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Dusty Footprints in Time
By Athena


Part 7: Mirrors of the Past

Helena was very quiet on the car ride from the airport. Myka kept shooting glances her way, but Helena kept looking out the window, never once meeting her eyes. She wrapped her fingers around Helena's and to her relief Helena squeezed back.

Finally the taxi pulled up in front of an old building. Myka paid him and they got out. Helena raised her eyes and looked at the building.

"Oh my God," she whispered.

Myka smiled and took her hand again.

"I couldn't tell you what happened because we weren't alone," Myka whispered, referring to the conversation about the Sanctuary they had had at Wells Hall.

"She moved the entire building!" Helena said astounded.

Myka took a step closer and raised her hand just as the door opened.

"Hi, welcome to the Sanctuary."

Myka smiled at Will.

"Hi Will," she said.

"Agent Bering," he said and grinned. "It's been a long time."

"Apparently so long that you've forgotten to call me Myka," she teased as she walked past him.

Will laughed and shook his head. He kept glancing at Helena. Finally he held out his hand to her.

"I'm Will Zimmerman. Welcome to the Sanctuary Ms. Wells."

"Helena," she said and smirked a little at his obvious overwhelmed state.

"Oh, okay," he said and ran his hand through his hair a little embarrassed. "She's told us a lot about you," he said and glanced at Helena again. "I can't believe that I'm actually standing next to HG Wells."

Helena gently patted his shoulder and smiled at him.

"I'm sure you'll get over it soon enough. I'm not any different than you Dr. Zimmerman."

"I would kindly disagree with you on that," he mumbled.

"Just as you have become used to Helen, I'm sure you'll get used to Helena," Myka said.

"Does anyone really get used to Helen?" he said and grinned at her.

Myka laughed and nodded. He did have a point there.

"Just leave your suitcases here," Will said. "Someone will bring them to your room. Now, let's not keep Helen waiting."

"You've got to be kidding me!" Claudia exclaimed.

"Nope," Pete said smugly.

"I'm supposed to wear this?" Claudia said and pointed at the picture on the screen.


She glared at him and zoomed in on the item.

"You couldn't be a little bit more helpful?" she muttered.

"What do you want to know?"

"I'd like to know what I did to deserve this Game of Thrones lady-in-waiting thing," she muttered.

"It's just a flower garland and a veil thingy," Pete said and smiled. "You'll look very pretty."

She shot him a dark look and made a very unflattering sound.

"Myka won't tell me about her dress, so I don't even know if I'm the only one who'll look like Lady Marian."

"Have you seen what I'm wearing?" Pete said and made a face. "It's a freaking top hat!"

Claudia giggled and made a face at him.

"At least you're not wearing tights to go with my damsel outfit."

Pete shuddered at the thought. He was actually secretly thrilled at the idea of wearing a tuxedo and top hat.

"Think of how happy it will make Myka to have you in that dress," he said gently.

"That's low, man," she muttered. "To go all mushy gooey on me, guilting me into wearing this thing."

"Just focus on not tripping and messing up the train on Myka's dress and you'll be fine," he said and smiled. "Oh, and don't forget that you're in charge of the flower girls and the little page boys, whatever they are called."

"I'm what now?" she exclaimed and twirled around on her chair staring at him.

"Didn't Myka tell you?"

Claudia shook her head wildly, staring at him. When he didn't continue she started to gesture impatiently.


"Myka is walking in first with her dad, then you," he said and smiled at her. Pete opened his mouth to continue but instead frowned and tapped his lips. "No, wait that's not right. The little flower girls are going first I think. Tossing rose petals or something. Anyway there are six of them so I think some are in front and some behind."

"Six kids?" she almost shouted. She slumped in her chair and stared up at the ceiling and then glared at him. "I don't do kids well, unless they're techie of course."

"Just think of them as puppies," he suggested with a grin. "Works for me."

"Puppies," she muttered darkly and went back to her artifact search.

Helena stared at Will's back as he knocked on the open door to Helen's office.

"Come in," a voice said from inside.

Helena made a sobbing noise and stepped in front of Will and entered the room. She took a few steps closer and stopped.

"Helen," she whispered.

Helen dropped her notes on the desk and stared at Helena. She held out her hands and they walked into the embrace.

"Oh God, Helena," she whispered.

Myka watched the two women from her spot by the door. She could not help but feel like an intruder. She was very aware that she should never have known either of them.

"Helen, I can't believe that it's really you," Helena whispered and cupped Helen's face.

