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Silk & Lace
By Athena


Chapter 5

Myka sat up and wrapped her arms around Helena again. She kissed her softly and Helena started to relax.

"Can I say titties, or boobies, or would that not agree with you?" Helena teased.

Myka laughed out loud. She chewed on her lip as she grinned at Helena. "Depends on what you plan on doing to them."

"Oh, the most delightful little things, I can assure you," Helena purred.

"Then you may call my breasts tits or boobs, whatever you prefer."

"What do you call them?" Helena whispered.

"The 'girls'? Boobs I guess," Myka said and shrugged.

Helena gently cupped Myka's breasts. "Your 'girls' are beautiful."

Myka grinned and sighed as Helena continued stroking the soft underside of her breasts, and then moved slowly up the side. Myka leaned back and braced herself against the bed. Helena grinned and kissed the top of Myka's breasts, brushing her lips over sensitive spots. When she finally circled a rosy nipple with her tongue Myka groaned and trembled a little. She balanced on her right arm, burying her fingers in Helena's soft hair.

"God Helena, I don't think anyone has ever loved my breasts this much," she whispered.

Myka felt her arm start to shake and she wrapped her other arm around Helena slowly pulling her down as she eased back down on the bed. Helena smiled and sucked a little harder, flicking her tongue over the little peak. When she gently pinched the other nipple Myka let out another deep groan and tightened her hold on Helena.

Helena knelt between Myka's legs and pushed her knees up a little as she moved closer. Myka's thighs rested on top of hers. Helena smiled at her as she gently stroked the soft inside of Myka's thighs.

"I can smell you darling," she said huskily.

Myka bit her lip and nodded. She swallowed and silently watched Helena touch her legs, her thighs, behind her knee, then stroked gently over her hips and stomach. Her legs were pushed up a bit further when Helena leaned forward to touch her breasts again. She giggled when Helena planted kisses on her chest. Myka touched the dark hair that spilled over her chest and stomach.

"Your hair feels really neat," she whispered.

Helena pulled away a little and moved her head sweeping her hair over Myka's breasts. Myka gasped at the feeling.

"Wow," she whispered.

Helena chuckled and sat up again, still caressing Myka's stomach and hips. "Do you have a preference?"

Myka frowned. "What do you mean?"

"Would you prefer my hands on you..?" Helena stroked over Myka's side grinning when she noticed the skin ripple as she found an extra sensitive spot. "Or do you prefer my mouth?" she whispered against Myka's stomach and traced a circle around Myka's navel.

Myka whimpered and trembled under Helena. "Both," she whispered.

Helena laughed in delight. "You have been with men; do you perhaps enjoy to be touched inside?"

Myka nodded. "I do."

Helena gently touched her fingers to Myka's sex, stroking slowly.

"Shit!" Myka exclaimed.

Helena stopped and looked up at her. "Not good?" she teased.

Myka rolled her eyes. "No, very, very good."

Helena chuckled and continued her feather light touch. "You feel impossibly good Myka. Hot, wet, soft, absolutely delicious."

"Helena, you're killing me," Myka groaned and pushed up, trying to increase the pressure.

"Ah, ah, none of that," Helena purred and moved her fingers.

Myka gritted her teeth. She looked at Helena. "Please Helena."

Helena smiled and nodded. She gently squeezed her fingers on either side of Myka's clit and pulled a little. Myka cried out and her head fell back on the bed. She grabbed the sheet as she gasped for air.

Helena smirked at the reaction her touch had generated. She was immensely pleased with herself for not having lost her touch. She stroked Myka's clit, now and then squeezing and pulling gently until Myka was a sobbing mess of passion. Helena slowly eased two fingers inside of her, watching the expression on Myka's face. Myka's lips parted and she moaned deeply as she met Helena's fingers by raising her hips.


Helena kept touching her, watching carefully to make sure Myka did not get too close yet. Each time she eased off a little, building Myka up. Myka was panting and her nipples were hard. Helena could smell her arousal and feel Myka's body squeeze her fingers. She gently eased her fingers out and pushed up on the back of Myka's thighs as she ran her tongue the entire length of Myka's sex.

