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Dead Poets' Society
By Erin Griffin



"Got it."





"A very sexy secret service agent?"

Myka looked up at this.

HG Wells smiled mischieviously. "Making sure you're paying attention, Darling," she said as she spread the blanket down. She then sat upon it and beckoned for Myka to join her. The brunette didn't hesitate. The two shared a kiss before opening the bottle of wine.

"This was a good idea, but did we have to place our picnic amongst what Claudia lovingly refers to as 'The Dead Poets' Society'?" Myka asked.

"Well," HG said thoughtfully as she poured wine into a glass (though the brunette agent detected a hint of hurt), "I thought it would have been romantic. If you wish to move-"

"No," Myka interrupted. She leaned forward and accepted the wineglass with another kiss. "This is perfect."

"Yeah?" Helena asked almost shyly.

"Yeah,"" Myka replied, "as long as I'm with you." Myka wasn't sure, but she thought she detected a hint of a blush on the raven haired woman's face and she chalked that up to a small victory for her. Once Helena had her own wine glass she raised her own and said, "To us."

"To us. Forever."

The End

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