"You are just as beautiful as last time I saw you, dearest," Helen said and smiled at Helena.

"I said terrible things to you," Helena whispered and her tears started again.

Helen pulled her close and caressed her hair. Spotting Myka by the door she held out her hand to her. Myka slowly walked over and took it. Helen pulled her into the hug.

Helena noticing the other set of hands touching her, looked up. She smiled at Myka and pulled her close.

"Thank you darling," she whispered. "I don't think that you will ever fully understand what you've given me."

"Myka loves you, Helena," Helen said gently. "She knows that you need me, that even though it hurts her to allow a past lover back into your life, she will still do it to make you happy."

Helena looked seriously at Myka and noticed the pain in her eyes. She sighed and kissed her cheek.

"Myka, Helen is my family more than anything," she tried to explain. "Nothing can replace her, or come close to her importance to me, except for you, love."

Myka nodded. Helen caressed her hair and pulled Myka to her, she held her as Myka clung to her.

"She loves you," she whispered in Myka's ear. "I can see it in her eyes."

The three had enjoyed tea together. Myka had been quiet most of the time, just enjoying listening to Helena exchanging old stories and memories with Helen. She watched Helena's face as Helen told her about the life and fates of friends and family members. She realized that they had talked about everyone but one person. She glanced at Helen. She just smiled and shook her head as if she had read Myka's mind.

"Was he happy?" Helena finally whispered.

"Yes darling," Helen said and smiled at her.

"You know, it's funny really," Helena said and made a face. "I was thinking not so long ago that the only two people that I missed were you and Charles."

Helen took Helena's hand. She smiled at her.

"I know how hard it is. It is great comfort to me to have a few of my friends left even after all this time."

"Who?" Helena asked confused.

"John and Nikola," Helen said softly.

"Druitt?" Helena exclaimed, upset. "Why isn't that murderous man dead?"

"For the same reason that I'm still here, I'm afraid. He almost died and I gave him my blood. It changed him," Helen said softly.

"And Nikola?" Helena asked.

"He's here actually."

"Here?" Helena said and stared at Helen. "Are you..?"

Helen chuckled and shook her head. She grinned at Helena.

"No dearest. Not that he hasn't tried or pleaded his case, but no we are not lovers."

"Have you..?" Helena didn't know how to ask.

"Have I taken lovers over the years?" Helen finished for her. "Yes I have. Even short lived love is sweeter than no love at all Helena," she said gently. "None of us really knows how much time we have in this life. We have to cherish it while we have it."

Helena nodded and sniffled. She touched her locket.

"I regretted so many times that I did not spend more time with Christina," she whispered.

"I know, but the time you did spend with her was sacred. She was a very happy little girl. She was so proud of you."

Helena smiled and squeezed Helen's hand. She looked at Myka.

"Christina used to make up stories about what I did when I was gone. She was quite the story teller."

"My favorite was the maharaja's messenger," Helen said and smiled.

"On the white elephant?" Helena asked and laughed.


"She made a drawing of me dressed like an Indian princess."

"I still have it," Helen said softly.

"You do?" Helena said and stared at her.

"I have many of your things, darling. The warehouse only claimed the items they felt had artifact potential, or were dangerous. The rest they left at Wells Hall. Charles was so upset when you went missing he had your things packed up. I offered to store them. Some items were returned to Wells Hall later on. I snuck several items in there right before we moved the building."

"Can I see them?" Helena whispered.

"Of course," Helen said and smiled. "They are after all your things."

"Thank you."

Myka curled up in the large bed and stared out the huge window. She was alone. Helena and Helen were still downstairs talking, enjoying another cognac. She closed her eyes trying not to cry. As fascinating as she found it to watch the two Victorian women together she became increasingly more nervous as time went by. She could almost feel Helena change. She used different words when speaking with Helen. Her mannerisms changed too. Myka had lost count of how many times the two had touched each other tonight.

Myka sat up when she heard the door open.

"It's just me darling," Helena whispered and closed the door behind her.

"Are you coming to bed?" Myka mumbled as Helena sat down next to her on the bed.

Helena took her hand and kissed it softly. She caressed Myka's hair away from her face and smiled at her.

"In a moment, love," Helena whispered and kissed her.

Myka nodded and watched her disappear into the bathroom. She sighed and pulled the comforter up higher.

"Are you asleep?" Helena whispered when she slipped into bed next to Myka a couple of minutes later.

"No," Myka said and turned to face her.