"Helena!" Myka cried out and shook as Helena's tongue stroked deeply over her clit.

Helena grinned and flicked her tongue faster over Myka's clit. She could feel how close she was. She smirked when Myka put her foot on her shoulder. Helena gently sucked on the clit, pressing her tongue against it, matching her hand movement as she pushed into Myka again. Myka whimpered and trembled. She was so close. Helena pulled at the top of Myka's sex and flicked faster with her tongue. She pushed as far inside of Myka as she could and curled her fingers, stroking that soft spot inside. Myka grabbed the pillow and pulled it over her face as she wailed out her release. Helena kept taking her with her mouth until she felt the last tremor go through Myka and Myka flinched at her touch. She removed her lips and looked up at Myka just as she pulled the pillow off her face, gasping for air. Their eyes met and Helena grinned and wiggled her fingers inside of Myka. Myka moaned and squirmed.

"Wow, Helena," Myka whispered. "You are really good at that."

Helena giggled, delighted that Myka had enjoyed the experience. She slowly eased her fingers out of Myka and wiped her hand on the sheet before stretching out on top of Myka. She kissed her softly.

"It appears that you enjoyed yourself," she teased.

Myka pulled her closer and kissed her hard. "That was… wow, I mean God, I thought I was going to pass out," Myka said and laughed.

"I've had that happen with past lovers," Helena mused with a smug grin.

Myka gently smacked her buttocks and Helena laughed. "Hasn't anyone ever told you that it is not polite to speak of past lovers in bed?" Myka said and made a face.

"I was merely referring to my talent as a lover," Helena said and batted her eyelashes.

"Yeah, right," Myka muttered. She chewed on her lip. "I only hope that I can make you feel a fraction of what you made me feel."

Helena smiled and kissed her. "I love you Myka. I want your touch, no one else's. It will be perfect no matter how you touch me."

Myka nodded, stunned by Helena's words. "I really want to touch you," she said in a hushed whisper. "I've thought about what it would be like to make love to a woman so many times."

"Well, then darling, please proceed. I am here desperately waiting for your taking," she said and winked.

Myka laughed. She stoked Helena's back and cupped her buttocks. "I love your butt, do you know that?"

"I've been told that my bottom has its merits," Helena purred and wiggled under Myka's hands. "I do like your hands on me."

"Good to know," Myka said and ran a finger up between the cheeks.

Helena gasped and swallowed. "Myka," she whispered. "That touch is rather daring."

Myka smiled and removed her hand. "I won't do it again if you don't like it."

"I didn't say that, only that it is in my experience more on the unusual side."

"Really? Do you like to be touched like that?"

Helena nodded and rested her head on Myka's chest. "I hope you don't think less of me for it."

Myka cupped Helena's chin and raised her head. "Hey, I would never think badly about anything you desire in bed Helena," she said gently. "I touched you, remember?"

Helena nodded. "I guess it has some stigma to it I'm afraid."

"Perhaps you can tell me about that some other time? I don't want you to feel uncomfortable tonight. It's been a long time for you and I want it to be perfect for you."

Helena smiled gratefully and nodded. She rolled off Myka and smiled at her. Myka sat up and put her hand on Helena's chest.

"What do you like, my gorgeous Victorian lady?" she said huskily.

"I might be Victorian, but I am not boring," Helena said smugly.

"Clearly not," Myka said and laughed. "I'm still tingly from what you did to me."

"I can help with that, you know," Helena purred and caressed Myka's thigh.

Myka took the straying hand and kissed it. "I'm sure you can and I know I will enjoy it, but not now."

Helena pouted a little and Myka laughed. She ran a finger down Helena's cheek and over her lower lip.

"I think I just saw a glimpse of the Victorian woman inside," she said and smiled. "There is a side of you that you don't show very often. I hope that I will see more of it."

