release.

Helena finally collapsed against Myka's chest. Myka wrapped her arms around her, holding her spent lover in a warm and comfortable embrace. Helena trembled and Myka was about to ask, when she felt a slick caress on her thigh. She grinned. The dildo had slipped out of Helena.

"I can't move," Helena whispered. "I don't want to move."

Myka laughed and kissed Helena's dark head. "Do you want to sleep in this?" she asked and ran her hands over the corset.

"Not really," Helena mumbled against Myka's chest. "But I don't think I can get it off right now. My hands are shaking too much."

Myka chuckled and pulled at a tie. She gently worked on the corset until it was loose enough that she could unhook it. She moved Helena a little so she could slip it out between their bodies. She dropped it on the floor and sighed when she finally felt Helena's warm soft body against her.

"I love that thing, but you feel so much better naked."

Helena chuckled and raised her head. She kissed Myka sweetly before resting her head on Myka's shoulder again.

Myka gently rolled them over. Helena groaned and gave Myka a smoldering look. Myka chuckled. She grabbed the dildo and wiped it on the sheet before putting it on the nightstand. She stretched out next to Helena, pulling the covers over them. Helena snuggled closer and Myka wrapped her arm around her. They kissed for a long moment. Myka could feel her body starting to react to Helena again and she gently pulled away. Helena grinned and sighed happily.

"Is it not a delightful little rule that Warehouse agents get a day off after returning from an overnight mission?"

Myka laughed and nodded. "It's a great rule."

"Perhaps we can pick up this tomorrow morning?" Helena said and stifled a yawn.

"Count on it, Wells," Myka mumbled.

Helena's teasing laughter was the last thing Myka remembered hearing before falling asleep.

To Be Continued

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