"Thank you," Helena said and wrapped her arm around Myka. She kissed her softly. "I know how difficult this was for you, but I hope that you will come to realize that even though Helen is extremely important to me, you are more important."

"I love you," Myka said in a small voice.

"And I love you," Helena said and cupped Myka's cheek. "Helen is my family. She was my confidant growing up, my mentor and role model. Later on she became my lover for a short while, but no matter what roles we played in each other's lives, we were always friends. There's nothing, save risking your life, that I would not do for her."

Myka nodded and choked back her tears. Helena pulled her closer and tucked Myka's head under her chin.

"Helen has answers to questions no one else can answer. She knew my family, my friends. She knows who I was, where we came from. I think I need her in order to move forward, to fully be the spouse you deserve," Helena said gently.

"I want to understand Helena," Myka whispered. "Share your past with me. Tell me the stories; tell me about the people and the places you went. I learned more about your past tonight than I've learned in all the time I've read about you."

"I promise I will tell you, and perhaps I can show you some of the places on our honeymoon?"

"Oh God!" Myka said and stared at Helena. "The honeymoon! I totally forgot about that."

"Good thing I didn't then," Helena teased.

"You didn't?" Myka said confused. "Where are we going?"

"Greece," Helena whispered in her ear. "I visited this absolutely charming village years ago. It is almost as charming as it was back then. It's only accessible by boat and it has a beautiful beach and temples and all sorts of things to discover. I rented us a villa there."

"Helena, I don't know what to say," Myka whispered. "It sounds perfect." She kissed her. "Thank you."

"You're welcome. Now close your eyes and let's get some sleep. I know you must be exhausted."

"Since you crawled into bed naked I sort of perked up," Myka teased.

"I knew I should have worn a shirt," Helena muttered. "I'm never going to get any sleep, am I? How do all those old men keep up with their young girlfriends? I'm barely keeping up with mine," she mumbled and nibbled on Myka's ear.

"You're not much older than I am," Myka countered. "Though I think your ass might have begun to sag a bit."

"What?" Helena exclaimed and stared at her.

"Just kidding," Myka said and grinned. She shrieked when Helena rolled on top of her grabbing her wrists.

"Take it back," Helena growled and nibbled on a sensitive spot on Myka's neck.

Myka squirmed under her. She started to laugh again.

"The look on your face," she choked out. "Priceless."

"I should get Helen's paddle and give your backside a good smarting, young lady," Helena huffed.

"Helen's what?" Myka said and stared at her.

Helena blushed and rolled off Myka.

"Helena, were you and Helen into those kinds of things?"

"Well, darling, we had some wild parties back in the day," Helena mumbled.

"That involved paddles?" Myka said and stared in shock at Helena.

"Amongst other things, yes," Helena said and glanced nervously at Myka. "It was a different time Myka. Some things were more restricted, others were freer. If you really want to know, I promise to tell you all about it sometime, even the embarrassing things. Just not tonight, we're too tired for that."

"Wow," Myka whispered. She glanced at Helena. "Do you want that? Do you like it?"

"I did enjoy it, but no I don't crave it. What we have is what I want. What's in the past is in the past, and should stay there."

Myka nodded, still chewing on her lip as she digested the idea of Helena as a dominatrix. She blushed when she realized that it was quite easy for her to imagine Helena in a corset and high boots, holding a riding crop. To her further embarrassment, her body reacted to the image and she felt herself getting aroused.

Helena watched Myka's face. She realized what was going on and chuckled softly when she felt the tremble and how Myka tried to discretely move her leg.

"I think the idea appeals to you, at least a little," she teased.

"The idea, yes. The reality, not so sure," Myka mumbled.

"So you wouldn't want to play harem girl with Helen and me in Helen's little Moroccan tent?" Helena purred in Myka's ear.

"Helena!" Myka hissed.

"Or a disobedient school girl who needs to be disciplined? That one was particularly popular amongst the gentlemen. I don't know what it is with short skirts and braids, but the men seemed to get really worked up by it," Helena said in a low dangerous voice.

"Helena, you're making me nervous," Myka mumbled embarrassed.

"I'm sorry darling," Helena said in her normal voice. She kissed Myka softly on the lips and pulled her close again. "No more games tonight."

"I'm gonna tell Helen what you said about the paddle," Myka mumbled and yawned.

"You can't," Helena whispered.

"Why not?" Myka teased.

"Because, if you do, she will use it on me," Helena mumbled.

Myka just stared at her now sleeping fiancée. She swallowed and settled in next to her. She realized that there were many things she needed to know about the Victorians that Helena had not shared with her.

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