Helena nodded. Her eyes started to mist and she blinked a couple of times to force the tears away.

Myka brushed her fingertips over Helena's breasts, now and then teasing a pink nipple. She rubbed her index finger in a circle over one of the nipples. Helena moaned and gripped Myka's thigh.

"Darling, that feels absolutely divine."

"Do you want me to kiss your pretty little titties?" Myka teased, using Helena's word from earlier.

Helena laughed and nodded. "I do. I definitely do."

"They are so small," Myka said amazed as she played with the nipple only inches away from her lips.

Helena groaned as the combination of Myka's warm breath and finger sent tingles through her body.

"They work just fine," she mumbled. "Especially if you use your lips."

Myka looked at the nipple for a moment longer before moving closer, slowly closing her lips around it. Helena cried out and sobbed when Myka sucked, gently pulling a little. Myka twisted the other nipple, touching it the way she liked to be touched. It appeared that Helena enjoyed the same touch. Myka switched to the other breast, again sucking and nibbling on the nipple. She was amazed at the feeling of Helena's breasts against her lips, and how the nipple felt on her tongue. For the first time Myka understood men's fascination with women's breasts.

Myka reluctantly let go of the nipple with a last kiss, a promise to return, and kissed her way down between Helena's breasts, stopping for a moment to pay homage to the tantalizing little freckle between Helena's breasts. Myka knew that her stomach was very sensitive to touch and she was eager to learn if that was the case for Helena too. She ran her fingertips over the soft skin, circling the bellybutton and down Helena's side. She looked up at Helena when she moaned softly.

"Darling, your touch is causing little fires on my skin," Helena whispered.

Myka grinned and ran her tongue in a lazy circle around Helena's navel. She dipped inside flicking her tongue and causing a groan from Helena. Energized by Helena's response Myka swept her tongue over Helena's stomach, nibbling and licking sensitive spots, biting down gently on a finely defined hip bone. She traced a teasing line down the outside of Helena's thigh only to drag her knuckles up the inside, again causing a groan and a tremble followed by a hiss when she removed her hand without touching Helena's sex.

"Myka," Helena whimpered.

Myka placed her hand on top of Helena's pubic hair, the heel of her hand barely touching the top of her folds. She pushed down gently and moved her hand down. Helena gasped at the sudden pressure on her sensitive center. She pushed up encouraging Myka on.

Myka eased up a little and turned her hand, sliding her fingers between Helena's soft folds. She sighed softly at the incredible feeling. She had touched herself plenty of times, but this was still different. She slowly stroked Helena and bit her lip when Helena moved her leg, inviting Myka to touch her deeper. Myka looked up at her face and to her surprise Helena was looking at her. Her dark eyes seemed almost black as they fixated on Myka.

"Do you want me to…" Myka whispered as she touched her fingertips to Helena's opening.

"Please darling," she purred.

Myka slowly eased two fingers inside Helena. Helena whimpered and her eyes closed. She grabbed the back of her thigh and pulled her leg up further. Myka swallowed as it spread Helena wide open and gave her a perfect view of Helena's sex.

"You're so pretty," she whispered. "So pink."

Helena giggled and her eyes opened. She closed them again when Myka pushed her fingers back inside. Myka stroked her a couple of times getting used to the feeling of being inside Helena. She looked down at her slick fingers and slipped them all the way out. Helena instantly missed the contact and looked alarmed at Myka. She opened her mouth to say something when she noticed Myka studying her fingers. She watched and waited. When Myka stuck a finger in her mouth Helena could not hold back a whimper. Myka looked up and agonizingly slowly slipped the finger out of her mouth only to replace it with the other one still coated in Helena's juices.

Helena trembled and tried to close her legs. Myka instantly put her hand on Helena's thigh, holding her down. Their eyes met and Myka smiled.

"I told you I've thought about this for a while," she said softly. "I intend to discover all of you."

"Myka, I won't last," Helena pleaded.

