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Tis the Season
By Erin Griffin


Myka watched as Helena sat by the fire, a book in one hand, while the other framed her cheek, elbow firmly on the arm of the chair she sat in. She took in the way the firelight danced across Helena's face while her eyes flickered from left to right to left again. On the stereo Silent Night played softly, and in the corner was a tree with presents under it. Myka stared at the package that was for her from Pete, and she rolled her eyes, knowing what was in it. She just hoped that her partner had been lying to her. The agent finally took in a breath and let it out. She took less than four steps to get to the other woman, and draped herself over Helena's lap, wrapping her arms around the writer's neck in the boldest move of her life.


Myka leaned in and took possession of Helena's lips. The kiss was quickly returned, which made Myka feel better about even doing this. Helena made a noise from the back of her throat, a surprised sort of sound that ended in a moan. Her right hand, which held the book she was reading made it out from between their bodies, and went to the side of the chair. Helena let the book fall to the rug beneath her before resting on the other woman's hip, along the agent's belt. The left hand went to Myka's hair, something she had wanted to do since she met her. The two women stayed this way, and only the need for air forced them apart, but only about a centemeter. "You know the original mistletoe was taken down, don't you?" Helena asked breathlessly.

"Yeah," Myka replied raspily, "I know."

"Just... making sure." Helena then reacptured Myka's lips as the two shared kisses long after the fire died out.

The End

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