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In the Library
By Erin Griffin


"Pete, now!" Claudia called. Pete made some stange hand signals, which the young woman hoped meant he got the message, and then he hurried to close the library doors.

"You SURE Myka 'n' HG won't go all Buffy, bust out and kick our asses?" Pete asked.

Claudia scoffed, clearly unaffected by the supposed consequences of their practical joke. "They are more like Willow and Giles. It'll be hours before they even realize we've locked them in so we can finally have our Batman marathon in peace, so... I call the couch!" Pete still seemed a little unsure.

"Did you even watch Buffy? Willow got all lesbian vengeony and Giles messed with demons. We really want that on our conscience?" Pete asked.

Claudia shrugged, then her eyes lit up. "Who do you think is more Willow and who do you think is more Giles?"

"Does it matter?"

"I'll bet HG's Willow. She so likes the ladies. I knew it even before her line about some of her lovers being men."

"I'm out of here. If anyone asks, I didn't help."

"Chicken," Claudia called.

Inside the library, Myka listened to the voices outside of the door. She almost laughed at what Claudia said about HG and Willow. After a while, there were the sound of feet, and Myka shrugged. "Well, I don't know when they will come back," Myka said calmly. A little too calmly. She turned to Helena with a smirk.

"Which means we've finally got some time to be alone," HG replied, taking a step towards the agent and grabbing her hand.

Myka willingly followed HG to the reading sofa and said, "Perfect."

The End

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