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It's A Small World
By Erin Griffin


"Mmm!" Claudia whined as she saw Space Mountain and the map to Toon Town. She bounced from one foot to the other.

"No," Artie said simply.

"But you let Pete go to that Dumbo ride. You KNOW he isn't going to do any looking around there," Claudia protested.

"Pete? On the Dumbo ride?" Myka asked with a laugh. She looked over to Helena, who looked around in wonder. Myka smiled warmly before looking back at Claudia as she spoke again.

"Well, he said it had sentimental value to him or something, but still! He's riding the ride, I know he is!"

"We are here," Artie said firmly, "to retrieve the artifact known to drive people crazy in the 'It's A Small World' ride."

"News flash Art-man: it isn't an artifact, just a really, REALLY repetive song," Claudia said.

Artie pinched the bridge of his nose. "You know what? Fine, go to Tomorrow Land or the Mad Tea Party or wherever it is. Meet up at the Mickey Mouse flower garden at 7 PM. I'll grab the damn artifact." The older man rolled his eyes and turned to walk away from them.

"Artie-" Myka called after him, but he just put his hand up to wave her off. She winced and looked at Claudia, who seemed a little guilty. "Well... Go, and be nice to the people in the costumes. They are doing their job and they aren't the real thing," she said to her. Claudia didn't need to be told twice, and she was off before you could say 'A whole New world'. The brunette looked back to Helena. "I guess its just you and me."

"Every child comes here?" Helena asked softly.

"They strive to," Myka said. She held out her arm, and Helena hooked hers with Myka's. "Come on, I'll show you around." She had a great time the last time she was there, and she looked forward to showing Helena around. She knew that HG would appretiate the historical tour of the theme park that Pete and Claudia would only groan at, but Myka found it all fascinating.

"I'd love that," Helena said. As they walked down the path towards ToonTown (which wasn't there since Myka had been there), she found herself wishing she could hold Helena's hand as they walked, but she kept that to herself and was content to watch the other woman's face, which was just as filled with wonder as the look on the faces of the children around them. Myka smiled again, knowing she was gong to have a better time this time than when she was a kid.

The End

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