Myka smiled and again ran her fingers over Helena's sex. Helena whimpered and pushed up. Looking around, Myka got an idea. She grabbed one of the throw pillows and tossed it on the floor before sliding off the bed.

"Darling?" Helena said confused.

"Come closer," Myka said and smiled.

Helena scooted down. She laughed when Myka grabbed her hips and pulled her closer to the edge of the bed. She understood what Myka wanted and eagerly indulged her. She reached behind her and grabbed the corner of a pillow pulling it closer and under her head so she could see Myka better.

Myka knelt on the pillow and pulled Helena even closer. Helena's thighs rested on her shoulders as she leaned forward to taste her. Helena cried out softly and trembled as Myka stroked her with her tongue. Myka looked up at her, noticing the sweet smile on Helena's face. Helena touched her cheek before tucking a stray lock behind Myka's ear.

Myka slowly stroked Helena. She smugly noted that she had been right. Helena did taste good and she most definitely liked tasting her. She ran the tip of her tongue along the rim of Helena's entrance. Helena whimpered again and her hand in Myka's hair tightened a little. Myka grinned and pushed her tongue inside Helena.

"Dear God!"

Myka chuckled and moved her head so she was basically pushing her stiffened tongue in and out of Helena. Helena shook in prerelease. Myka again ran her tongue the entire length of Helena's sex ending with a couple of flicks over her clit. Helena was mumbling an endless stream of oh gods and Myka's name. Myka found hearing her name rolling off Helena's tongue more than a little arousing and she pressed her thighs together.

Myka teased Helena by rubbing her finger on the side of Helena's clit, making her feel good, but not enough for her to reach climax. She moved her finger lower and slipped it inside Helena.

"Yes!" Helena pushed up meeting her hand.

Myka watched her finger as it entered Helena. She chewed on her lip unable to decide what to do. Chancing a new touch she slipped the finger out and ran it lower, rubbing against Helena's other entrance. Helena cried out and shook violently.


Myka looked up and their eyes met. "It's fine Helena," she said softly. "You clearly enjoy the touch. May I?"

Helena just stared at her. Finally she nodded and her head fell back on the pillow.

Myka rubbed against the spot that brought Helena so much pleasure noting the different feel from her silky folds. She returned her mouth to Helena's clit and flicked her tongue fast over it. Slipping two fingers inside of Helena she continued to rub and press against Helena's other entrance. Helena trembled and whimpered, her heels digging into Myka's back as she tensed when the orgasm hit. She cried out her release and her body convulsed in passion.

Myka sucked hard on Helena's clit, refusing to let go. As Helena thrashed and pushed against her, Myka's finger pushed through and Helena shook in a second orgasm. Myka kept up her stroking of Helena's clit until Helena pushed her face away. She slipped her fingers out and looked at Helena, slightly worried that she had touched her in a way that Helena did not want.

Helena trembled and gasped for air. Her body twitched now and then in aftershock of the intense orgasm.

"Come here darling," she finally croaked out and held out her hand to Myka.

Myka crawled back up on the bed and stretched out next to Helena. She wrapped her arm around Helena's waist, waiting for her to open her eyes. When she finally did they were still dark with passion. Myka yelped when Helena rolled her over and kissed her hard.

"You are absolutely amazing," she purred.

"You didn't mind that I touched you like that?" Myka whispered. "I didn't hurt you, right?"

"It felt very good," Helena whispered. "Perhaps too good. In case you didn't notice, it sent me over a second time."

"I thought so," Myka said and grinned. "I've never given anyone two orgasms in a row like that."

"Of course not," Helena said and laughed. "A man cannot do that. Well, most men that is. Once he's done it takes a bit of time for him to 'recharge'," she said with a smirk.

Myka laughed and nodded. She touched Helena's cheek again. "You really are cute Helena."

Helena giggled and put her head on Myka's chest again. Her eyes closed and as she allowed her body to relax she was soon asleep. Myka stroked Helena's soft hair as she watched her sleep. She wished that she could freeze time and stay in this moment forever.

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