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Dating HG Wells
By Athena


Chapter 3

The inn was quiet. HG peeked inside the living room. It was empty. Then suddenly they heard a door open and close upstairs and footsteps in the hall. HG quickly pulled Myka into the living room and away from the door. She held her close and smiled at her before kissing her. Myka wanted to stop her. Someone was coming for god's sake, but kissing Helena made it impossible to make rational decisions and she felt herself deepening the kiss instead.

HG listened intently as the footsteps approached and then passed them. The main door opened and then closed. She could hear whoever it was on the porch. She finally ended the kiss. "Come, let's go upstairs."

Myka nodded and a moment later they were standing facing each other in Myka's room. For the first time Myka noticed a lack of assertiveness on HG's part. She frowned. Then the realization hit her. Helena was scared. Her heart melted and she put her arms around her in a gentle hug. HG always seemed like she was invincible. Myka also thought of HG as tall, when in reality she actually towered over Helena by a couple of inches. "It's okay Helena," she whispered.

"I don't know why I'm feeling this way Myka?" she said confused.

"Come, have a seat," she said and led HG over to the loveseat. She shed her coat and hung it over a chair. HG handed her her jacket and she put it on top. Her fingers tingled with the need to press it against her face and inhale HG's essence, but she didn't. They weren't at a point where she felt comfortable with that kind of intimacy. Still she couldn't help herself, and gave the soft leather a lingering caress.

HG noticed Myka touching her jacked and she nodded knowingly. She looked up at her and held out her hand. "Please sit with me."

Myka took the offered had and sat down facing her, one leg bent underneath the other. "I have to ask Helena," she said softly. "Have you been with a woman before?"

HG chuckled. "You have to ask? I guess I really am losing my touch."

Myka shook her head. "Not at all. It's just that I don't know much about the world you came from. Hell, it's not even completely accepted today for two women to be together."

HG smiled. "It's okay darling. And the answer is yes. I've had female lovers."

Myka smiled. "I thought so. But you were also married – to a man."

HG nodded. "It was a loveless marriage actually. I tried to tell myself that it wasn't, but that's not the truth. Still, he gave me the greatest gift anyone ever could."

"Your daughter," Myka finished.


"So why does this frighten you Helena? I don't understand," Myka asked confused.

"I don't know. It just does. Maybe it's the effect of all the amazing new discoveries that have happened in the last hundred years. The last time I made love to a woman was over 110 years ago."

Myka started to understand. "You know, making love hasn't changed that much over the centuries. Yes there've been some new inventions and toys and stuff, but the general idea hasn't changed. Your body is still built the same way mine is. I'm sure that your body will respond to my touch the same way it used to."

"But what if it doesn't? What if all that time spent in the bronze sector has changed me?" Helena asked softly.

Myka smirked as she gently cupped Helena's breast and rubbed the nipple with her thumb. She heard HG gasp and her head snapped around. Myka raised an eye brow. "Still feel the same?"

HG grabbed her face and kissed her hard. She kept up her caress of HG's breasts feeling her tremble in her arms. When they finally pulled apart they were both out of breath. HG was holding on to the seat cushion, her head tossed back, trying to catch her breath. She was beautiful. Myka tucked her hair behind a delicate ear and gently cupped HG's chin. She smiled at her partner's clear arousal. HG's pupils were dilated and her lips slightly swollen from the kissing. She gave her a quick kiss before she got up.

"Where are you going?" HG asked confused.

"I'll be right back. I want to show you something."

HG watched her as she kneeled by the night table. Myka pulled out the drawer and started to dig around in the back. She finally pulled out a small velvet bag. HG raised an eyebrow.

Myka handed her two AA batteries. "Please hold these," she said.

HG turned them over in her hand, not quite sure what to do with them. After a closer scrutiny she started to understand. "These are batteries," she said amazed. "They are so small. I remember seeing batteries at the World Fair in Paris, but they were much larger than these."

Myka chuckled. "There are even smaller ones."


"Mm, hm." Myka pulled out the other object from the bag and put it in HG's open palm.

HG weighed the object in her hand for a moment before she looked at it closer. When she realized what she was holding her eyebrow shot up and she looked at Myka. "This is a phallus," she said surprised.

Myka laughed. "Yeah it is. Most people today would call it a dildo."

HG rubbed her fingers against the toy marveling at its softness. "I've never felt this kind of material before. What is it made of?"


"I used to have a couple of these, you know," HG said and winked at her. "Mine were made of leather and ivory."


HG nodded. "So what about these?" she asked and held out the two batteries.

"Oh, yeah. Open this part. It screws on," she instructed and HG popped the top off. "Now insert the batteries with the knob end first." She watched HG follow her instructions. "Great. Now put the top back." As HG tightened the cover, the dildo started to vibrate. It surprised her and she dropped it. Myka laughed out loud.

"I'm glad someone is finding this amusing," HG muttered and picked up the dildo from her lap. "Is it supposed to do that?"

"Yep," Myka was still grinning at the slightly confused woman. "Here I'll show you," she said and took it from Helena. "You can adjust the speed by turning the knob," she instructed.

"All right," HG said still not sure about the item.

"Do you trust me Helena?" Myka asked seriously.

HG cupped her cheek. "You know I do darling."

Myka nodded. She leaned over and kissed her. Soon both of them were breathing hard and Myka could feel HG's hands roaming her body. She pushed her leg between HG's knees. She smiled into the kiss as she felt Helena spread her legs, inviting her to touch her. Slowly she moved the dildo closer and finally pressed it against HG's center. She didn't know exactly what she had expected to happen. HG jumped and leaned back against the sofa. "Oh. My. God," she breathed between swollen lips. She stared at the culprit in Myka's hand, and then she looked up at Myka again. "You could've warned me."

Myka chuckled. "What would've been the fun in that?"

"Oh you."

Myka moved the toy closer to HG who eyed it suspiciously. She looked at her and finally HG nodded. Myka gently ran it over HG's breast and pressed a little against the nipple. She heard a sharp intake of air, but no protests. "Okay?"

"Mm, hm," HG said a bit strangled.

Myka trailed the dildo along HG's thigh, first on top, then inside, but stayed away from her center. "How does it feel?" she asked softly.

"It makes me tingly all over."

"Good," Myka said and smiled. She took HG's hand and put the dildo in her palm. "Try it."

HG stared at her and for the first time she blushed. "You want me to use this thing? In front of you?"

"I thought you might be more comfortable if you could control it."

HG smiled. "Maybe, but it's still a bit strange." She narrowed her eyes and looked at Myka. "Maybe I can try it on you instead."

"I'd love that, but not tonight." She took the toy from HG and turned it off. "You normally don't use it with clothes on anyway. It feels so much better against your skin," she explained. "Or inside of you," she added softly. "Here, why don't you take it with you and you can play with it," she offered.

HG thought about the offer for a moment, but finally shook her head. "Thanks, but I don't think so."

Myka was a bit disappointed. She had hoped that HG would enjoy her little toy. That she would embrace this little piece of modern technology that was designed for pleasure alone. She looked at her, waiting for an explanation.

HG smiled. "Maybe at some later point." She took the toy from Myka and put it on the table. Pushing Myka back against the couch she straddled her. "I have not made love in over a century, Myka. When I lie there totally spent, trying to catch my breath while my body tremble in the aftermath of lovemaking, I want it to be because of the touch from another person, not some thing, no matter how fancy it is," she said.

Myka pulled her head down for a kiss. "I'd like that too."

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