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Dating HG Wells
By Athena


Chapter 5

HG took her hand and walked into the welcoming embrace. She pulled Myka close and kissed her neck. She heard her sigh as she started to unbutton her shirt, following each opened button with a kiss on exposed skin.

"That feels so good," Myka mumbled. She put her hands in HG's hair and brought her up for a searing kiss. "Do you want something to sleep in?" she asked softly.

HG shook her head. Myka shivered. She made quick work with HG's shirt and trousers and soon they were both in their underwear. Myka ran a finger along the edge of HG's bra cup. She was so soft. "You're so beautiful," she whispered.

HG wrapped her arms around her neck and kissed her. It felt so good to hold her it brought tears to Myka's eyes. Her hands circled HG's waist as she pulled her closer. She moved her hand higher until she found the clasp to HG's bra and with a quick flick of her wrist she unhooked it. She took a step back and gently pushed the bra straps off of HG's shoulders. It fell to the floor, but she didn't notice. Her eyes were transfixed on HG's breasts. She was indeed beautiful. Her small breasts were full and perky with little rosy nipples. Myka gently cupped them and ran her thumbs over the nipples before she leaned down to take a stiff nipple in her mouth. She heard HG moan and felt her press against her. Her fingers were digging in to her shoulders, but she didn't care. She kissed and licked and sucked on each of HG's nipples until they were hard little peaks. She could feel HG tremble.

With a smile she kneeled on the floor and looked up at HG, her fingers curled around HG's silk underwear. Looking into HG's eyes she slowly slipped her underwear off. HG stepped out of them and finally stood naked in front of her. Myka could smell her arousal and it made her tingle all over. She kissed HG's stomach while caressing her hips. She felt her sway and looked up. HG's eyes were closed and her head tipped backwards; her dark hair fanning behind her. She was magnificent. Myka placed a kiss on the tuft of pubic hair. HG sighed and pushed against her. She hadn't planned on it, but she couldn't help herself. She ran her tongue over the outside of HG's labia, along the slit. She tasted wonderful. HG moaned. Myka smiled and got on her feet and quickly shed the last pieces of her clothing. She sat down on the bed and pulled HG to her. HG pushed against her forcing Myka to spread her legs further.

"I can smell you," HG said huskily.

"I know."

HG kissed her. "You taste like me. At least that hasn't changed," she mumbled.

Myka chuckled and nuzzled HG's stomach. The next she knew she was on her back with HG straddled across her hips kissing her. She wrapped her arms around her and rolled her over until they were both on the bed. "Is this what you want Helena?" Myka asked. "If you're not sure, we can just sleep together, nothing more."

HG looked at her and the intensity from when she first met this amazing woman was back. She saw the almost predatory grin on HG's face and knew that she was in for a ride. "I think I'm finally ready to unleash 100 something years of pent up sexual tension. Question is, are you ready darling?" HG asked with a purr.

Myka swallowed. "I hope I'll survive," she muttered.

HG laughed and straddled Myka's waist. She rocked a little to make sure Myka could feel how ready she was.

Myka closed her eyes. "Oh god Helena, you're so wet." She grabbed HG's waist and rocked against her. She could hear her breathe heavier. Then suddenly she felt the soft whisper of HG's hair on her chest. HG gently swept her hair over her breasts and it felt wonderful. Myka couldn't remember when she had last felt that soft touch on her sensitive skin. Most of her past lovers had been shorthaired. There was just something special with a woman with long hair, and HG certainly didn't disappoint. She sighed and gently touched a lock of HG's hair. "Your hair is magical. Promise me you'll never cut it," she whispered.

HG smiled and kissed her chest. "I'll do my best darling. Now just enjoy the feeling."

And that Myka did. She held Helena close as she kissed her breasts and occasionally sucked a stiff nipple into her hot mouth. Myka wanted to tell her to hurry, but the slow seduction of her breasts was so exquisite she couldn't make herself do it. She moaned when HG entered her and moved against her as they found the rhythm together. Feeling the first tremor of her orgasm she gently pushed at HG's head. Helena understood instantly and slid down until she was hovering above Myka's center. Without hesitation she ran her tongue from where her fingers connected with Myka's body to her clit. Her touch caused Myka to push off the bed and cry out; the sound muffled by the pillow she had pulled over her face. HG understood why, she just wished she could see her face. She focused her attention on Myka's sweet clit, sucking and licking and circling it until Myka was sobbing into the pillow. HG put a hand under her curved back to steady her as she again wrapped her lips around the focus of Myka's need. She curled her long fingers inside of Myka as she quickly flicked the tip of her tongue over her clit. Then she felt it. Myka's muscles contracted sharply around her fingers and her whole body shook. She rode out the experience with her, basking in Myka's release. Finally she just rested her cheek on Myka's thigh, looking at her, waiting for her to remove the pillow. She was not disappointed. Her fingers were still lodged inside of Myka and she moved them a little. That caught Myka's attention and she opened her eyes. HG smiled at her.

Myka reached out and ran trembling fingertips over her lips as they communicated wordlessly. She just looked at HG for a long moment. She looked glorious. Her eyes sparkled, her cheeks were flushed pink and her smile, her smile took Myka's breath away. "Thank you," Myka finally whispered. "That was mind blowing. I almost passed out." HG chuckled and kissed the inside of her thigh.

When she felt Myka's body start to calm down, HG slowly removed her fingers. Myka shuddered.

She moved up and was instantly pulled into a strong embrace. HG smiled and kissed her. Myka shivered when she tasted herself on Helena's lips. A couple of little aftershocks rippled through her body as they kissed. HG gently rubbed her back as she settled down.

"You haven't lost your mojo," she whispered in HG's ear.

HG frowned. "My what?"

Myka chuckled. "It means that you're still a very talented lover. That you still have your power," she said and kissed her.

HG smiled against her lips. "I've still got my mojo," she tried the expression. "I like that."

"Maybe you'll like this too?" Myka said as she kissed HG's neck.

HG sighed and relaxed in Myka's arms. It had been so long since someone had really loved her, since she had allowed anyone to love her.

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